Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?

Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?

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Is it okay to skip gears with a manual transmission? Ultimately, manual transmissions are designed with flexibility in mind. Inherently they allow for choosing any gear at any time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Of course, and gear you select, you need to make sure that the engine RPM will not exceed redline, and it’s also wise to rev-match (or double clutch, if needed), as to not damage your synchronizers or clutch. An unmatched upshift will result in a rough shift. An unmatched downshift can easily result in additional synchronizer wear, as well as clutch wear, and can also upset the balance of the car. That said, skipping gears, when matching engine RPM appropriately, does not cause any harm to the drivetrain, and is completely fine to do.

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20 Responses

  1. Vincent Giovan says:

    I always skip gears

  2. Jebus Krist says:

    it’s all about clutch play and rpm matching great video

  3. Dżor says:

    I skip from 1st to 6th. Because I can.

  4. Sigmund Trutt says:

    To sum up the video; Don’t down-shift on a car you don’t know the typical rpm for each gear. So, not on a brand new car and not on a car you are borrowing.
    And for upshifting, don’t do it up a hill

  5. Zachary Garcia says:

    Question- more fuel efficient to- A) Floor it from zero to speed limit, then cruise or B) Slowly accelerate until the speed limit, then cruise?

  6. AnaPeace says:

    I know it might not be as common in the US because most of the places where you drive are pretty flat, but I was taught here in Colombia that if you’re going to start from a standstill, and you’re gonna be going downhill, you can start from second and even third gear, because the hill will help you with the rest, and you won’t really be wearing the clutch.

  7. Dell0304 says:

    About the last part: some cars (like my Accord) almost always won’t let you select 1st unless you’re completely stopped, so I have to use 2nd if I’m going 5 miles an hour.

  8. Filippo Nevi says:

    My Fiat Panda can start from 0 km/h in 5th gear without shutting down… Does that mean it’s a semi-automatic transmission? :^)
    (No triggered comments please, I know it’s not good for the clutch. I’ve only tried once and will never do it again :’) )

  9. nivesh tayal says:

    Cant even imagine the ordeal of him being a backseat driver

  10. Pepe Daily says:

    I like going from 1 to 6, because that’s good for saving fuel!

  11. The TeddyBear says:

    i like going from 6 to r (race mode)

  12. Yoseob Yang says:

    5:27 doors lock automatically as you accelerate, nice feature

  13. twinscrew928 says:

    What about wear on the synchros? I was told that skipping gears puts additional stress on the synchros and thus one should work through the gears instead of skipping gears when downshifting. This is particularly applicable to track driving, where you on a long strait and the are hard on the brakes and need to drop 2 gears (e.g. 4th to 2nd).

  14. Engineering Explained says:

    Some additional things to think about! First off, obviously you should never downshift if it means exceeding your engine’s redline. Also, skipping gears will put an additional strain on your synchronizers, especially for downshifts. Not that double-clutching is required these days (though if done properly, it will save your synchros), but it can help for getting into first gear if you’re moving. If you’re traveling at say 15 mph/25km/h, and want to be in first, generally the transmission will prevent you from doing so. Let the clutch out, pop the revs up, then clutch in and shift to first – this will often work. Generally not necessary for getting into other gears, again, that’s why synchros exist is to ease and allow for that transition. Hope everyone’s having a great day!
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  15. Kapixel says:

    You skinny old man why are you still driving sporty cars

  16. Yugi Hoe says:

    My 5 gear zetor can start in whichever gear you wish and with almost zero clutch play. I love my tractor.

  17. likahmac says:

    I have an ss and that gear skipping is annoying when it rarely happens. I’m kool with 13.8 mpg 😊

  18. Johnny Haller says:

    “Rev match everything and you can shift anywhere.. even reverse”

  19. Stephen Butler says:

    In the uk learners are now thought to skip gear when going down. So say in traffic going from 4th then skip to 1st as you stop.

    When I remember I wad taught you would go down evey gear, so you could “lean” on the engine, taking the strain off the breaks.

    I still drive like this, a then you are always in the correct gear, just incase you need to get out of the way quickly. The new way means you can nip out of the way as quickly.

    So I disagree with how kids are taught today. I think it’s dangerous. But if they don’t do it the “correctly way” they will fail the test.

  20. Devin Stambolziovski says:

    I once drove a car that only had 3 working gears. Had to go from 1st to 3rd and 3rd to 5th. Quite an interesting way to drive haha. Oh and in 3rd you had to hold it in or it would pop out.

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