Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

Is It Okay to Touch Mars?

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Earth and Mars size comparison:

calculate how much you’d weigh on Mars:

Martian ‘sun dial’:

Touching Mars images (walnut regolith):

Pascal Lee:

Other flag ideas:

Kim Stanley Robinson’s excellent trilogy:

terraforming of Mars:

Outer Space Treaty:

Extraterrestrial Liberty:

Time on Mars:

Mars orbit:

Mars orbit proximity chart:

NASA Mars time program:

Mars Watches:

Darian calendar:

Ask a Mathematician physicist article:

Apollo quarantine:

space dust:

Blood and skin cells changing:

Planetary protection:

Mars sample return [PDF]:

glow worms:



Bill Clinton speech on Mars rock:

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20 Responses

  1. Tahir Akkaya says:

    Imagine the first born baby on mars . More famous than the Kardasihans

  2. Euan faichney says:

    Is it possible for us to create a whole new species if we leave humans on
    mars for long enough

  3. Liam Castillo says:

    The End tho…

  4. MrAntieMatter says:

    Hey Michael do you believe that abortion rights are being attacked and
    where did you get that tie?

  5. IHEartLReoy says:

    if you live in California, you already don’t experience seasons.

  6. Tobias Balk says:

    Why does Mars need a flag? Earth doesn’t have a flag

  7. Ivald says:

    when you realize you’ve been watcing vsauce for 5 years…

  8. Droidz tech says:

    I like this it’s like your old video’s! I mean mathematical paradoxes are
    cool and all but that seems to be all you do on this channel. great vid

  9. Iván Tejeda says:

    Man, that last speech, was so beautiful and so right, we are nothing and
    yet look what we’ve done, where we’ve gone and the things we’ll do. We are
    nothing, but science has taken us far and it will continue leading us to be
    greater. I <3 science.

  10. Damian De Armas says:

    we all know they will find some ancient alien tec, create a highly advanced
    society out of it, cut ties and then invade us to take earth and its

  11. Peter Lin says:

    Just grab em by the Mars

  12. NoWafers says:

    I’m a simple man, Trump wins presidency, I move to Mars.

  13. Dylan A says:

    Thank you for not mentioning politics at all in any video. This is one of
    many reasons why we love you!!

  14. Nickathom thomanick says:

    Five years ago he told us we can’t touch anything. Now he asks if it’s ok
    to touch something? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT. In order for us to touch Mars,
    we will have to apply TONS of pressure until our atoms break and the
    electromagnetic force isn’t strong enough to keep the negatives away from
    negatives and positives away from positives. Gosh Vsauce, get your facts

  15. Makaruna says:

    3 videos in 1 month? hope that doesn’t mean no videos for 3 monthes

  16. Brendan Branson says:

    Flag looks pretty basic

  17. mason McGovern says:

    keep up the great work vsauce love your vids and how much research and
    effort into are an amazing person with very good talent.your
    videos are very entertaining to me and answers lots of my
    also take lots of time to put 30 links in the description and read all of
    the pages top to also cover so many topics and take the time to
    put lots of extra imagery and clips you have overall amazing content you
    spend so much time on your videos and i love your great work. keep it up,
    proud of you. 😀 I feel like you could cover any topic if someone asked for
    it therefore, you are very smart and i think you are part of the small
    percentage of the people in the world that be able cover so many topics.
    you are so good at so many things and you can do so much. :D

  18. Rishav Koirala says:

    Hey Vsauce, how about you start making videos frequently like before?

  19. Stephen Sims says:

    We are a sentient part of the universe. We are quite literally the universe
    getting to know itself. We are the only species on this planet with the
    capability to ponder the greater mysteries of existence itself. We must
    become a multi-planetary species, if we want to avoid any number of
    inevitable extinction events. If the history of life has taught us anything
    about what meaning we have, it is indisputably, that life is survival. If
    we go extinct, nothing we did, or would have done, matters. We must

  20. Simpson Blunt says:

    Whenever Vsauce uploads a new video, I watch it enthusiastically,
    regardless of the topic.