Is It Possible To Erase Permanent Marker??? 🤔

Is It Possible To Erase Permanent Marker??? 🤔

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26 Responses

  1. Ariel Ahdoot says:

    There’s something called a sharpie extreme and you can’t erase that one.

  2. Blueberrman says:

    “Don’t be shy try it on “ MONEY

  3. ally alizebeth says:

    pov that wasn’t his car and the owner of the car saw you and called the police wow 🤩

  4. C. Summers says:

    We all know that Sharpie comes of with hand sanitizer

    • tony fazio says:

      Peoples are saying that there’s alcohol in a dry erase marker but if it’s on your paint of your car I heard that alcohol isn’t good for the paint

  5. xiomara vides says:

    When was this recorded? 2001? This was discovered a while ago…

  6. A Ku says:

    sharpie ink is alcohol solubles, so anything like hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol and the dry erase markers will all clean it

  7. Thomas Davis says:

    Cutting oil will do the same…. And even the solvent in a permanent marker will as well. If you mark over an existing mark and then wipe, it will remove it. This really only works on non porous material though.

  8. ❻❾ ™ says:

    Do the industrial grade sharpie it can withstand up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit.
    Fade and water-resistant. I use to draw on school windows with it

  9. Koro Plays says:

    Being able to remove something through unorthodox steps doesn’t mean it isn’t permanent.

  10. ⱼₑₗₗybₑₐₙ dₑₒdₒᵣₐₙₜ says:

    Don’t be shy, put it on all the stuff you’ve put it on and the only thing you can erase it with is your hand. 😀

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