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79 Responses

  1. Hector Gutierrez says:

    I didn’t grow up watching Jake but his promo was good

    • mikeytoocool j says:

      He’s one of the best ever do it

    • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 says:

      @Col Friday i felt like his voice sounded appropriately sinister probably because of it. Like a snake hissing or rattling at it’s prey.

    • Col Friday says:

      @Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 When you say it like that makes more sense lol not gonna lie

    • Wacfwaef says:

      @Chis English to have him and Dustin coaching on promos is something really awesome. One mastermind evil and one natural babyface.

    • RiderShinden says:

      @Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 Oh, this is just the dude that is so sinister, he literally had his boa snake actually (literally) bite Macho Man’s arm in a match.

  2. Mustaquim Ahmed Tanbeer says:

    i wish every top guy could cut promo like jake roberts.

  3. MyJanvic says:

    A proper way to push the future of professional wrestling: sending a pro wrestling legend.

    • Steel Phoenix says:

      Jake is the bridge to whomever they are building up to face Cody and he planted a seed or in this case watered it, of something bigger down the line.

      The quote “Hail Caesar” should not be ignored. Jake is among the Elites (No pun intended) when it comes to promo work and psychology of all time, up there with Flair, Piper and Savage, so his gift is being used to entice and build this storyline.

    • Wacfwaef says:

      @Steel Phoenix he’s coaching on promos with Dustin.

  4. David Amaro says:

    What an incredible promo by Jake the Snake Roberts. He hasn’t missed a step

  5. Waggish Wonderland says:

    ‘I’m not here to take the whole pie, just your share’

    I never grew up with Jake the snake but I know why they say he’s one of the best promo guys. That line among many others were so sinister

    • W. Shawn says:

      Jake is a top 3 heel of all time in my opinion. I think more would agree if his heel run back in the day was longer. Glad hes back around!

    • Shubham Mishra says:

      Well he says promos like a poem. After wwe he did great promos in wcw. Slow methodical along with lot of reference

    • Johnny Skinwalker says:

      freaking fantastic

    • M. Angel Catalá says:

      His freaking delivery. To have that much control, of his voice, after so much in his life is huge.

    • RiderShinden says:

      Oh, this is just the dude that is so sinister, he literally had his boa snake actually (literally) bite Macho Man’s arm in a match.

  6. Eagle D. Kōzui says:

    Jake “The Snake” Roberts pulled the darker part of his persona from his days back in AEW. Whoever his client is, please…teach them the dark arts to spread fear and agony to all. *Dark laugh* God, I felt goosebumps.

  7. Harb Chan says:

    This man had one of the BEST minds for wrestling ever…looks like he can still do it. And wow…he looked good 🙂

    • ?? says:

      @first last Jake’s had to come back to show the wrestlers of today how to cut a killer promo

    • first last says:

      @rc dotson better question is what story line? He was talking to mjf and Jake comes out… completely not the storyline…unless the new guy is going to join mjf, which wouldn’t make too much sense since mjf already beat Cody after the huge build up -story over unless they start making big factions within aew and then can you say n.w.o?

      This shit makes about as much sense as the dude currently carrying the women’s belt….

    • Balderino Kripperino says:

      @first last there’s a difference between jakes ddt and a random ddt, it’s like saying “what’s Shawn Michaels gonna do? Hit them with a superkick which every wrestler does a million of which never puts anybody away?”

    • first last says:

      @Balderino Kripperino what makes the ddt is how the guy takes it. Example, rvd stands straight up on his head. Perhaps Jake should have hit his ddt, after a low blow

    • first last says:

      @Stance_ MXFIA yeah, and could have looked like Scott Hall when he shouldn’t have been anywhere near a ring. It was horrible to watch….

  8. ahmad al-harith says:

    Jake need to teach young generation how to cut a great promo.

  9. Uno Bassman says:

    Jake the Snake is a true legend. Love him… he will be a massive asset to AEW… Jake is a wrestling Einstein

  10. Detrick Whitten says:

    The creator of the DDT and hall of famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts, is back and what a entrance he’s made I look forward to seeing who his client is but I also want Cody, to finish what him and MJF started before he moves on though.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Nah they’re gonna take a short break from their feud. MJF said he has his sights on moxley and the aew title so that’ll likely be the main event for double or nothing

    • David Green says:

      +Detrick Whitten His current arc with MJF is over. There is no reason to keep it going. It was build up for 3 months and had its conclusion on a PPV. If they keep going with it, they would put themselves in a corner, it would mean that no matter how many times the heel wins the story will end only when the baby faces wins once, and that not only that would spoil the ending of every future storyline, but it would make every heel in the roster just a stepping stone for faces, not actual characters. MJF won this battle and they need to move on. Sure, probably in the future, in 1-2 years, we will get a part two. But until then…

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      It’s not gonna be that long of a break. They’ll have their rematch at a ppv this year most likely all out or full gear

  11. Rachel Reviews Everything says:

    This dude brought tears to my eyes. He’s overcome so much and he comes out and drops a promo like that? Much respect!

  12. TheSpaceGeek says:

    Jake Roberts, the ***original*** cerebral assassin.

  13. Steel Phoenix says:

    “Caesar oh Caesar” Those are prophetic words indeed.

    When you think about everything Cody has done to become the “Top Babyface in AEW” From his Blood Feud and Reconciliation with Dustin to willingly foregoing his rights as a competitor to challenge for the Top Belt, to putting over young talent and sacrificing his dignity in the eyes of all Pro Wrestling fans.

    He’s so hellbent on proving he’s not Triple H, yet Jake sees right through him and is just a matter of time.

    Whether fans see it or not it is right in front of them. The Nightmare Family are Wrestling Aristocrats and when, eventually, Cody decides to turn, starts abusing his power and becomes the true Caesar of AEW, the wrestling world will take notice.

    Is a slow burn angle that is twisting and turning all the time but hopefully our patience pays off.

    • d p says:

      Way off…that’s already been done. One thing AEW ain’t…unoriginal. ✌🏾

    • michaelkelley88 says:

      honestly i think in a few years a Cody heel turn could be in the top 10 greatest heel turns of all time, you hit the nail on the head man. I think with AEW we will be rewarded for our patience

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Everything in Wrestling has been done before. Aew takes from old stuff just like any other company does. MJF throwing in the towel was a callback to Owen hart/bret in 94

    • Nate Pike says:

      I like the cut of your jib, sir.

  14. Lee Berry says:

    DAYUMMM. He whipped Cody’s ass without laying one finger on him. PRICELESS!!!!!

  15. Tim Wright says:

    That man is gonna have cried chanting “Hail Caesar” at Cody.

  16. James McConnie says:

    “Never EVER turn your back on someone you respect or are afraid of”
    (Proceeds to turn HIS BACK ON cody to walk away)

    My God Jake the snake in the 80s,90s 00s, 10s and now the 2020s this man is the GREATEST mind player and crowd manipulator in the history of ALL wrestling!!

  17. True Facts says:

    Jake Roberts just showing how natural he is with promos. I haven’t seen this dude since I was a kid and he just outclassed a lot of these new guys on the mic. Unscripted promos are the best.

  18. Absynthe23 says:

    When was the last time a legend makes a surprise appearance, only to cut a heel promo? Man, AEW is definitely changing the game!

  19. morgan grempler says:

    “Don’t you understand you got your ass kicked”-Jake the Snake Roberts 2020

  20. xagon2012 says:

    Now that was a powerful promo. Jake’s psychology is still as impressive as ever. So many exciting things going on in AEW right now.

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