Is Julian Newman OVERRATED!? Julian & Jaden STAR In Their Own Reality Show! Julian Has A GF!?

Is Julian Newman OVERRATED!? Julian & Jaden STAR In Their Own Reality Show! Julian Has A GF!?

Jaden Newman OT Challenge ►►
Julian Newman OT Challenge ►►

This is the first episode of our new reality show HELLO NEWMANS! We’ll be showing you guys all the amazing and crazy things that go down in the lives of Julian and Jaden Newman.

You guys know the Newmans. They’ve been legends in the basketball world for a while now. Julian is called overrated, but my guy is a straight BUCKET. His sister Jaden? She doesn’t miss and she talks that TALK. We’re letting you see all the workouts, media appearances and drama that goes down with them.

In this episode, you’ll see that the life of a star baller can be TOUGH. Their dad Jamie is constantly on them to get better and be entertaining. Julian and his pops have an interesting relationship and Jaden is there to break it down for us. This episode gets WILD.

This season about to pop off. We’ve got everything that went down with the Newmans this season including their MONSTER GAME vs LaMelo Ball and Spire Institute. SEASON 1 GONNA BE A MOVIE!

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52 Responses

  1. Overtime says:

    Is Julian OVERRATED!?

  2. Nyckolas Allen says:

    his dad needs to realize he’s still a kid and wanna have fun

  3. reloads gazzy says:

    The dad is a lavar ball wanna be ???

  4. Russel Westbrook says:

    Why tf is his dad yelling so much

  5. chronucul says:

    his dad’s gasing him up a lil too much

  6. Joey Desir says:

    The dad thinks he’s Lavar Ball and it’s cringy. Anyone agree? Also his eyebrows are questionable

    • Wavy Brazy says:

      +No Name Given kid? I’m old enough to be ur step dad.. U clearly don’t even play basketball or don’t know shit about it pussy ???

    • C Squared says:

      Nah he ain’t wrong man.
      Ain’t every basketball dad like that.
      There’s some like that that’s for sure bc it’s like that in every sport.
      For a dude acting like he’s the hoop daddy God I don’t think you know dick all bro. Other than mayb playing NBA 2k19 video game. Bc certainly looks like you spend more time.sitting on your couch playing than you ever have played ball!
      Your probably like Lavar thinking you can take pros 1 on 1 haha

    • Jordin McMillan says:

      Wavy Brazy “old enough to be your stepdad”…then proceed to call the kid a pussy. Quite the mature one aren’t you lol

    • LakersLegend 2414 says:

      Joey Desir lmao “his eyebrows are questionable” ???

    • Russel Westbrook says:

      Lol ? lmao

  7. Gianluca Fernando says:

    His dad needs to stop putting pressure on his son.
    He’s a kid. Too much expectation, let him be his best, it doesnt need to be like that. He’s basically using his childs like some money making prodigies.
    Very bad.

  8. nellek970 says:

    R. Kelly looking a Jaden Newman like… “WHEN YOU SAY TEENAGER WHAT YOU MEAN!” ???????????

  9. Fëàr Rxxñgëツ says:

    They way Julian talks to his dad I woulda got beat ?

  10. I Am Nerf says:

    Julian is definitely overrated and dribbles wayyy to much?

  11. Moses Devadass says:

    Bruhh thought he was kissing his sis in the thumbnail ?

  12. Jason. says:

    His Dad’s eyebrows are going through 4 different emotions at all times ?

  13. Charlie Carmillo says:

    Even tho I don’t like Julian I feel bad since his dad is so demanding and consistently yelling

  14. Energy Rebirth says:

    Gotta interview at 5 but ur dad wakes u up at 6:20am ???? Gotta wake up mad early???

  15. J Moore says:

    I look up prodigy and because I’m that person guess what I saw.

    Prodigy math game and the prodigy band???

  16. OG Gwaup_like says:

    Why are you guys filming this B’S. Their father honestly told him to take his sister to the salon during school mid-day.

  17. Eric Arias says:

    Didn’t lamelo drop his whole team off???

  18. George Grant says:

    This makes me Appreciate Ball In The Family ……

  19. virtual royalty says:

    First copying BBB creating prodigy,
    Now this!!

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