Is Meat Really that Bad?

Is Meat Really that Bad?

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Food is arguably the best thing about being alive. No other bodily pleasure is enjoyed multiple times every day and never gets old. It is an expression of culture, our parents’ love and a means of celebration or comfort. That’s why it hits a special nerve when we are told we should change what and how we eat to fight rapid climate change. One of the most delicious foods, meat, gets the worst press. It doesn’t help that the topic is really hard to properly research yourself and debates get emotional quickly. But clearly science can give us an answer!

The reality is, well, it’s complicated. Let’s take a look at three climate arguments against meat that are used a lot and see what happens.

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45 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

    • chlochlo6112 says:




    • Big Neuton says:

      don’t care, smd.

    • BurntFaceMan says:

      Just wanted to say we bought your book the other day “Immune”. Arrived really quick and we haven’t been able to put it down. We’re going to buy a second copy as we argue over who is reading it. My partner is a Dr and has stated how much she loves the book/ I’m an engineer based in IT and we’d both just like to say a massive thank you. It’s a wonderful book, and we’d both be super keen on reading more like it. I’ve watched your videos for years and loved every one. Thanks for all the hard work team.

    • dudebroツ says:

      DON’T ARREST ME THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL: What if we decreased the demand of food by slowing our population growth? Like China’s two child policy. (I’M NOT A 50 CENT WARRIOR PLEASE TRUST ME) Like how the Network plans on saving the world in Utopia, the British TV series. (PURELY HYPOTHETICAL PEOPLE!)

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    “Food is arguably the best thing about being alive”

    Everyone who loves food: “I felt that”

  3. Dabo Life says:

    Food is arguably the best thing in life and has an ability to make everyone happy.

    • Luca Barthel says:

      @Ahmad Zulfikar and im a flying cow. If u dont know shit about this than dont post it

    • Stevon Robb says:

      @Ethan DeW The fact that the west has climate deniers is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the west is doing much more research and studies to climate change than the rest. Just because some hicks deny it doesn’t mean we don’t have scientists and companies researching and combating it.

    • MrBubblegumx says:

      Not the animals you eat smh

    • VortexH123 says:

      ofc ur here

    • VariantAEC says:

      @Stevon Robb
      Like it doesn’t drive our economy?
      Seriously do you know how windmills and solar panels are made?
      Do you know where they’re made?
      I’m sure you don’t.

  4. Mr Niffels says:

    no matter how I hard I try, I just cannot imagine how the speaker could look like based off his voice

  5. Jh5578 says:

    Good job with an honest take on the issue. Even cop26 left out the huge issue with food

    • Daniel Torres Díaz says:

      @lucticious no, human greed will not triumph over mother nature, we are dying first, and her, well, she will exist far long more than us, she will prevail, as always do, human greed will only destroy itself.

    • linedpaper says:

      @Bunsenn this is completely false. the volcano thing is a complete myth. Scientific American has article that states it plainly: “Greenhouse gas emissions from volcanoes comprise less than one percent of those generated by today’s human endeavors.”

    • linedpaper says:

      @lucticious this is perfectly said

    • EnchantedPlays says:

      @Bunsenn Fake

    • Alexandre Olival says:

      Cop26 was nothing but a first world capitalist circus. The fact that people had hopes on it is baffling to me.

  6. Blazing Inferno says:

    Amazing video as always! I do have one gripe though. I don’t understand why you placed the emission savings per century next to our emission output per year as if to show how much larger it is. As far as I know everything else was great. Thank you so much for helping us understand several of the different aspects of the topic!

    • leonardo sangaletti says:

      @TheDigitalRealm but you can show the carbon absorption per year.

    • Argaveus says:

      @TheDigitalRealm if they can predict how much we would theoretically save by making these changes, why couldn’t they predict how much we would produce in the same time frame based on how much we’re currently producing? Answer, they very easily could have, which means this was either laziness or an attempt to exaggerate

    • VolTer says:

      I guess, though it’s probably an editorial compromise as absorption isn’t relevant for years (takes time till stuff grows) and emissions aren’t relevant for centuries (we’re on track to start reducing them in the near future)

    • X Cryptxz says:

      @Argaveus They spend hundreds of hours on these videos. They aren’t lazy 🙃

    • leonardo sangaletti says:

      @VolTer but they could added: after fully grown. I dont know, i love them but this was kinda sus

  7. Aleef says:

    Excellent video as usual. Could you discuss the environmental impact of eating fish next? I could happily live without beef but not without seafood so just wondering if that change would reduce my carbon footprint at all…

    • Nickscm says:

      The environmental impact of fish is much greater unfortunately…I had the same approach as you 2 years ago and cut down my meat consumption to almost nothing. Also, I thought to myself, that fish would not be much of a problem, because…well its fish…what is the worst thing that can happen while consuming fish. To cut it short, (depending on where you live) a whole fkin lot. I do really recommend to watch “Seaspiracy” on Netflix. Some might argue that it is “Vegan Propaganda”, but most of the things said there are the actual reality and it was really shocking for me to see, what we are doing with our oceans. But this is just a recommendation, in the end you will have to do your own research and decide for yourself.

    • Rathelm MC says:

      Probably, but who cares. Everyone needs some luxuries in life to avoid absolute misery. If people really fully cared about their footprint they’d move into a cave and only scavenge for things.

    • EpicLauren says:

      fish is just as bad. the ocean is actually a great co2 absorber (through microorganisms and plants). the fish take a huge part in that. the less fish in the ocean the less co2 is absorbed by the oceans inhabitans. and of course the ecosystem is taking a huge hit through overfishing. plantbased is the way to go. there are lots of plant based meat/fush options that taste really good. you just have to try it out and you get zsed to it really fast.

    • justaperson says:

      @Daniel Guillory 100%. also, is cruel to animals

    • Captain Ahab says:

      Yes some fishing practices are incredibly destructive

  8. Skandar C says:

    Never ceases to amaze me with the quality of their videos. Thank you for stating the information and letting the viewer decide. Love all the cute and funny Easter eggs throughout the video. My favorites were at 8:16 and 9:54 🐦 haha

  9. Joshua Brasler says:

    The animation on this one was absolutely phenomenal, it just keeps getting better. Great job handling a complex topic.

  10. ian_g says:

    I’m really curious to see how hunting can be taken into consideration. From my understanding, at an individual level, hunting is the most environmentally friendly way to obtain meant, but hunting cannot be done at the scale of the human population because that will most definitely destroy certain parts of the ecology. The impact of mass fishing is a good example.

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