Is MGK’s New Movie Actually Genius?

Is MGK’s New Movie Actually Genius?

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edited by Jake Mayer


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33 Responses

  1. pxlybius says:

    the thing that really gets me about this movie is that there seems to be almost no background music or sound in any of the scenes. like it makes everything, especially those long pauses between dialogue, feel even more stilted and unnatural.

  2. Dec Hastings says:

    It’s ok you’re sick, Danny, just don’t let it happen again

  3. Ana Brooke says:

    This is definitely one of the movies ever. They sure did say and do stuff, they maybe even acted a little. It really did contain scenes

  4. friendbynote says:

    Ah yes. The living embodiment of my least favorite literature trope: the miscommunication

    • M H says:

      And through text, too. Where you can literally send them a reply asking for clarification that they can respond to at their leisure! This “plot” could have been resolved in like 20 minutes. Maaaybe by lunch time if she was busy.

  5. doombuggy123 says:

    Stoner films were funny back in the day because 1) they were made by comedians/actors and 2) even though it was illegal for the most part, it was still relatable in an unspoken way. Like a “yeah we all know someone like that because we all smoke occasionally”. Etc. But MGK really brought the real experience of hanging out with a ston3r while you’re sober. It’s super boring, it’s like watching someone fight a nap. Also he was a low-rent Paulie Shore in this, which is super sad in and of itself.

  6. Luni says:

    This movie is literally the embodiment of “hey wouldn’t it be cool if we did this” except they have no idea what they’re doing

  7. YA BOI REPTAR says:

    i laughed at “wheres the pot potter!?” and ill never forgive myself for it

  8. Quinn says:

    I have just an irrational hatred of MGK and I’m glad that everything he’s doing is justifying that

  9. Benjamin Coco says:

    The thing is, he was absolutely astounding as Tommy Lee in The Dirt. I love Mötley Crüe, and he killed it. He was so much better than I thought he could be. When he truly puts his heart and soul into something, he delivers. Maybe that movie was just lightning in a bottle, but he was damn good in it.

    • brynn withey says:

      I AGREE!! when i was watching it i was like who is this guy… and couldnt believe it was mgk its so weird

    • TOCA NOOP says:

      @Nik S. true. He was also in ‘big time adolescence’ very good movie

    • Nik S. says:

      MGK was also in bird box, he’s actually a really good actor. Director tho, not so much apparently lol

    • thebadpoet says:

      I will always judge someone who refuses artistic collaboration. Starring in and directing the same project is a bad idea. Writing and directing the same project is a terrible idea. Doing all three is the worst idea.
      You need a director who can be outside the characters and coming fresh to the script.

    • TOCA NOOP says:

      @Stephen Beaty To be fair it was his very first time. Its not like any of us could do a better job as directing their first movie. Cant really judge him on that.

  10. Is At Sea says:

    You missed the after credits scene where it’s revealed that this entire movie is the actual plot of the last episode of his show that everyone hated.
    So meta. So cool.
    Fun Fact: MGK uses his horrible British accent for the scene.

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