Is MTV Promoting Stalking, Top 10 Highest-Paid, Patriotism Pop, Kashmir, & Spicer DWTS Backlash

Is MTV Promoting Stalking, Top 10 Highest-Paid, Patriotism Pop, Kashmir, & Spicer DWTS Backlash

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MTV’s New Show Draws Backlash:

Sean Spicer Defends His Casting After Dancing with the Stars Backlash:

“Patriotism Pop” in India:

Forbes Highest-Paid Actors:
More News Not in Today’s Show:
Man Cited by Sacramento Police After Pushing State Senator:

People Remember Philadelphia Man Bullied for Dating Trans Woman in Viral Video:

“Storm Area 51” Event Pushes Small Nevada County to Draft Emergency Declaration:

Influencer Accused of Staging Motorcycle Crash for Photoshoot:

Portland Mayor Says Clashing Protests Avoided “Worst-Case Scenario”:

Instagram Couple Apologizes for Disrespectful Post at Bali Temple:

Hong Kong Protesters Call for Mulan Boycott:

Allegations Against Katy Perry:

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
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101 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    hi. bye. love you
    mtv 00:06
    Forbes 3:09 TIA 4:16 Spicer 6:04 Kashmir 9:57

    • Ameya S says:

      Philip it’s sad to see you peddle Pakistani fake news about Kashmir and India…Hindus are chasing Kashmiri Muslim women, seriously!!!…India has some of the most beautiful women in the world having won the most beauty pageants after Venezuela….India also has more Muslims than Pakistan that has grown steadily since their independence 70 yrs ago…Phil talks about “Hindu nationalism” when over 95% population of Kashmir today is Muslim and according to wikipedia (Kashmir Princely State), Kashmir had a 23% population of Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs who were driven away from their home by decades of cross border Islamist terrorism….and what the hell is “Hindu nationalist pop music!!!”; ever seen or heard of Bollywood, the Indian film industry that actually makes more money than Hollywood; almost every Indian film is a musical and the amount of music that comes out of India overall is staggering; saying one kind of music is more “popular” in India over others is downright stupid, stupid..

    • Renan Phillips says:


    • Ashlee Knowlton says:

      Love you too

    • Ashlee Knowlton says:

      @Angel Gonzalez he talked about the Amazon fires in the last two videos

    • Ashlee Knowlton says:

      @Adam K New isn’t supposed to be interesting? That’s kind of a problem with the news today. It’s all for ratings and being interesting and attention-grabbing. But that’s not productive or healthy.

  2. Witcher Crafts says:

    ……..Remember when MTV stood for Music Television and not 16 and Ghosted while Pregnant on my Sweet 16 at Jersey Shore?

    • Unlucky ihavenocash says:

      Yet small brained amoeba ? still watch it! ?‍♂️

    • Witcher Crafts says:

      @DevilofRoses Doubt it’s an age thing, Real World was on the American MTV, which wasn’t the one I watched =)

    • Witcher Crafts says:

      @DevilofRoses While discussing How Far Is Tattoo Far with *Daria* after dropping of *Beavis & Butthead* at *The Lick* before checking out some *Cribs* at Laguna Beach then totally Faking It with some Teen Mom like a * complete Jackass* on *TRL*

      *Bold* names are shows that I enjoyed and still apreciate, *Daria* especially.

    • Billus says:

      Do they still have beavis and buthead?

    • Germ says:

      It’s actually ran by the government. Slowly started converting to dumb down the youth watching

  3. Me my opinion Sche says:

    I work at a minimum wage job so really don’t care who is in Forbes magazine.

  4. Tom Foolery says:

    I had no idea Jackie Chan was paid that much. He deserves it.

  5. Syrkyth says:

    That ‘Kashmiri pop’ is more likely paid propaganda. It doesn’t have to be “little green men” or “astroturf” political movements to be government produced.

  6. Mr. Blue Sky says:

    Patriotism is more than fine, it’s good to have a love for one’s country, but once people start believing that their country is always in the right and can do no wrong, that becomes nationalism, which is what we’re seeing in India right now.

    • Adam Samir says:

      Gumby Snacks People do not understand Americans at all. Americans are very aware that their government sucks dick.

    • Adam Samir says:

      Neeraj Bisht Again somebody who doesn’t talk to Americans nor understands them. People here are very critical of the government’s war mongering. But war is profitable so they do it anyway.

    • Adam Samir says:

      BlueDreamKush23 Conservatives aren’t a monolith of 150 million people that all think the exact same. Come on man.

    • Ameya S says:

      Mr. Blue Sky, before criticizing India’s action in Kashmir, please understand the whole situation….here is a post from a user called “Old_ Kenobi” who explains the situation from the Indian side (it’s a bit long so you’ll need to read with patience)…Here is his quote below..
      OK Phil, as a long-time viewer and a fan I want to comment on the Kashmir story, (Also that music shit is such a non-story man, we have stupid music vids all the time). Please listen to my alternative view on the topic besides what Al-Jazeera or BBC are reporting about Kashmir and India.
      1. Article 370 removal is not a bad thing: As an American, you must think the removal of a state’s autonomy is really bad. It’s not so for my country. Here is why
      1a. Women, Ladhaki, Shias, and People of Jammu were inherently discriminated against in the article 370.
      1b. People born in Kashmir couldn’t become a Kashmiri. You had to be a Sunni Muslim born to a Kashmiri family.
      1c. Women of Kashmiri descent, if they were to marry outside of Kashmir, would lose their Kashmiri citizenship. Where is the justice in that? (Men retain their lands and citizenship after marriage)
      1d. Ladhaki people failed to get representation and money because of Kashmiri politics, so that region was not getting any money from the state government.
      1e. You cannot buy land if you were not born before 1910 in Kashmir. WTF?! this is feudalism at its best, there is an upper class that is supremely more powerful in Kashmir.
      2. Article 371 still grants Kashmir its ethenic uniqueness: There is a provision in our constitution which will ensure that Kashmiri values, language, and culture will be honored in fact it will be celebrated.
      2a. Many states in India enjoy their culture, their different languages and state governments. Look an Indian rupee note to see how many languages it has on it.
      2b. Removing feudal rules in article 370 is not a bad thing. In fact, it was done constitutionally. This is not some dictator taking over, as media will like you to believe.
      2c. Giving central government power is temporary and the ruling party is very emotional about ensuring that it retains its statehood. They call it the crown jewel of India. if reports are to be analyzed without bias the ruling party is not a rightwing govt. It falls somewhere in the moderate category as
      2d. There are parts of India which do not have a Hindu majority. It is preposterous to believe that this is a microcosm where Muslims are being prosecuted.
      2e. The state of Kashmir will have its own legislation. That means people who are Kashmiri will be part of parliament.
      3. Pakistanis have no feet to stand on this issue:
      3a. Kashmir occupied by Pakistan has even lesser human rights than Kashmir in India.
      3b. Gilgit-Baltistan is almost a tribal area with no development whatsoever.
      3c. Pakistan centrally administers the area, means there is no representation in Pakistani govt from Pakistani Kashmir.
      3d. Pakistani Kashmir is an area of intense terrorist activities.
      3e. Pakistan has the balls to call it Azad Kashmir (free Kashmir?) it is one of the most heavily militarized zones on the planet? Pakistan has marshall law over there. Excuse me … wtf?
      4. Priyanka Chopra and Indian armed forces.
      4a. I am in no way a fan of that lady. That person has received much more coverage for this incident than she deserves, she is a mediocre actress who has lost her influence in India and now is somehow on a quest to obtain US citizenship.
      4b. Having said that, saying I support the Army for conducting anti-terrorist operations is encouraging more peace. In my opinion, supporting your armed forces( who by the way were just bombed recently), is not encouraging nuclear war.
      4c. Who the f**k does that Pakistani lady thinks she is, her country has threatened India with nuclear war every few years. Launched terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Killed thousands. People in India are tired of Pakistan’s shit. That is actually the ground reality. She herself is a staunch supporter of her military.
      Reason people in the mainland are happy is because if this was any other state in India, This shit would have been over long ago (Read about Khalistan and Assam’s separatist movements) and being Muslim majority has nothing to do with this, there are many many smaller minorities in India that are protected. It is about following the rule of law.

      What this will do is, in fact, reduce violence in the valley encourage more money and prosperity in Kashmiri hands and reduce the economic backwardness of that region.(i have been to Kashmir dude, they are really poor and they need this, they don’t care about politics because they don’t have enough to eat. its the sad reality). As an Indian, I do not encourage police and blocking of the internet over there, in fact, I hope they restore service over there soon.
      Truth is the Law 370 was temporary it was made to please one family in Kashmir by Nehru (go read history), the Abdullahs. The current govt has planned to change that law for decades, Kashmir did not join India on the condition that 370 was to be implemented. It was a transition law. Kashmir was inducted much before article 370. This govt actually lost a lot of votes doing this in Kashmir, but it is about equality (same rule of law in the entire country).

      Anyways this is my two cents. Hope you read this, as it took a long time to write and articulate. All the English articles you will find will say something else, cause its good PR to talk about the controversy. Thanks, Phil. Keep being awesome.

    • Emilio Reyes says:

      @Gumby Snacks there’s abit of a difference really. Patriotism is loving your country, nationalism is hating everything and everyone else

  7. WolfgangLMclain says:

    It’s times like these that I laugh at the term “U.N. Peacekeepers.”

    • Breeze says:


    • PotsAndPups says:

      Sounds very hunger-games-esque

    • Ameya S says:

      You were not laughing at “U.N. Peacekeepers” when China is literally putting Muslims in concentration camps and committing a cultural genocide in Uyghur Xinjiang or Pakistan imposing martial law in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir which has even lesser human rights than Kashmir in India. Gilgit-Baltistan is almost a tribal area with no development whatsoever and Pakistan centrally administers the area, means there is no representation in Pakistani govt from Pakistani Kashmir….Pakistani Kashmir is an area of intense terrorist activities and is one of the most heavily militarized zones on the planet…This is similar to what they are doing in Balochistan province of Pakistan..

    • Sam Kam says:

      Ameya S India has been harassing Kashmiris from the start. Army using palette guns on protesters. Kashmiris want nothing to do with India. Also Sikhs have also started revolting in khalistan. Modi and his extremist regime has put the future of non Hindu minorities at risk. Look at the rise of cow lynching.

  8. Celty Tompkins says:

    I cannot imagine how I would feel if one day my country was stripped of its autonomy and put on internet lockdown with no communication to the outside world. That sounds like a nightmare. I hope the people of Kashmir are safe and stay safe.

    • Aaron John says:

      Does anyone hear studies law or has any legal background?
      Emergency or a state of emergency can be declared if there is a threat to the national security.
      This has been done is in Sri Lanka after consecutive bombings, US after a African American was shot dead by a police officer and so many more times in different countries.
      The country has the right to declare blackout of media in these kinda circumstance.
      This doesn’t make US not a democracy even though they have done the same thing
      India is literally the country with the largest written constitution and the largest democracy.
      This just proves that you are ignorant

    • Aaron John says:

      @rushy scoper
      When did I ever say blackout was to suppress the voice of the People.
      This is to ensure that the media isn’t used to instigate violence.
      And if all views should be heard regardless of their views does that mean terrorist and extremist agenda should be sensationalised and heard. Coz that is what’s happening.

    • Aaron John says:

      I am done explaining to ignorant people how law works ?

    • pranav pandit says:

      @Subaru Yagami all the leaders are arrested

    • rushy scoper says:

      @Aaron John does that mean that anti Indian view or anti current gov should be considered terrorism?
      does protested or promoting independent/autonomy movement considered terrorism?

      again u just saying the same thing but with different word.

      like many other arab countries leaders did arguing terrorism is the reason of “blackout/media control” yet who determine how is and not, when u undermined a whole state/population voice and/or control what media can/can’t say, is never done for the sake of said nation but to suppress it for ur own need.

      since u care about Kashmir would u allow a referendum over independent or autonomy and if some ppl are asking for that how would suggest to deal with them?

  9. Kim T says:

    Tbh, I’m not worried about Spicer. He’ll be eliminated after the first week anyways ?

  10. Alfred Rocha says:

    American Right: The liberal entertainment industry has a secret political agenda
    India: Hold my beer

    • Adam Samir says:

      pranav pandit If we had minded our business during world war 2 Hitler might’ve taken over Europe.

    • Adam Samir says:

      Steven Mendez Yeah but there is also entire genres of music that criticize the US government. Also country music tends to be supportive of American culture, not really the government. Patriotism pop is pushing for a specific government decision. They aren’t exactly the same thing.

    • Cory Burns says:

      Steven Mendez also, yes… how the cowboys treated the natives was horrible.

      But that doesn’t make the American western history bad.

      The way the English knights treated any non-Christians was absolutely horrid.

      That doesn’t mean the English can’t celebrate their medieval history.

      ALL of OUR ancestors have done horrible things.

      And cowboys are a strictly American history. In fact, in a lot of places, (like China for instance) if you ask about American history. They almost always think of the Wild West.

      Be proud of our history man. You don’t have to be proud of the bad things. But be proud of the good

    • Cory Burns says:

      Steven Mendez Steven Mendez also, yes… how the cowboys treated the natives was horrible.

      But that doesn’t make the American western history bad.

      The way the English knights treated any non-Christians was absolutely horrid.

      That doesn’t mean the English can’t celebrate their medieval history.

      ALL of OUR ancestors have done horrible things.

      And cowboys are a strictly American history. In fact, in a lot of places, (like China for instance) if you ask about American history. They almost always think of the Wild West.

      Be proud of our history man. You don’t have to be proud of the bad things. But be proud of the good

    • Chandler Deardorff says:

      To be fair, a large amount of the movies that are coming out are extremely pandering to a woke audience, ruining whole franchises at moments *caugh* star wars *cough*

      Nothing wrong with having social justice in movies if it doesnt sacrifice plot or characters, but so far all the “woke” movies are dog shit and then they call you sexist or racist for pointing out that it’s an objectively bad movie

  11. esto pesto says:

    “Probably because they realised you were boring and or weird” ??

  12. Accidentally Aj says:

    Patriotism pop , I am an Indian And I didn’t know about this

    • prashant ghoshal says:

      Why are you all acting like this is a new thing? Patriotism and Devotional pop has always been a thing. Call it a co-incidence or conspiracy but after Modi became power, mobile data has become so cheap that it has reached rural areas and so has the sharing of media content. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it’s popularity has increased. Earlier what was played on cassette tapes and mp3 cds is now played on mobile and shared.

    • Shru Jay says:

      @zubair khan your understanding of instrument of annexation tells me more than enough wrt when you don’t deserve a response. Get your facts right.

    • Mihir Tanksale says:

      @Yttecarb Yttecarb the thing is Kashmir has been part of India, which they became willingly. India never forced them to be a part of it. They decided it when Pakistan was forcing them.

    • Mihir Tanksale says:

      @prashant ghoshal so true. Man I can list ton of songs about congress propaganda which were questioned. And this is coming from someone who is critical of Modi.

    • Imperial kings says:

      They did a similar thing when they released that movie based on Modi

  13. Nobody Special says:

    “Is MTV Promoting Stalking” Yes!!! This is how battered partners get caught and murdered.

    • Not Gay says:

      Nobody Special the majority of ghosting is just pathetic people being afraid of confrontation. It shouldn’t be defended in the vast majority of cases.

    • Jack Stevens says:

      @Not Gay So obviously forcing the two people back together even though one party doesn’t want to be associated with the other is the reasonable reaction.

    • Not Gay says:

      Jack Stevens no the shows idea is stupid, but ghosting is just as stupid.

    • CopyRightedSnake says:

      Not Gay some people hate confrontation so the best thing they can do is ghost. I’ve been ghosted before, and I never really understood it until I had to ghost someone

    • Not Gay says:

      CopyRightedSnake ghosting the worst way, psychologically, to end a relationship. The simple fact is the you don’t *have* to ghost people, you do because you’re afraid of confrontation and that’s no excuse to put someone through the emotions caused by ghosting. It’s selfish and really shouldn’t be tolerated.

  14. HeyLookImGerman says:

    >Stops talking to chick because she has boundary issues.
    >She and TV crew show up at my front door weeks later.

    *Premium television*

  15. Vanymedes says:

    MTV needs to explain why they ghosted Music.

  16. John Lopez says:

    Patriotism Pop
    China: *Write that down. WRITE THAT DOWN!*

  17. stardropz says:

    Oh HELL NO. I’ve ghosted people for a very good reason. Back off, MTV.

    • Not Gay says:

      Black Tea Widow ghosting is pathetic, talk to people and don’t just run

    • Not Gay says:

      stardropz that’s a monitory of ghosting, most of it is petty fucks running from their problems instead of talking it out

    • Not Gay says:

      Billus the majority of ghosting is pretty people running from their problems instead of talking about it.

    • L.O.V.E Drive says:

      @Michael Jepsen I’m guessing your that creep and got offended when your victim called you out.

    • Michael Jepsen says:

      @stardropz That’s only technically ghosting but I wouldn’t call it that. That’s just you being smart and sensible. Ghosting is when people stop contact just to be an ass or to avoid a unpleasant confrontation or breakup. Usually if they found someone else or something and yes, that is being a fucking asshole to another human being. At the very least leave a fucking message like a decent person to let them know you’re not dead or something.

      Clearly that’s not the case in your situation when you do it for safety reasons.

  18. Upalive11 says:

    I wish MTV would help me find my self esteem. It ghosted me years ago.

  19. Rex Longfellow says:

    You can be a patriot and still criticize your country. Sadly some people cannot understand this.

    • Aryaman Sharma says:

      People can be patriot and criticize when the country’s In the wrong.When America invaded Pakistan and killed Osama bin laden , that should be criticized too? Coz India did pretty similar , airstrike on terror camp after a terrorist attack on India’s military base. But sadly some people don’t understand this

    • Taylan Ertan says:

      @Aryaman Sharma I don’t care about the dick measuring contest between 2 backwards nations. I care about people who suffer from UNNEEDED violence and oppression.
      China, India, Pakistan. They are all the different sides of the same broken mirror. Each claim something different but their tactics and the suffering they cause for their minorities are the same. Unless you are the ‘superior’ race they favor, they don’t care about you.
      So fuck all 3 of them. Free Kashmir.

  20. Good Rapman says:

    PERSONALLY I think you should talk about the more high profile/important topics at the start. The comments are usually about the first story for the most part, and so in these comments the majority are talking about the MTV situation instead of the much more important Kashmir situation. Just my opinion.

    • Neeraj Bisht says:

      @Billus So a state which has saria law the women there have no right in property, no law to stop child marriage, there are about 60 laws made to protect right of women and poors which applied in all over india but not in Kashmir this all happened because of art 370 which was a temporary provision under our const. Later to be removed so see we didn’t take away any right we just made Kashmir equal as that of any other indian state I don’t think he mentioned any of this

    • Neeraj Bisht says:

      @Billus The issue about internet blackout, this is the problem with so called internet news sources/comedians like Philip here he just gave a small piece of information now what that does is that misinforms his viewers (which is more dangerous than fake news) than they without knowing the full truth defecate on comment section like yourself here and many others.
      Kashmir has about 1000 to 10000 active terrorists both local and foreign and they are all connected to Pakistan through internet these blackout restrict them from organising an attack and they also stop violent protests. Just read a little before bsing

    • A D says:

      No that is the nature of many first worlders. You are more likely to see what those people think about youtuber drama than the Amazon burning. No matter where the story is played.

    • Billus says:

      @Neeraj Bisht nah I’d rather not. I’ve already picked my side and it’s India. I tend to go with my gut which is probably just any subconcious bias I might have. But you’re wrong about bits of information being worse than fake news as now people like me know about it we can look into it as much or as little as we like and come to our own conclusions. Any awareness, no matter how delusional can lead to enlightenment. Thanks for the info about the terrorists, that pretty much aligns with my gut feeling. Do you have anymore info? Edit.Don’t worry, just saw the first response you said and have to say I agree with you on the matter of India vs Pakistan, but I wouldn’t have known anything about it if not for Phil. So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    • Asparagus says:



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