Is Netflix Just Making Bad Movies On Purpose

Is Netflix Just Making Bad Movies On Purpose

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31 Responses

  1. big tasty says:

    i feel so terrible for the animators, dude. not just for netflix downsizing the animation department, but them having to make do and turn out shit like this. they must feel terrible about this work, and it probably wasn’t even their choice to make. there’s nothing i hate more than working with bad designs and bad prompts and being able to do nothing about it, and im positive these animators feel the same. i just hope that they can get hired at better studios because of the name, and i hope that they can at least feel a little proud of their work.

    • kirby 64 says:

      ive watched the netflix original anime just go down in quality the past few years and it breaks my heart not just for fans but for the animators bc low quality = low funding

    • S M says:

      I was literally talking to a Netflix subcontracted animator a couple of hours ago and she said that Netflix is currently freaking the fuck out and cutting swathes of any children’s shows, especially animations. The amount of work that will be lost from Netflix’s bad PR will be mad

    • Captain says:

      @Klae Wladimiros exactly. They all work together. There is no “oh poor wittle animators had to animate ugly things:(” when they worked with the designers on the final designs. They’re just as at fault for ugly characters. Also let’s not ignore that the movie is also animated like total shit lmao so no clue why people are jumping to their rescue to begin with

    • Captain says:

      @Enough wrong. Learn at least the TINIEST bit about animation then reply to me. Not understanding that design teams work WITH the animators who animate their project, is moronic.

    • Captain says:

      @Nico Moats not how it works. Animation teams work WITH designers. You can design whatever you want and expect animators to just be able to animate it well. These teams do not work fully separate. Idk how someone could even think that tbh

  2. Rubeka Ahmed says:

    These poor Netflix animators, they deserve so much better😭I guarantee if there had been more lively acting and enthusiasm this could’ve been a decent children’s movie that you’d watch as a kid and just vibe with. But 😭 they managed to cast the most bland sounding man on earth to voice a DOG?? The most upbeat vocal animals 😭 honestly Netflix is now nothing other than bad decisions

  3. J B says:

    I feel like Pete told his agent – “I’m dating a single mom and I gotta do something to make her kids like me – are there any kids movies I can do?”

  4. EternaRogue says:

    Ah, the age of low budget movies is back. The reason studios are doing this are, sadly, because studios are hoping to appeal to meme culture and the clout chasing generation. Look at how much attention Morbius and the new Minions movie got because of memes; movie reviews on youtube that poke fun at bad movies also bring attention to movies, which means more people go to watch them. Add on top of that, Netflix loves to overinflate their watch numbers by counting a movie as “watched” by watching the first 5 minutes (I think it’s 5), so, there’s that too…

    • go to my home page! says:

      MY NAMEE

    • nerd for stop motion clay animation says:

      The Minions movie (the new one) wasn’t even that good imo 😬 idk maybe because I’ve never been super interested in the minions, but it was kinda overhyped tbh.

  5. _Cianna _ says:

    I saw this movie two times in a row when it first came out a bit ago. I babysit two boys, one is 5 and the other is 7, and they lost their fucking minds over this movie, especially the youngest. They laughed when the dog shit, they hated zeus with so much passion, and they cried when they thought Marmaduke was dead. The second the movie ended they had me restart it and we watched it again. It was torture. I’ve been trying to forget this movie ever since, and I thought I was going to make it to the grave without ever seeing this nightmare ever again, but no. Here I am. Thank you Danny

  6. N V says:

    I feel like they realized how much popularity Riverdale got for being terrible that they decided that that was the way to go instead of just… making enjoyable shows people want to see. Like they’ve just been putting out the worst garbage that you honestly need to see to believe so they’ve still got a subscriber base, but it’s just such a shame that they’ve valuing clout for being terrible over making actual media art that people would want to see and enjoy.

    • Roo says:

      @ILubBL sorry but if you think riverdale is boring you’re boring. Jughead gets rabies and Veronica interupts a wedding to sing Sondheim. Objectively hilarious

    • Roo says:

      @Paula Valeria Rocha Gonzalez no the first season was just like generic teen drama, when they started leaning into the weirdness of the comics it vastly improved

    • Deanna W says:

      Huh? Wtf. Strange how stupid comments routinely get so many likes.

      Extremely lame how simply dumping on Riverdale can do that

    • M A. says:

      @ILubBL it’s kinda nuts how the creator is adapting how own work and he makes it so much worse, despite writing the comic. Then again, considering how this show is clearly just fetish fuel for him, he wouldn’t care about adapting his own story well lol

  7. WeiWei says:

    The thing is that Netflix , as every other streaming service , wants to have the biggest number of content to attract subscribers, so they want quantity not quality , sometimes they make a good show or movie but thats after making 50 bad ones

  8. Tabth The Cat 3778 says:

    I love how they blame the literal dog, rather than about anyone else, like perhaps the abusive trainer for not doing a good job

  9. Medium D Speaks says:

    Honestly videos like this one about how bad these movies are get millions of views, which probably ironically gets enough people to know about the film that marketing isn’t really needed enmasse and the hate watches bc of these videos likely end up making the bad movies profitable.

    Same with YouTube, videos about drama & why media is bad get way more views than singing the praises of great media or nice videos without drama. Netflix are basically making YouTube videos at this point

  10. RIP Saebri says:

    “Is Netflix Just Making Bad Movies On Purpose”? the easy answer is yes. the long answer is they have too many projects to have to make to be able to put love in to each one. the budget was so small and they were struggling to get more money to pay the animators to work longer. its just a simple fact of getting too big. and the fact that it doesnt even have to be good, to get kids to watch it, so their metrics are telling them these type of movies are successes 🙂

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