Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

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Organic food is a huge trend: it promises a healthier and better life. But can Organic food really live up to the expectations or is it just baloney?


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79 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare: – Thanks a lot to Skillshare for supporting this channel.

  2. Aaron H says:

    Save the Bees, don’t use pesticides!

  3. Giancarlo Joel Aguirre Révolo says:

    Ok, then the best solution for both worlds is simply genetically modify the products, fruits, vegetables, etc, so they can resist plagues and not die, and make it more nutritious, so we can easily apply industrious ways of producing crops, little less farmland, little to none pesticides and fertilizers, very healthy and cheap food, organic is not the way for our future, due to land constraints, and conventional agriculture will make us eat toxic foods.

    • Mike Slovak says:

      Giancarlo Joel Aguirre Révolo there are also cons to that as well and people will start to fight against it

    • Fernando Queme says:

      DaveL duh I know it’s not simple. What I said was a sarcastic reply to the OP because obviously it isn’t.

    • dan17fer says:

      It Will not be a good thing as long as the goal of manufacters Will be money and not the people weal

    • skyler114 says:

      The solution of the future is making food spoil less, look into the startup Apeel Sciences tech. Talking about not being able to produce enough food to eat is going to be a thing of the past.

  4. Aesthetic Dogg says:

    More than this. In my country, where many bananas are farmed, the companies pay the certifier to get the “organic” certification. Meanwhile they still use pesticides and chemicals. Aside from the explotation of the workers.

    • NatPop says:


    • Noneshere says:

      Pineapples are not normally football size. They normally grow the size of an Apple after replanting a top. The seeds are under the first 1/2″ of skin.

    • FireRupee says:

      +johnsonthegamerguy101 So actually, wild bananas have seeds and can reproduce sexually. Seedless bananas are pretty much all cultivated varieties.

    • skyler114 says:

      +oasntet human gene therapy has a lot of work to be done before you should talk about precision. Technically the patents on most of the population of a GMO crop should be invalid because of how much the introduced DNA actually horizontally shifts within the chromosome. Never mind the safety implications of that, it’s insane that nobody addresses the genetic instability of gmo foods properly outside the publication setting.

  5. Telmo Monteiro says:

    Permaculture, sustainable farming. Just leaving this here…

    • Fathin Luqman Tantowi says:

      that’s next step of farming. the goals of organics is doing things old ways (revising the harmful industrial process) until new sustainable methods is stable

    • AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening says:

      +Fathin Luqman Tantowi – Yes! Check out Mic the Vegan’s video on “Veganic Farming”.

  6. xseth1 says:

    Please make avocado man a recurring character
    My life cannot go on without him

  7. Austin Reeve says:

    Never underestimate the power of marketing/ misinformation..

  8. AVE says:

    3:48 Is that a backward french flag I see? 😉

  9. Squawk Hawk says:

    7:18 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Someone at Kurzgesagt must *Love* Adventure Time, and that’s awesome!

  10. Bobby Watson says:

    You didn’t mention the effects on farmers’ quality of life.

    • Krystal Myth says:

      +BenBjornsen Why I kind of hate this channel. Its afraid to take a stand. Its supposed to spur conversation, but it won’t. It’s like throwing a ball toward two cats who are trying to sleep. They’re tired of this bullshit. They are bored and this isn’t stimulating. It has no teeth. Think I’m done with this channel tbh. It’s got no spine, and nothing to actually say. It’s has no voice, but sure talks a lot.

    • BenBjornsen says:

      Krystal Myth, I dumped my subscription after this and i totally agree with you

    • Nathan Levesque says:

      Because there is no difference.

  11. Ziggy Angelo says:

    Don’t name it “organic food” if you’re only going to talk about plant-based products.
    While growing organic plants has no significant impact, rearing organic meat/milk/eggs etc. animals is very important for animal welfare, can reduce energy usage, reduces the need for importing feed and allows for mixed land uses which can help to diversify farmer’s incomes.
    Edit: I only noticed the disclaimer after another comment mentioned it, maybe next time make it bigger and stay up longer so that people won’t conclude “all organic food is a scam”.
    Maybe do a similar video about organic meat later?

    • Ziggy Angelo says:

      +Yume Rini Worse for the environment isn’t exactly true. Organic farms take up more land, yes, but also, for most of the year, the animals are outside, eating grass and drinking rainwater, meaning farmers don’t have to import so much food, meaning there are less emissions from transport of feed and fewer crops have to be grown just to be fed to animals. Plus things like organic hen-houses save energy by not requiring heating in decent weather.

    • Edward Cullen says:

      Hear hear!

    • oasntet says:

      Organically-raised animals do not have universally better health or happiness. If they get sick, they don’t get antibiotics. They’re often raised in the minimal possible space to qualify for whatever label the farmer is going for – “free range” makes you think wide open fields, but it often means one big cage outside instead of a million tiny cages inside, but with the same number of animals per square foot.

      There’s a role for animals in organic farming, but it’s not being deliberately raised as meat animals.

    • Seedzification says:

      Surprised to not see any angry vegans here.

  12. Luke Hedlund says:

    Every year, over one million children die from lack of Vitamin A.
    A GMO type of rice is slightly cheaper and has over 5 times the Vitamin A. If we allowed farmers to grow this golden rice, we could save millions

    • AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening says:

      So you don’t think those kids deserve to get a couple sweet potatoes now and again??? ALL nutrition must come from a single food stuff? Let’s just give them SOYLENT GREEN!!!

    • Syrtech says:

      Sushimada it’s… it’s natural…. lol if there was something “bad” with it then we would’ve found out already since natural fruits and vegetables have been eaten since as long as time has been recorded on earth… nothing wrong has happened

    • Nathan Levesque says:

      +Ageless Through Wellness Senior Care Advisor Sources or it didn’t happen.

    • Doug Rosengard says:

      +Ageless Through Wellness Senior Care Advisor Do you have a link to the incident with Golden Rice causing blindness because I can’t find any. On the contrary, searching for Golden Rice and blind and/or children and/or Africa only pulls up articles about how Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness and Golden Rice is meant to help prevent that.

  13. Facundo Rava says:

    ”The pesticides of your vegetables are nothing to loose sleep over”. I disagree. Talking from what i’ve seen, read, im a medical student in Argentina, a country wich relies strongly on agriculture. The pesticides contain substances that can cause cancer when exposed for long to no so long periods of time. In my country these substances are not regulated, they are handled without the necesary equipment, used near schools, houses, thrown from planes, they go to the water thats underground, they are on the food we eat. I dont have anything against GMO. These large companies that sell the pesticides have a lot of power and money, and I dont think they care a lot, neither do the people who use them. Just giving my perspective. Third world countries are often much more exposed to these kind of dangers than first world ones. I think is mandatory to find alternatives that are other than spraiyng poison in our food and over the people that live near the countryside.

    • Facundo Rava says:

      +GinHindew110 Its true that lots of stuff causes cancer. Living causes cancer. But I think that the chances of developing cancer when exposed to these kind of chemicals its not to be underestimated. I’ve seen it. In areas where people are close to these chemicals the number of congenital deseases increases significantly, the people who handle them are sick as well. But because the food has maybe less amount, maybe we wont see whats happening untill some time pasts, and then it will be too late. These things accumulate in our blood, and we eat through all of our lifetime. Its also hard to determine the cause of cancer on people in the cities, that are exposed to so many other things, but I think for sure that cancer numbers are rising, and we should be careful.

    • zinni03 says:

      Lol I totally agree. Are we going to ignore the entire Monsanto/Roundup glyphoshate case? How the stuff in pesticides has finally been verified by the World Health Org. to be a carcinogen?

    • Dino_Spamoni says:

      Permaculture, yo.

    • Brandon Lyon says:

      But what are you going to do to stop insects from eating all of the crops? All it would take is a swarm of grasshoppers to ruin fields worth of corpse.

  14. Dumb Videos says:

    That’s how -mafia- *_ORGANICS_* work

    • F3AR Gam1ng says:

      Aizen and Haroldo Malta are both retarded subhuman piles of shit. They deserve to die because they are hypocritical windbag assholes. Someone should shove a knife up their asses. They are worthless twat

    • *CHRIS NELSON!* says:

      F3AR Gam1ng Twats? Why are Most British people assholes?


    • Mr. benen12 says:

      +F3AR Gam1ng Whoa there

  15. Bezoo says:

    3:47 This is not the French Flag D:

  16. One Me In Myself says:

    Local + seasonal = real organic

    • Hung Nguyen says:

      +DJBnw It actually does (assuming the ‘way of life’ ‘organic’ definition). Because if you get something from somewhere else, it requires additional transportation and stuff that can be really damaging for the environment. If you live there and eat there, it does not. So actually yes, it does make total sense.

    • Ed Thoreum says:

      biodynamic is much older,ask the italians.

    • Ubayd says:

      Yes please

    • shadowmax889 says:

      +Markus Brorson Vegan? what if you live in a semiarid region where the only local product is goat or cattle?

  17. Ross Adams says:

    Could this be funded by the inorganic chappies

  18. Takeshi Young says:

    Organic is almost meaningless because there is no official definition. We need established standards for organic goods so that the label isn’t just feel good marketing jargon.

  19. k3kboi 66 says:

    As my dad once said “the difrence of organic and normal is that organic fields are sprayed at night”

  20. TheJpmuzz says:

    people who ONLY purchase “organic” food = sheepeople
    “organic” is a marketing term aim at hippies

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