Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

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20 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Watch Vsauce 3 Video here – Do it now! : )

  2. Christopher Nolan says:

    Idk if it’s because I’m high as fuck…. but this is amazing.

  3. LoeZung says:

    That guy lokks like a jew! D: xd lulz

  4. Ferdinand Dreiundvierzig says:

    Holy macaroni. We had that yesterday in philosophy as theme and even discussed one of your videos on it!

  5. Skyler Scoles says:

    Amazing this video has 84k likes but no way the earth could be flat!!

  6. Dubious Claims says:

    I am.
    You? Not so sure.

  7. tears_of_ jesus says:

    Okay, we get it, you like Rick and Morty

  8. Dean Natuno says:

    What if God is the superior being and we are the creation and our life is a simulation?

    Wow! Mind boggling I never thought that!

  9. SweetHyunho says:

    Why does everybody assume that human consciousness has to be simulated in real-time (same time as OURS)? You can pause super mario and restore and fork (copy and branch) saved states without him noticing. If we are virtual, the outer reality can be arbitrarily larger and resourceful!

  10. Prebenkul says:

    It makes sense because our technology cant go past space. We the humanity cannot travel to other planets that isn’t in our solar system. It makes sense that if you want to simulate a planet or a solar system, you don’t want the ones inside it to try to escape from it because that would make errors and probably multiple crashes. Nothing on earth can get fast enough, it doesn’t make any sense if it isn’t a simulation. Whats also weird is that technology had a slow upclimb a few thousand years ago but then only a few centuries ago, it just Jumped for no reason at all and then now we discover technology every year. I think either they are out of time or their budget got cut.

  11. Fizzu says:

    Even if it is simulation to somekinda of creature, it will always be reality for us

  12. Lasse Jensen says:

    Okay this is the most stupid video I’ve ever seen and Nick Bostrom is giving way too much credit for just pulling ideas out of his ass. What if your universe is a gummybear, or what if our universe IS MADE BY GOD AND THE BIBLE IS TRUUUUE?! You can imagine anything stupid it has NOTHING, NOTHING to do with science. This is retardedness, and yes our experiences is a simulation made by the brain.

  13. Mohammed Ghofaily says:

    you are basically a subject and everything around is not real? even your loved one? Your life is basically an experiment? And you will wake up from the experiment after you wake up?

  14. TheAnnoyingMop says:

    It’s interesting. We humans talk about advanced civilisations being on other planets, yet the thought process used to seriously consider an advanced civilisation is enough to be in and of itself advanced. Of course the thought of an individual isn’t the reality of the thought the individual was having. But it is an interesting thing to consider. What if humans are so self aware that we surpass even the most advanced civilisations. What if our philosophical capabilities are so vast that with infinite time we can consider and create each and every theory.

  15. Twinzes Zweetz says:

    So does that mean that some one is making me watch this, but the people playing want me to comment too. They also want you to make this video. They are trying to confuse us…YOU WERE MAD ETO MAKE THIS VIDEO AND MAKE ME WATCH THIS..wait…Even just what I’m saying now and then is being controlled…


  16. 011azr says:

    Yeah, simulation run by God. I don’t care what you atheists are thinking about this world. I believe in God and that’s what matters. There will be a day where everyone is being judged for what he did during his time on earth.

  17. Dan Valentine says:

    These type of arguments seem to point more toward Theism than Atheism. Theists have believed that our world is a simulation for thousands of years; especially Judaism & Christianity.

    Also: the advice given at the end to just try to be “good”, is awful and ungrounded advice, philosophically.

    Excellent video; thanks!

  18. Beezqp says:

    What is a point of this video?… :/

  19. Tim M says:

    Who the fuck is this hipster douche bag?

  20. Ben Daws says:

    Yet I’m still a Virgin

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