Is Running Really Bad for Your Knees?

Is Running Really Bad for Your Knees?

Have you ever worried that running causes more problems than it solves?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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20 Responses

  1. Chris Parris says:

    Running is also good for not being fat, so I’ll take the risk.

  2. itaybron says:

    are arrows really bad for your knees?

  3. Not me says:

    who is that guy that broke into the scishow studio?

  4. TomcanKnife says:

    Who is this nerd

  5. Zeke says:

    what next? is breathing really bad for your lungs?? lol

  6. Thomas Richardson says:

    How the hell would our ancestors – who had the run long distances to catch prey – have survived if running was detrimental to our knees?

  7. 60 Second Success says:

    It’s a win win. You get that sweet runners high and you protect yourself from arthritis! Any other runners out there?

  8. Alistair Shaw says:

    inflammation leads to arthritis.

    who knew.

  9. TheMoroe1 says:

    Well done Stefan, hope to see you more often as a host 😉

  10. Throttle Kitty says:

    You know what we can prove definitively is bad for your knees? Being fat.

  11. My Life Fast Forward says:

    I always like finding excuses not to exercise

  12. CheapPimp says:

    Having excess of Inflammation over long periods of time could link to your cartilage breaking down and inevitably lead to knee problems. So probably the best answer is if you have excess body weight or are on the heavier side while running, try not to run for long periods of times and allow your knees to recuperate.

  13. John Doe says:

    is masturbation really bad for you?

  14. Jflyer45 says:

    I think dying from diabetes would be worse.

  15. Miguel Zavaleta says:

    Sounds like excuses to me. Even if running was bad for your knees, the benefits would still vastly outweigh the damage. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer worldwide.

  16. Ethan Wall says:

    Who else is supposed to be studying?

  17. sonikku956 says:

    If running was bad, humans would have gone extinct 200,000 years ago.

  18. Tiempo says:

    I got runners knee from running too much (but most likey from other external causes as well).
    Just wanted to put this out there in case it might help someone: do stretches and it’ll go away, I went to many doctors for the problem, 3 years wasted. 3 weeks into doing stretches the problem is almost dealt with. Just make sure to go to a good physiotherapist that can give you the correct stretches to do.
    Hope this helps someone.

  19. Bad Bitch says:

    Up to this point everything is bad for us. Might as well take it up the butt and die.

  20. Philip W says:

    Running is bad for your knee if you run incorrectly as in heel strike with big ass running shoes. That way you disable the natural ability to absorb shock therefore putting much more stress on your knee (and back). Running should be done with a forefoot or midfoot strike. Read ‘Born to Run’:

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