Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine?

Is Russia Preparing to Invade Ukraine?

President Vladimir Putin has returned the threat of war to Europe. Russian troops have essentially surrounded Ukraine on three sides. But it’s still not clear if Putin actually wants to invade or if this is just a high-stakes negotiation tactic directed at NATO and the US.

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60 Responses

  1. MikeOnaBike says:

    Thanks for pointing out how Germany is dependent on Russia for their -petrol- _natural gas_ supply. I think that’s fairly indicative of their apologetic response to this whole escalation.

    • Obverse Singularity says:

      Re-Arm Japan…
      that will shut Russia and China up real fast….

    • ZaChYmO says:

      @Mario Bianchi 👌🏼💯‼️ We should no longer have wars.. but as long as Russian and CCP mediocre mentality exists, war will be mocking, waving back from a corner..

    • moya kiska says:

      @ZaChYmO Palestinians will get their land back also.
      The US /israeli hegemony is coming to an end.

    • moya kiska says:

      @ZaChYmO the US and Nato (20 nations) retreated in Afghanistan from pesants..
      PS. ‘Red dawn’ is back to end western warmongering.

    • moya kiska says:

      @ZaChYmO ukraine-Russia?
      It’s their civil war
      Non of your business…
      Your foul language denotes a person of low IQ..

  2. Bernardo O'Higgins VEVO says:

    I know this is slightly off topic, but I always appreciate when the reporters are able to speak with the interviewees in their own language.

  3. Aym Rb says:

    Quality interviews with Russian specialists! Hands up Vice! Thank you for doing what major news networks should do

    • strix001 says:

      @Tok75 thats what i thought. “liberate”

    • Scott y says:

      @Steven Lam Well you’re definitely ignorant. Without the US Russia would take control of all the natural resources. They just did it in front of the world with Ukraine. The people of Ukraine wanted changes. The power in Ukraine ask Russia for soldiers to stop it. Please do your own research before you open your mouth.

    • Didbocb says:

      @Steven Lam Biden is not going to go to war with Russia through Ukraine. It will be purely defensive by aiding Ukraine and sanctioning Russia. NATO does not threaten Russia as it is not an offensive power it’s purely for defense and security of it’s member states against powers like Russia. Russia wants to keep their influence over post Soviet countries which is why it doesn’t want NATO expanding. NATO would never start any war and neither would Ukraine. Russia is the aggressor here as it usually has been. Do you think NATO or Ukraine wants to go to war with Russia? If Biden does nothing if Russia invades it will obviously lower his rating but it isn’t a talk about ratings it’s about helping Ukraine and other post Soviet countries that need protection from Russia.

    • Ryan Ashby says:

      but also vice: Why having sexual preferences makes you a transphobic racist right wing conspiracy theorist

    • John Doe says:

      Ukraine is a racist state full of neo-fascists. Black Americans, don’t be tricked into fighting and dying for a country that won’t appreciate you. You’re 20% of the US Military so your thoughts matter.

  4. No 2 A.i says:

    They throwing away the advantage – clearly it’s a bluff.

    • Juggernaut1972 says:

      @Mc Chicken I don’t think he does. They’re supposedly having internal troubles, like us. It could be something to deflect notice of that. 100,000 troops will NOT take all of Ukraine. If there is action, which I hope there isn’t, it has a limited objective.

    • Alexander Backert says:

      @Juggernaut1972 You do realize Putin wants to go all the way to Poland right? Poland is a NATO ally.

    • Codman523 says:

      @Kirill Losev I can not speak on things the United States has done in the past. Especially to a point in time were I wasn’t born. All I know is what is right today. Russia is afraid of her own downfall. A stagnant economy has made them afraid they are no longer big players on the global scale.

    • lige doji says:

      @Juggernaut1972 don’t you have google translate?

    • Shoshon says:

      What advantage? If you mean the advantage of surprise then they still somewhat have it since Ukraine cannot mobilize their troops for too long without having a massive impact on their economy. Ukraine is caught in a mobilization trap where they can’t mobilize too early because it would harm their economy and give Russia an, albeit flimsy, reason for war. And they can’t mobilize too late otherwise they will be caught off guard. Russia can run the hundreds of thousands of troops over to the border quickly enough at night to catch Ukraine’s advance units off guard

  5. Bradley says:

    I love the contrast of the reporters, “invasion” vs the respondents, “liberation” of Ukraine.

    • Marek Šamaj says:

      @moya kiska I don’t understand what you wanted to tell me by this. Who wasn’t in war since then? Every single country was. Some more than others. That’s it.

    • Gabe Newell says:

      @Dux if they were after land they would annex Central Asia

    • moya kiska says:

      @Marek Šamaj.

      again,only ONE has been involved in wars 237yrs since its inceptive .
      That is called warmongering

    • Bettie Rage says:

      How is that a liberation if 95% of Ukrainians hate Putin, don’t want to be a part of Russia and would consider such an action as an invasion? The only part of Ukraine that wants to be part of Russia is a separatist region, which opinions has also been largely brainwashed by Putin since the 90s. Also, a large part of the Russian population is brainwashed by Putin. Many both of them are incapable of verifying facts and unable to access information from other points of view around the world due to their inability to understand English.

    • Bettie Rage says:

      @SlickRick They only make up a few percent of the Ukrainian population.

  6. targaryen tickler says:

    “Rising prices, poverty, and corruption.” Ya I think many citizens of any and every country can unite behind these factors and agree.

    • Joey Stocato says:

      People call you a Marxist if you say that

    • Kirill Losev says:

      @a­­­­­d­­­­­i­­­­­n­­­­­t­­­­­e­­­­­s­­­­­t У нас налог в 3 раза ниже, чем в США. Жить в России, значительно дешевле, а бизнесом заняться в разы выгоднее. Так что, Бро, дари доБРО😉

    • Kirill Losev says:

      @Filipe Mendes зверский акт? Ты шутишь? Я живу в Крыму и мы с радостью ждали Россию. То, что стало в Крыму сейчас значительно лучше, чем было на Украине. Это абсолютно другой уровень жизни. Россия замечательная страна.

    • Kirill Losev says:

      @John Doe о да, на Украине много нацистов. Исторически так сложилось. Не надо вообще воевать.

    • a­­­­­d­­­­­i­­­­­n­­­­­t­­­­­e­­­­­s­­­­­t says:

      @Kirill Losev if only i learned my cyrilic 😭

  7. Artem says:

    Aggressors never occupy, they always “defend” and “liberate”

    • Oscar Lindqvist says:

      Do you realise that you are the only European country bitching about USA. Becouse everybody else knows that its only putins propaganda to get your young men to fight in a worthless war against people who want to live in peace its fucking 2022 not 1939.

    • Zach Cook says:

      @Christian Individual look up 93: Battle for Ukraine. It’s a documentary basically of the front line troops and talks about how Russia has basically put in every president they’ve had in the last 20 years shrinking their troops size from 600k to 8k and basically killing the military before anything happened. Yes their was an election but the issue is that Ukraine already had separatist and Russian troops attacking before it was done. And shows the struggle the Ukrainian military had on just organizing itself.

    • O V says:

      @Artem hard to swallow the truth? American troll

    • Christian Individual says:

      @Zach Cook

    • MJ says:

      @blue bird news that referendum was a joke

  8. Alex says:

    Для меня как для жителя России эта ситуация похожа на игру ребенка со спичками. Крайне прескорбно, что власти России пытаются удовлетворить свои амбиции, ставя под угрозу своих граждан, и граждан соседних стран. Страшно.

    P.S. And thanks to reporter for talking to locals to understand what citizens think. But opinions in Moscow can differ a lot with other regions of Russia. I think people along Ukrainian border are taking this situation much more serious…

    • Вонючие носки says:

      @Alex Санкции помогут частично самим немного промышленность поднять, а может и раскулачить каких-нибудь толстосумов.

    • O V says:

      @Alex you don’t sound like a real Russian or most likely Navalny supporter

    • Boris Noone says:

      @Alex Sure, the US and the West don’t want wars, they just keep starting them by accident.

    • spitfire1901 says:

      I think so too…
      Perhaps we could do deal..
      You can have ukraine we can keep Scotland…

    • Andrew Huntoon says:

      Russia and the US worked together to beat the evil nazis! Why can’t we just both get along? Especially after such a harsh war?!

  9. H W says:

    Imagine how advanced the world would be if we were all just friends.

  10. Kl R says:

    Russian economy is reliant on oil and gas exports being more than 50% of the total. The recent manipulation on supply will have alerted even the most sleepy bureaucrats in EU, and it will soon be a main strategic goal to cut back on Russian gas. Russia is also reliant on technology from the west e.g. turbines to make electricity, optics for tanks equipment to extract and explore for oil.
    The effects of sanctions will be a serious burden on Russian economy and make Russia much more dependent on China.
    And don’t forget, China has its own long term objectives, which are not about preserving Russia as a strong nation. China would benefit from a poorer isolated Russia that would sell or lease parts of Siberia to China.

    • Kl R says:

      @Murf181 Sure if Russia would take the natural role of a vassal state. But Russia being preoccupied with cold war to the west might be seen as a liability. China’s export to Russia is about 11% of exports to USA. If you count in NATO and allies, which side can China afford to lose as customers?

    • Murf181 says:

      @Kl R you make very good points but there is a reason why the USA isn’t even trying to persuade China to enact sanctions on Russia. Yes the West is a more important ally than Russia but without Russia, China will be isolated superpower. This means it will the China against the rest of superpowers if any conflict happens with it’s neighbor. It’s in China’s best interest that the military power remains balanced btw the west and the east. Plus last thing China wants is to worry about it’s thousands miles boarders to the north.

    • Kl R says:

      @Murf181 true China would not want Russia to collapse, but would be susceptible to pressure if NATO threatened to exclude China from WTO or raise tariffs.
      At the very least China would have to behave strictly neutral.

    • Boris Noone says:

      Actually, the oil and gas revenue is only 30% of the Russian budget, and their share is gradually getting smaller. The net effect of the previous round of sanctions has been hugely positive for the Russian economy, and the next round of sanctions will affect the EU much more than Russia. We can get smartphones from China, but they cannot replace Russian natural gas with other energy sources. So, their economy, already running on very thin margins, will be in a much greater pickle.

    • Kl R says:

      @Boris Noone The word “only” is what tells me you have no clue. The great depression in USA had a drop of 15% of GDP and caused unemployment to rise from 5 to 23%. Wasnt seen as an “only” 15% by the people at the time.

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