Is She Sending Mixed Signals?

Is She Sending Mixed Signals?

Boy meets girl. Boy thinks: OMG! This girl is in to me! Girl thinks: I’m not in to him at all but I should definitely invite myself over at 1am!
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All art done on Photoshop Creative Cloud:
Camera and mic used // Canon 7D w/ vidmic pro
Edited + animated on // Final Cut Express

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20 Responses

  1. Obejay says:

    I saw BB-A chillin in the cut lol

  2. Chris O'Connell says:

    I’m so shit at telling if a girl is being flirty towards me it’s unreal.
    Then some girls are generally flirty towards everyone, because that’s just
    the way they talk and/or act, and I take that as them flirting with me. Why
    is this shit so hard haha

  3. kimberly gonzalez says:

    @swoozie u havnt had any videos out lately???

  4. soaddicted2her says:


  5. Letsplayminecraftwith Linky says:

    266,686 views. Hmmm…

  6. Olivia Loquet says:

    I love your videos and your a beautiful man!❤️But I’m unsubscribing because
    you rarely upload I will check back in a couple months and if you’re
    uploads are more frequent I will subscribe again

  7. JaDae Barlow says:

    It’s okay Swoozie. Thugs don’t have time for games.

  8. Shayla Peterman says:

    Lol OMG yes…. Some of you guys be doing the same crap though… Just

  9. TheTfroggy912 says:

    Are you still fighting the good fight.. if ya know what i mean…

  10. Adonis Vilella says:

    We waited so long for another video and we get 3 minutes of sadness.

  11. Mark Ambrodji says:

    Hehe, you were harasser and no one did anything about it, score.

  12. Allyssa Moon says:

    all those krispie kreme boxes though.

  13. Saloz94 says:

    wow that is indeed some mixed singles. I didint think the girl needed to
    send you a story to say no.

  14. danger one says:

    lmfao that just happened to me last night

  15. BrandonGamez says:

    Omg one time I haded a crush on a girl but she ways my friend so I didn’t
    tell her then school ways over (it was the last day of school so I won’t
    see her again) then one day my cousin ways texting the girl I like then my
    cousin said that the girl I like like me to after that day I regret that I
    didn’t ask her

  16. Tyler Heitmann says:

    0:13 this s*** just happened to me last week!

  17. leanne mint says:

    Thats a lot of krispy kremes dammn

  18. Jason Palmer says:

    She don’t send me signals Cause she don’t send me any signals at all

  19. TheSlaight says:

    It’s stuff like this that makes society believe it’s OK to sexually assault
    a man if you are a woman. This kind of stuff is the reason that 40% of
    domestic violence victims are men, but only 4% of shelters for domestic
    violence allow men on the premises. you’re better than this brah.

  20. glkmee22 says:

    Swoozie makes me smile. I need that nowadays. He also reminds me of my
    first love, Lee Thompson Young. RIP Lee. Swoozie, keep doing your thing.
    Love the vids.