Is Steve Bannon the Real President? – The Daily Show

Is Steve Bannon the Real President? – The Daily Show

President Trump gets defensive after the media speculates that his chief strategist Steve Bannon may be the one who is really making major policy decisions at the White House.

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20 Responses

  1. Mo Bahjat says:

    Who is paying for the wall?
    heck no, no me, I’m Broke

  2. cobi wartes says:

    “didn’t know the context of the order” what the fuck trump….. I didn’t
    vote for u. I sucked it up, and started rooting for u; really disappointing

  3. Michael Rivers says:

    6:02 “Trump and Data have less of a relationship than Trump and Tiffany…”

  4. Stefan West says:

    Please tell me there’s a chance Trump will not win the next election…..

  5. What a Joke says:

    Steve Bannon is literally once said: ”Darkness is good… Dick Cheney. Darth
    Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when [liberals] get it wrong.
    When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

  6. andslove88 says:

    man! Bannon must give really dope blowjobs. Maybe that’s the way Trump
    learn how to do it to Putin… #conspiracy

  7. Cameren Ceniceros says:

    Sometimes I wonder if Trump is being controlled by an tiny angry nazi
    operating in his head

  8. M Umo says:

    Trump does not know what’s in any executive order. He can’t read.

  9. Ze Be says:

    To all Random People: Have a great day ;)

  10. Harry Paul says:

    500 years from now this time period will be known as the WTF period.

  11. Darrius Skyler says:

    What the actual fuck? How does the President of the United States of
    America NOT KNOW the details of orders he signs? Trump, this isn’t Apple’s
    terms and services agreement, you can’t just scroll to the bottom and hit
    ‘I Accept’ on millions of people’s lives you idiotic excuse for a person

  12. nik Lazz says:

    with Steve Bannon at the wheel, god help us all! He’s known to be a WAR

  13. Bill Cipher says:

    I really hate Trump, but to be honest I’d much rather have him in complete
    charge than Bannon. If Trump is the kind of person you can laugh at than
    Steve Bannon is the one that will turn that laughter into cold fear! He
    legitimately frightens me to be honest.
    I mean just look at his face! He although looks terrifying! Kinda like if
    Darth Sidious became addicted to Crystal Meth…

  14. blacknightz2011 says:

    Hello *Darkness* my old friend

    – Steve *’real life evil villain’* Bannon

  15. Kris Reese says:

    Bannon is that drunk in your house that won’t leave.

  16. Kat Blade says:

    Trevor Noah is HILARIOUS. Very talented!

  17. Tetsu Hatano says:

    The TIME cover of bannon looks like a house of cards DVD cover

  18. Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage says:

    I wonder how South Park will portray the real president Steve Bannon in the
    next season.

  19. jumpstart55million says:

    Donald Trump and Steven Bannon is like the real life version of Darth Vader
    and Darth Sididous..lmao…Its so obvious Trump is being told what to do by
    Other people..

  20. Artyyyooo yo says:

    I am pleased to see the hate is becoming less. Seems like a lot of Trump
    supporters realized what an idiot he actually is.

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