Is the 2024 Ford Mustang GT the BEST new V8 Muscle Car to BUY?

Is the 2024 Ford Mustang GT the BEST new V8 Muscle Car to BUY?

FIRST LOOK: The ALL NEW Mustang GT is here and Ford brought some distinctive style. On the outside you will find new sheet metal, wheels, grill and lighting. On the inside there is new technology, materials and a flat-bottom steering wheel. Under the hood the Coyote 5.0L V8 remains and is more powerful and mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. Is the 2024 Ford Mustang GT the BEST new V8 Muscle Car to BUY?

videography: Lor Raiti 🎥

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31 Responses

  1. goldenrackz says:

    The fact that he does these in basically one take with no cuts is just impressive. Feels like thats an understatement

  2. DaveSKI says:

    A couple years ago it seemed like Dodge would be the only brand to keep the V8 Muscle alive. How the tables have turned, the Dodges and Camaro are going electric and here Ford introduced a whole new generation with a stronger V8, and keeping the manual transmission. The styling is very different from the traditional muscle design, but I love it, especially the rear end.

  3. Tivon Sanders says:

    They knocked it outta the park. They’ve saved the parts of a muscle car we all identify a muscle car with; a v8 and the manual transmission, but added features that makes this seem like a near perfect, if not completely perfect, all around modern sports car.
    Edit: PLEASE keep your negative comments to yourself!

    • Bob says:

      💯 agree. Amazing update, love it

    • Necrotic Reaper says:

      @Cristian Ferreira A big ass car that’s only good for a straight line. Challenger is the last true American muscle.
      The Stang and Camaro became European style sports car. Ford flat out calls it a sports car.

    • DAM8658 says:

      Can’t wait to build one!

    • Tivon Sanders says:

      @TheMarathon Continues Again, I NEVER SAID IT WAS A MUSCLE CAR! Y’ALL NEED TO LEARN HOW TO READ! 🙄😡 Furthermore, like it or not, car companies don’t call their Camaro and Mustangs pony cars anymore; they’re muscle cars now!

    • Tivon Sanders says:

      @WinterBlitzer I didn’t say it was a muscle AND sports car. I called a SPORTS CAR!! I didn’t even call it a muscle car! I said Ford saved all of the parts we all identify a muscle car with; which is the V8 engine (as opposed to other companies, who’s ditching it for that electric crap that’s gonna ruin our planet even worse), and the manual transmission.

  4. TheJTCouple says:

    Definitely buying one as soon as they come out (hopefully there’s not a crazy shortage tho🙏)

  5. Joe Brito says:

    Joe, you are insane 😂😂😂 I’m watching the reveal show and popped up showing the Mustang before Ford did. Simply the best! If you reviewed planes, you would’ve already shown Area 51

  6. Dolores Berry says:

    Big respect to Ford for keeping the V8 alive. If I hadn’t just bought a new car, this would a solid option.

  7. TheJaBuLs says:

    Yup, think I’ll be trading in my 2018 GT for this sick ride when they come out. That rear end styling is maybe the best I’ve ever seen on any muscle car.

  8. #1 V8 Supercar Fan says:

    Well done Joe! I don’t care about the power, I’d buy just for the looks. This thing is absolutely sexy! Throw in an American V8 and the best 6 speed manual ever made and it’s a no brainer. RIP Dodge and Chevy. Enjoy your electric buzz mobiles. Ford is going to be very busy making special versions of this car until 2030. Enjoy folks!

  9. AntFragale says:

    The interior actually looks pretty solid to be honest. I’m pleasantly surprised. The upcoming dark horse looks pretty sweet too. I just wish not every one of these muscle cars was like 45-50k at base. Dark horse expected to start at 60… man back in the late 90’s early 2000’s you could grab a monster muscle car for like 28k. I know that was 20 years ago but man.. sucks haha.

  10. ESHAK says:

    Never fails to be on top of the game thank you FORD team and thank you raiti’s rides for keeping us updated

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