Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

In which John examines the complex and tangled question of the gender wage gap, and looks at some of the reasons why women who work full time are paid less than men who work full time.


The pay gap increases as workers age, and there is a pay gap across all education and experience levels and in almost all professions. Also, the pay gap is larger for women of color, across all education and experience levels:

The size of the gender pay gap depends on how you calculate it, but discrimination is a big factor in the pay gap: and—sans-appendix.pdf

The gender wage gap for MBA graduates increases over time:

Women’s pay goes down on average relative to men once there are kids in a family; men’s pay goes up.

A really interesting, nuanced interview with an economist who studies the gender pay gap:

The wage gap won’t close at this rate until 2056:

An analysis of the role race plays in the gender wage gap:

The gender wage gap is 10 cents in New Zealand, and 37 cents in South Korea:

The exhaustive and at times exhausting wikipedia article about the gender wage gap:

In the U.S. (and most countries), most unpaid work is done by women:

There’s a pay gap among librarians, and male librarians are disproportionately likely to become directors: and

Great overall information (if a limited data set) from payscale:

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20 Responses

  1. seigeengine says:

    Great, and then we get a video where you’re arguing about inequality and
    quietly cherry picking only the differences between women and men that
    support the narrative while sweeping the rest under the rug.

  2. btucker327 says:

    “Saddled with unpaid work?” My wife has always felt that society rather
    attempts to “saddle” her with the obligation to go to college, have a
    prestigious career, etc, when her fulfillment comes from raising our
    children and taking care of our home! Feminism has tried to teach us that
    women are only valuable when they are “empowered” by working – this is why
    so many women in their 40’s realize they have missed the opportunity for
    biological motherhood and go to extremes to try and procreate.

  3. Robert Scotland says:

    So what happens when you eliminate the difference in unpaid labour from the
    math? (aka, chores) does the 4-8% gap disappear?

  4. wanderingdude777 says:

    Thank you soooooo much for making this! It’s an issue that DOES need to be
    examined, but often dismissed because the whole 77 cents thing. For complex
    issues such as these, evidence and sources need to be shown to not only
    better explain how it works, but the right way it can be fought!

  5. Fletchdoig says:

    John talks of bias but if you watch the video again and pay specific
    attention to John’s selective use of the words: “much, some, and most” wrt
    the wage gap you will see his own bias illustrated quite clearly.

  6. KharBrons says:

    I’m gonna dip my toes in this quagmire and ask an honest question: if
    unpaid labour is essentially “house work” ranging from cleaning to child
    care, and is not preformed while on the corporate clock, how does it make
    sense to factor any of it (regardless of who is performing it) into a
    statistical analysis of money earned on the corporate clock? I’m using the
    term corporate loosely, here. I understand not everyone is employed by a

    it seems to imply that when I mow the yard or wash my car, I’m somehow
    skewing wage data, and in the extreme case, everything I do while not at
    work is skewing wage data.

    can anyone explain this more clearly to me?

  7. Amethyst Bennett says:

    John, did you really think you could touch this subject with a ten foot
    pole and NOT make a flame war?? XD

  8. Mariana Diaz Fernandez says:

    Thank you John.

  9. CaptainYentl says:

    The thumbnail for this video is really confusing. The “(Paid)” led me to
    think this was sponsored somehow :x

  10. AndrewBouchierUK says:

    so basically there’s a 4 to 8 percentage difference in paid work because
    men work more and woman work less to care for children, maybe men should
    gain more parental responsibilities and rights so that the unpaid work can
    be more evenly distributed

  11. Cryin .Ryan says:

    Factor the injury/death, risk/reward factor, then tell me about some
    bullcrap 4%-8% gap. Ninety-seven males are harmed or killed in their
    occupational settings for every three females. When women are willing to
    pursue hazardous careers—not to mention risk their greater life
    expectancies—they can complain about that nickel.

  12. Maulo93 says:

    Why the internet is so angry against femminits?

  13. SAN VAL (GKOALA7) says:

    Thank you for the info, but I have to say this…

    Thank you for speaking slower, even if marginally!

  14. camille bowen says:

    Why does the concept of a wage gap offend so many people? I don’t think
    it’s fair and I agree it’s a complicated issue and feel it should be
    addressed, BUT it exists! It simply does whether you chose to believe it or

  15. TheRealMrFunny says:

    If companies are willing to break the law & hire illegal immigrants to save
    money, why wouldn’t they legally hire all women & save 30% of their wage

  16. ryuuseicha says:

    Please do more videos like this. The number of whiny pissbaby MRA
    Redditards who’ve claimed to unsubscribe bodes well for the future of
    actual intelligent discourse in the vlogbrothers community. It’s gone
    downhill since you guys started courting that audience.

  17. CHIBCHART says:

    John, creator of feminism, had a statistics fetish.

  18. Crispy Bacon says:

    “Employers *hate* him. Click *here* to learn one simple trick to save 23%
    in wages!”

  19. Marvin Geovani Clavel says:

    Here’s how to know if the paid gap is real: study men and women in the same
    field with the same qualifications, check their checks, is there a
    difference in the amount of money their making? If yes, the wage gap is
    real, if not, is not real! Simple, because if we start throwing variants in
    there anyone can manipulate the date to fit their agenda!!

  20. Animal Mother says:

    The wage gap is 100% bullshit.