Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China | 60 Minutes

Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China | 60 Minutes

China has spent the last 20 years building the biggest navy in the world. As tensions with that country continue to rise, Norah O’Donnell boarded the USS Nimitz to report on the U.S. Navy’s readiness.

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25 Responses

  1. 60 Minutes says:

    Navy fighter pilots tell 60 Minutes how the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” compares to the real thing

  2. GanadoCoog says:

    I was a US Navy Nuclear Surface Officer for 8 years from 2008-2015. The US Navy Surface fleet has a SERIOUS training problem. There is not a “warfighter above all” culture in the non-nuclear surface fleet. I call it a “checkbox and hatch” culture – get through the many random obligations you have then hit the liberty door. In the end, shipboard personnel are pulled 10 different ways and it leaves little time to actually train as real warfighters. The US Navy Nuclear trained personnel have a vastly different culture where training, competence and accountability are EVERYTHING and it has been like that for decades. The culture started by ADM Rickover runs DEEP in the nuclear navy and therefore I am highly confident in our submarine fleet and carrier fleet’s ability to actually fight. I just hope the rest of the surface Navy can keep up in a real war…

    • James Torti says:

      3:30 tells it all. It’s a business move. We don’t care about the people. Get It?

    • bill cheng says:

      We all know all this talk of strategy are just propaganda material. The outcome of a war is decided not on the battlefield, but on the home front. We saw that in the American “civil war” which was actually invasion of the South by the North. Young men marched into almost certain death, some went hysterical with fear, but still pressed on. A soldier basically had 2 options, either risking death or being labeled a coward back home. It was that simple. Same thing happened in China in Korean war. When soldiers were on their way to Korea, entire villages, towns, cities turned out to see them off. No one was expected to come back alive.

  3. corsair6 says:

    Good job 60-minutes, excellent to have Toshihara interviewed, he’s most certainly an expert. Next step, start engaging with those outside the navy such as Jerry Hendrix, Bryan McGrath and those in the shipbuilding industry, particularly West Coast ship builders. They all can provide GREAT insight into the obstacles and challenges our Navy faces from an operational, bureaucratic and political standpoint.

  4. supreme2005 says:

    I was in the Navy for 6 years in the Pacific Fleet. It was the greatest time of my life. I have zero doubts about the men and women of that organization. These are America’s finest.

    • Alex T says:

      @Hanzee Dent so you would rather them paint a false picture? Do you not like the truth? You would rather just pretend everything is fine? 🤡

    • Bo Holde says:

      @Hanzee DentXbox doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about. The US Navy is the world’s finest Navy.

  5. johnjones says:

    “It’s not my hope it’s my duty”. No stronger words have been spoken. I admire his intensity and directness.

  6. Becca Hargate says:

    I’m glad she brought up the suicide issue with the CNO. While I generally like Adm. Gilday, I think the Navy can and should doing more on this issue. Also, I was a Tico sailor. It concerns me greatly that the mistakes made with the LCS and the ridiculous DDG-1000s have set us back many years. Ticonderoga Class Cruisers are being retired very fast. The only other small boy surface combatant we will have when the last one is gone will be the Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer. They’re great. It’s just not a very genetically diverse navy. That scares me.

    • Lawrence Leverton says:

      What about the suicide issue with the CNO. Admiral Boorda killed himself in 1996 and its been going downhill since.

    • Zach says:

      I was on George h.w. bush and we called it “suicide squad” cuz we had like 4 suicides in 6months

    • randy roberts says:

      I remember getting, the talk while we went silent, n didn’t see the sun for months about keeping up with your mental health. Also when our deployment was over, being able to speak with someone if necessary. I also remember not wanting to seem weak as a young man in my late teens. Work with at the time seem like grown men in their 20s n 30s. This was 20yrs ago, im sure things have improved since then

    • Nobody Asked says:


  7. Saint Blackwater says:

    Hey! Nim sailor here, thanks for asking the questions we think about. It’s a big relief and shows a lot of respect how much the interviewer educated themselves on our issues. Go Navy!

  8. Tio Swift says:

    “I don’t really talk in depth about submarine capabilities…it’s the silent service”
    That gave me goosebumps 😎

    • Alicianah says:

      @Joshua Alphonse Excellent. I been meaning to ask… What your thoughts to Gulf of Tonkin Incident that cost 58,000 military lives based on a lie? Is sincere question.

    • Alicianah says:

      @Jesus is God Yeah God sacrificed himself to himself to serve as a loophole for a rule that he made up. I read bible, is great way to atheism.

    • Lawrence Leverton says:

      @HunAn ChiKin Yes it is

  9. The Shotgun Approach says:

    USS Carl Vinson vet 2003-08.
    Admiral Mike Gilday is very impressive. His eyes had me like captivated. But when he says “there is no wrong door to knock on when you need help,” yeah, unless you’ve developed a drug problem, which is more common than people know.

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