Is the Y Chromosome Disappearing?

Is the Y Chromosome Disappearing?

Scientists know that the Y chromosome been shrinking in size over millions of years, but recent studies suggest that it has more important genes, besides the ones that cause biological maleness.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. woopygoman says:

    Ending: talking about sperm whales. On a Y chromosome video. Can’t be a
    coincidence LOL

  2. PTNLemay says:

    Reminds me of the book Children of Men. Where one day we wake up and find
    out that humans just can’t have babies anymore.

  3. warriorhermione says:

    Can you make a video about how sex is determined by more than chromosomes
    and sex is more of a spectrum than a dichotomy?

  4. diamond gamr says:

    why does it rain when you wash your car

  5. Jacob Furrow says:

    To be honest, if gender is not meant to describe the biological sex of a
    person, and is only used to describe the way a person looks or acts, it has
    literally no use in science.

  6. Jr B says:

    so penises used to be big? 0-o

  7. Zulied says:

    must be why theres so many gay dudes lol

  8. Forester Airsoft says:

    What if you had 2 Y chromosomes?

  9. Tony Trinh says:

    Aww it got trimmed.


    I hate hipsters. I really do.

  11. Sean Bush says:

    notice how he has to distinct biological genders because of you transgender

  12. Okami Films says:

    Next time someone says they are transgender, ask them if they have an X or
    Y Chromosome. That’ll shut them up.

  13. Monty Cantsin says:

    So what you’re saying here is that it’s not the size of the boat, but the
    motion of the ocean?

  14. vjm3 says:

    Well, Feminists. You did it….you won.
    Men are going to be blinked out of existence, and soon we’ll all be winey
    crybaby egotistical back-stabbing spiteful little bitches.
    Are you happy?
    Are you happy to know that the future will be one where there will be
    constant war, if only because Madam China Empress Twittered trash about
    Miss USA President’s matching skirt and vest ensemble? Where scientific
    advancements will come to a virtual halt, because you can’t flirt with
    mother nature to make a breakthrough discovery?
    There will be a day when all the girls will sit around a table, pouty faces
    and cross armed, trying to figure out a way to re-invent the Y chromosome
    just so you can bring back real men who’ll swat at that spider crawling on
    your pillow, and fix that leaky pipe under your sink.

    This is a grave new world for men. A men being oppressed by women
    today…who’ll cease to exist tomorrow.

  15. Darren Biggar says:

    Why is there a “Y – chromosome” around my anus?

  16. Atlas Enderium says:

    You should have said there are 2 genders and you would trigger a bunch of
    stupid people lol

  17. Yaco Ale says:

    oh my god did u just say there are 2 genders?
    im so triggered right now
    you gave me ptsd scishow
    if you want to help pls donate to my patreon, it calms my anxiety

  18. Jeremiah Newell says:

    Maybe the gene pool was just cold that day… SHRINKAGE!

  19. MASTERmw100 says:

    No wonder more men are becoming feminist white knight wimps.

  20. William Renfro says:

    Does size matter?