Is There Such a Thing As An Addictive Personality?

Is There Such a Thing As An Addictive Personality?

Some online quizzes would have you believe the idea that certain people have a specific “personality type”. But is an “addictive personality” a real thing?

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Myers, David G. Psychology, 10th edition, 2013.………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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20 Responses

  1. sully9088 says:

    Can you do a show on haptodysphoria? I can’t touch cotton balls without
    cringing! It’s like nails on a chalkboard!

  2. AndroidDoctorr says:

    “You can’t throw a cigar without hitting at least 3 different perspectives”
    – hah, clever

  3. BornDead616 says:

    Hey biff, get a load of this guys life preserver. Dork thinks hes gonna

  4. ThisIsNotPictureTube says:

    or caffeine 1:30

  5. Chubbychenko says:

    no, because people like to label everything and blame their faults on
    something else

  6. Flavored Nachos says:

    im addicted to jerking off

  7. The God Emperor says:

    Behavioral addictions are new things from DSM V. Compulsions have to deal
    with behaviors and personality, not addictions. Addictions are about an
    external chemical substance altering or affecting your internal chemical
    make up to make you feel or actually reliant upon that. I hate that we’ve
    allowed the definition to change to include behavioral. Because what’s
    “adverse consequences” is entirely subjective. Some might think that
    someone that prefers to spend a vast majority of time working, gaming,
    working out, watching TV, reading, whatever is negative because they aren’t
    doing some other activity THAT person prefers. It’s.. annoying to me.

  8. TheJoJmaster says:

    First thing I watched this morning my brain hurts

  9. Christopher Warters says:

    hahaaa, I thought an addictive personality was someone who was lovable…

  10. TredBobek says:

    His hair is so weird, it feels like a lamp is illuminating it.

  11. Game & Growl says:

    I’m addicted to cheeseburgers. That’s a thing right?

  12. Brunneis Ursus says:

    this guy needs to start his own radio show, smooth as silk lol

  13. Aim2Misbehave says:

    So it’s like how anthropologists see racism: it doesn’t exist (even though
    it’s socially constructed).

  14. EIMR says:

    Didn’t addictive disorder mean that you were more prone to getting addicted
    to something?

  15. Walter Hartman says:

    Cursed with an addicted personality, everything I do I have to do
    excessively… – Bumpin Uglies

  16. Lambo G says:

    Noooo….. Wher is HANK

  17. FesterWerks says:

    I use it to describe how I internally feel as though I could very easily
    fall into addiction if I let myself. Which is why I quit drinking socially
    and stay away from other addictive drugs. It may not be the proper
    terminology, but people generally understand what I mean when I say it.

  18. Cameron Burns says:

    What does it mean when people don’t get addicted to things that most people
    get addicted to. I will smoke cigarettes regularly for months and then stop
    for months and there is never a constant urge to smoke.

  19. Nick Collinet says:

    Here’s a cool fact, Around 40% of all patients checked into a addiction
    clinic, have ADD. It’s a dopamine problelm in these individuals. They
    reuptake dopamine much to quickly, the brain being as intelligent as it is,
    will then have you fill in that lack of dopamine with drugs, food, sex.

  20. Karan Trivedi says:

    why do you take away my excuse to drink wine