Is This Final Proof Michelle Obama Is A Man? Number 1 Video On The Web

Is This Final Proof Michelle Obama Is A Man? Number 1 Video On The Web

Another video has surfaced questioning the gender of former first lady Michelle Obama. Alex Jones investigates.
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20 Responses

  1. Barnettstrongman Jnes says:

    If that god damn black fucking bitch is a man and the jews did this shit to us. Let’s get out our fucking guns and march on Washington. If they had two queer negroes fucking each other in the ass in the White House, then it’s time to start the revolution. Come on you white mother fuckers. What’s it going to take? Why are we this fucking dumb and passive. We should pull the nigger’s pants down and if there is a dick there then tart the revolution. White man you’re going to resort to violence to get out of this shit.

  2. Chris Campbell says:

    Joan Rivers sealed her death warrant when she called Michelle Obama a transsexual. A month later she dies of a “freak accident” after a routine surgury. . . .come on now. . .

  3. AnthonyG says:

    This is counterproductive and an insult to important issues. Sorry, not sorry, that’s my opinion.

  4. Katherine Stahl says:

    The biggest question I thought when I first saw this, is rivers right & why did she die so quickly after.

  5. Wilson Nguyen says:

    Look at this overweight dumb looking white dude that pulls at everything and says that his truth destroys everything we used to know then the “truth” does nothing.

  6. Londyn Aleii says:

    They’re kids look just like them!!!!!!

  7. mArKiE_d0685 says:

    Nice photoshop enhancement photos for one and two, doesn’t change what he did as President. Worry about the shit Trump is doing.

  8. James Ebenger says:

    This guy is nuts. No wonder he lost his kids.

  9. Vaneexx R says:

    This video is Trash trash trash, just like you, an extremely ignorant. Listen to the way this dude speaks ughhh

  10. Malachi Steiner says:

    If she is a man, then I’m gay af

  11. Boston Prince says:

    2:45 that’s a dick… 100%

  12. MrBibi86 says:

    *What a way to deflect from the shitty job Trump is doing*

  13. morgan hiya says:

    Y’all whites make me sick.

  14. sidney says:

    Even if she was, it’s not our business.

  15. Ali Hassan says:

    This man really just included a BS intro for exactly 1 minute saying “broadcast will begin shortly” just to pile up more ad revenue. This isn’t live who are you fooling?

  16. Katya Deville says:


  17. Duffy says:

    shit like this is why you wont win your custody battle

  18. Andrew Morrison says:

    People that believe this shit are morons. It follows reason that said morons would buy his overpriced supplements. smh. I’ve always suspected that a large portion of Americans are retarded. Here’s the proof.

  19. Jokers R Wild Studios says:

    This poor bastard can’t see his kids because he’s a psychopath. So he has to create delusional conspiracies about women who won’t bang him and his 2 inch dick and then shill his shitty caveman protein powder. Hey Alex, stop being a pussy, you cuck.

  20. The Extremo Trinity says:

    I don’t see why Michele Obama being a trans woman is a problem, stop bombarding her with this, she’s not the First Lady anymore I don’t see why it matters now, if you want to gossip about someone important let’s talk about how Donald Trump has waisted millions of dollars on security, or how racism is tearing apart the country, let’s talk about something relative and important shall we?

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