Is This Prison Food Cruel And Unusual?

Is This Prison Food Cruel And Unusual?

“My mouth is afraid of this food”

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Special thanks to Eastern State Penitentiary for providing Nutraloaf recipes and research

Southern Police Investigation
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Prison and cloudy sky

Prison wall and bridge

Prison Tower



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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Estrada says:

    I think they meant School food, because there’s where they feed really
    gross food, and you have to pay for it!

  2. Samuel Torbert says:

    And yet, still better than school food

  3. Elise Michel says:

    Not everyone in prison is there for rape or murder or robery, not everyone
    is deserving of eating this terrible food, a lot of things can land you in
    prison and someyimes you’re just stuck waiting there for a heaing over a
    small thing

  4. Ally Gunn says:

    That is cruel. Cause it taste nasty and no one wants to eat something nasty
    so they might starve themselves.

  5. Alex Cho says:

    I think it depends on what the inmate did.

    If he went to jail for smoking pot and then they give him this as
    punishment… that’s just cruel. Now, if a guy *killed* someone and they
    give him this as punishment…

  6. dogsitter68 says:

    they should get it all the time.

  7. Viky Li says:

    Buzzfeed’s trying to make rapists and murderers have a better time in
    prison so they can commit more crimes

  8. Kyle Leangpun says:

    Still better than school food…thanks Michelle

  9. Cassi Gamble says:

    If your hungry you’ll eat it and if you don’t like it stay out of trouble
    aint no body trying to spend tax dollars on filet mignon for prisoners they
    aint in no 5star Hotel 

  10. bobo fet says:

    oh and people talking about the military? food was great even overseas.

  11. David Donnell says:

    You realize this food is better than the shit served in public schools?

  12. BROden Freddy says:

    Wow. Those people are criminals… I shall never have the capacity to
    understand how anybody can EVER sympathise with the prisoners unless they
    were one to commit an act of severe unjust themselves.

  13. Loren Bayardo says:

    Buzzfeed is a bunch of hippie liberals smh 

  14. Francheska Cuevas says:

    Its prison, it’s not supposed to be enjoyable, inmates are there because
    they committed a crime let it be either theft or murder, they are supposed
    to be punished so no, it is not a cruel punishment. deal with it, you
    fudged up so now your in prison, no friggin hand holding. serve your
    sentence and punishment and deal with it.

  15. D Lecsa says:

    Lesson of the Day: This is your ass (*.*) This is your ass in prison (*O*)
    . Just say no to crime!

  16. Andrew Frye says:

    Awwww the poor rapists and murderers get three meals a day and a warm bed
    at night. I feel so bad for them. 

  17. ViperKnight94 says:

    It is not used as punishment. It is used as an alternative food when
    prisoners have suicidal thoughts and may hurt themselves with utensils or
    other things that come with a regular tray meal. They are placed on suicide
    watch and given a loaf until evaluated by a psychologist. If they are found
    to not be suicidal they are put back on a regular meal.

  18. Phillip Morris says:

    I bet 90% are wrongly convicted. Only in POS land of the “free” merica.

  19. Julia Cundiff says:

    I think the really guilty people (rapists, murderers, abusers) I would be
    okay with them getting this, but if it’s a small offense they act up not
    too harshly in prison then they don’t deserve it. Something horrifying is
    they serve complete trash to people who are in jail awaiting trial, I knew
    someone who spent 2 years (later found not guilty, we all knew he wasn’t,
    but Arizona state is disgusting and awful and ugh) they tried to eat the
    food, but would get sick off of it. He lost like 50 pounds and would have
    starved if not for commissary money. It sucks that in the U.S. Your guilty
    till proven innocent but even then your guilty.

  20. consulmollard says:

    If you don’t want to eat nutraloaf? Don’t commit crime!!!!! Then you wont
    have to go to prison. Common sense.