Is This The Next Big Chip Flavor? (Taste Test)

Is This The Next Big Chip Flavor? (Taste Test)

We know salt & vinegar’s a winning combination, but now we’re testing the opposite combinations to salt & vinegar to if they’re the next big chip flavor.  GMMore #1395

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60 Responses

  1. Emma Leigh says:

    It was so late I didn’t know what to do with myself this morning!!!

    • Sam Sneed says:

      Next time you’re waiting for gmmore, to pass the time, I suggest punching your parents in the face for your stupid name.

    • goodgaiawitch says:

      when in doubt flick the pea. -)

    • Emma Leigh says:

      I remember now why I don’t typically comment. You get ridiculous replies.

    • Alyssa Walker says:

      So we’re making fun of names now? God I hate the internet sometimes. I hate how immature some people are.

    • Emma Leigh says:

      Alyssa Walker I agree. I don’t even really consider it “making fun” because it’s more just random stabs at trying to be funny by being rude. I don’t understand why that’s a thing, but it’s what people do for attention I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Simon James says:

    Finally Good Mythical More is here!

  3. AlienZGamer says:

    Who Loves Good Mythical MORE? 😍

  4. ItIsMeAbi says:

    This video was a little late 😂

  5. Ashley Alfred says:

    How many chips would be in a lays bag if they filled them up all the way?

  6. Benjamin Mudie says:

    Finally, I didn’t expect it to come out so late!

  7. [Not Found] says:


  8. Meia Krage says:

    Mail, on Monday.. the world has gone bonkers.

  9. Abbynotabbie says:

    🎶 Mail day… means maillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllick daddies 🎶

  10. Sherwyne Ignacio says:

    Mail day means jen!

  11. A M says:

    Glad that they brought back Mail day! Because mail dayyyyyy means maaaaaaiiiillllll!!!!

  12. Xno Gaming says:

    Man that wheel was spinning for 3 hours

  13. Michelle Foucault says:

    Rhett: You and your facts 😂

  14. Lawrence Calablaster says:

    Mail Day Means Mail feels very wrong.

  15. Alex Little says:

    anyone remember when mail day was thursday?

  16. Ferani Yudhianti says:

    glad to know josh survived the bile cheesecake

  17. Erndaworm says:

    I think the Spork tattoo gives Josh magical culinary abilities

  18. FireYE says:

    just for your info we have Butter&Honey flavour chips in Asian, come in a bag that you can buy everywhere and they are not sticky!

  19. Tabatha Korkow says:

    Powdered honey might have worked better

  20. Ayesha Chaudhry says:

    I feel like they lock josh in a basement and have him work on food stuff 24/7

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