Is This Who We Want?

Is This Who We Want?

This is not who we want.

Paid for by Priorities USA Action and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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20 Responses

  1. randomperson3654 says:

    voting for neither

  2. Tacet the Terror says:

    This is going to be a looooong depressing election cycle if this ends up
    being Donald Tump vs Hillary Clinton.

    I’m almost leaning towards Donald Trump. I’d much rather have Trump destroy
    the Republican party than Hillary to further tarnish the Democratic party.
    A Hillary presidency will just lead the way for someone even more extreme
    than Trump to proceed her. The ideal scenario would be Trump vs Republican
    establishment candidate vs Bernie as independent vs Hillary as the
    democratic nominee in a 4-way race. I just really hope Bernie doesn’t
    endorse Hillary if he happens to lose the primary. That would be a worse
    compromise than Obama’s current supreme court justice pick.

  3. melissa talavera says:

    How anyone can defend Trump I will never understand.

  4. Drew Van Ausdall says:

    I don’t even like trump but I will gladly take him over hitlary

  5. Aleksandr Alekzandrov says:

    It looks like a worthless excuse to dignity

  6. futurestoryteller says:

    I refuse to support one narcissistic fascist. Why would I support the

  7. Деня Деня says:

    Not sure Trump, but Putin is huylo!

  8. Skiddit says:

    Either way, Clinton or Trump, Canada better open up a Disney Park if they
    don’t already have one because they’re about to get a boost in population.

  9. Forrest Walker says:

    So much ignorance in these comments. Seems like half you guys get your
    facts from your inbred cousins Facebook posts. If you even consider voting
    for Trump, you’re silly.

  10. mokeydudester says:

    That was funny but come on. Hilary?

  11. Mr. Macias says:

    FUCK TRUMP… #SHUT TRUMP DOWN 2016! He’s no good to our great country!
    He’s a divider along with all sorts of dumb ass ideas!

  12. bonesmuscleandblood says:

    What if killary just wanted to be president so she could fuck her secretary
    to have payback/revenge for what bill did to her and then she tells him
    something like how do you like me now BITCH!!!lol

  13. 11comfortablynumb says:

    Is it really Hillary’s ad or a fake? I mean if it is a real response to
    Trump’s one, then it is as pathetic as it gets

  14. Prime Nostalgia says:

    I think Hillary is even worse than Trump, at least you know what Trump
    wants, no matter how retarded it is.

  15. Alex Americano says:

    Nice try.. and now you can bark again, Hillary)

  16. Daniel Molina says:

    would have dropped a like if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton😂😂

  17. Tom Miller says:

    *I need a photo of Trump’s ugly face on a urinal cake — anyone please
    help me find one ?!?*

  18. Trinidad Sandoval says:

    Bernie for President! #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

  19. Scotty J says:

    This is the most pathetic attempt at stumping Donald Trumps latest
    advertisement. You ripped off the entire thing and made it cringe worthy as

    Hillary is the Benghazi Nazi

  20. ROG says:

    As a democrat, this is stupid. Why the hell should Donald Trump being
    terrible lead me to vote for Hillary Clinton? I’m actually considering
    voting for Trump if Hillary wins the primary. But of course, I’m still
    hoping “the communist” wins. I’d prefer Bernie to any other candidate ANY
    DAY #feelthebern