Is Trump Tired of Losing? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Is Trump Tired of Losing? | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps President Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week in his Real Time monologue.

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20 Responses

  1. Cunncuts says:

    Trump is tired because he hasn’t seen my Trump Rap

  2. Why you gotta go there says:

    I’m not surprised they stopped her from speaking, however where is the
    outrage from the right in America? I thought trump supporters and the
    Alt-right cared about Freedom of Speech? Or do they only care about it when
    a Nazi is being stopped? Their hypocrisy is unreal. Putting the hate I have
    for them aside for a second trump has some very interesting supporters. I
    remember when Trump said to his supporters”With me I will have this country
    saying Merry Christmas again” and getting thunderous applauds. It really
    showed the minds of his supporters to me.

    – Wanting to Ban all Muslims? Yay!
    – Wanting to build a wall that will serve as nothing, but a fuck you to a
    neighbouring country? Yay!
    – Saying when people come from Mexico most are rapists? Yay!
    – Saying a judge can’t do his job because of his Hispanic heritage? Yay!
    – Saying to the mother of a dead American solider that who was silent in
    front of the picture of her dead son “She probably, wasn’t allowed to have
    anything to say. You tell me” because she was Muslim? Yay!
    – Having the The Justice Department suing your company twice for not
    renting to black people? Yay!
    – Re-tweeting white supremacists multiple times? Yay!

    But… some random people somewhere saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry
    Christmas? IT’S A WAR!!! YOU BIGOTS!!!

  3. Henry McMahon says:

    “If Betsy DeVos can be Secretary of Education, I can do whatever the fuck I
    want here”-me on every job application from now on.

  4. A1Cvenom says:

    You can call trump a lot of things but it’s hard to call him a loser, the
    dude became president of the most powerful country on earth against all of
    the odds stacked against him.

  5. Tim Irwin says:

    Yes and all the media is making you focus on the Muslim ban while Trump’s
    Administration is funneling all of the country’s wealth to the top 1%, even
    Bill Maher is not paying attention to the men behind the curtain.

  6. D4RTH KNIGHT says:

    One of Bill’s best monologue performances ever.

  7. Sudipta Adhikary says:

    Bill’s on form today

  8. Cozzi says:

    How the hell is John Oliver gonna cover all the last three month’s shit in
    one day on Sunday? lol

  9. Muk1R1 says:

    Hey you, …. Scrolling down the comments…..
    – –
    Do you Agree that Donnie Tinyhands likes having Russian hookers piss on
    him. If you agree, click Like. ^_^

  10. Hans Marheim says:

    I am 52 years old. And now, after trump I finally understand why there is a
    USA and a Canada. During the great migration from south to north there were
    put up signs saying “if you keep on going you will reach a civilised
    country”. Those who could read kept on walking. The morons stayed in the
    “so called USA”.

  11. 82Jaster says:

    Glad Bill brought up how easy it is to “trigger” the right. For as much as
    they like to call the left snowflakes and talk about safe spaces, this is
    the group that throws a temper tantrum if anyone says anything even
    remotely negative about Trump. The same group that wanted to boycott the
    Hamilton play because they asked Mike Pence to be nice. This is the group
    that got upset because a Super Bowl ad showed how much immigrants have
    contributed to the country. This is a group whose president goes apeshit
    every Saturday night after watching SNL. There is no one or group more
    sensitive and easy to trigger than Trump and his supporters.

  12. cactus jack says:

    it was hillary’s fault
    Nobody could have lost to him

  13. earthminus10 says:

    only 3 years 11 months

  14. Collins Karanja says:

    One thing doesn’t go Trump’s way and the left acts as is they just took
    down the death star. Relax.

  15. Stefan West says:

    Yes the world is laughing, America is no longer considered the greatest
    planet on earth, just the dumbest!

  16. VM 9 says:

    Trump’s best friend Putin decriminalized domestic abuse….Russian women
    were told to treat their scars from abuse by their husbands as a reward.
    But those fucking retarded Trumpeters who live in the 16th century still
    think Putin is a better leader than Obama.

  17. Backpacking Cape Breton says:


  18. ★ Korbi CSGO says:

    LOL I love how the whiny fucking republicans come to Mahers channel to
    purposefully dislike him because he calls bullshit on shit that’s going on
    regarding republicans. He’s right. Republicans are whinier and more fucking
    babyish then a kid going through there terrible twos. Grow some fucking
    balls republicans.

  19. Jorge denverg says:

    Trump is a total failure a mega loser, all his life has lost and will loss,
    Trump is human trash

  20. icurhuman2 says:

    As an Australian I can tell you that comedic commentary from Bill Maher,
    among many others, is actually saving Americans from greater embarrassment.
    Every day we hear some stupid or nasty or stupid and nasty news coming out
    of Trump and his administration. We were so happy to see the arse-end of
    Bush and gave America the benefit of the doubt, however, Trump is in a
    class of his own regarding stupid and nasty.

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