Is White Washing Really Still a Thing?

Is White Washing Really Still a Thing?

It’s uncomfortable, but everyone’s been talking about it. Is this really a bigger problem then we originally thought?
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The Nostalgia Critic talks about the casting in movies including Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange.

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20 Responses

  1. Jacob Hollis says:

    women are charming.

  2. Farfer Nugent says:

    Our moral leaders in Hollywood are pandering to China to make an extra
    buck? Goodness gracious.

  3. MC CELÌ says:

    Transgender = comment war

  4. XajakXx says:

    I don’t mind Scarjo playing the Major, I’m sure she’ll do really great with
    the role, but I’m more concerned that Hollywood is going of mess up the IP
    because America doesn’t have a good history with making live action
    Now if Falcon was played by a white dude, I’d have a really big problem
    with that.
    Whitewashing goes both ways and race shouldn’t play a part in cinema, it
    should go to whoever plays the role better

  5. Laura Bow says:

    Look at all these people getting offended at nothing!
    Cant they see that if an issue they have doesn’t effect ME directly then
    its not a real issue worth paying attention to and they are over reacting!

  6. darmas says:

    It annoys me that people complain that anime characters should only be play
    by Japanese people while Japanese people don’t draw their characters to
    look like Japanese people they look like Americans so if they don’t care
    why should we.

  7. Khaled Bakhshwain says:

    Most of the examples you gave are good argument…. but not quite right….
    because the usual people don’t care much about white voice actor who acted
    as non white character…. or a grown up voice actor who acted as a kid
    cartoon character…. or white British actor who acted as white American
    actor…. and so on…

    What people care about is the physical appearance…. When a character
    supposedly to be an Asian…. then the physical appearance of that
    character should be Asian.

    Don’t get me wrong…. I’m not really a ghost in the shell fan…. and I’m
    not insisting that the Actress should be a Japanese….. but I would rather
    if she would be an Asian…. even is she’s an American Asian… it’s ok.

    Because the character’s background is Asian…. so it would be more
    suitable for the character to be played by an Asian actress.

  8. Flynn MacDonald says:

    Deciding to not buy into inclusiveness is not immoral. It doesn’t violate
    the non-aggression principle. If you don’t like the way people make movies
    then make them yourself.

  9. Im a Catholic says:

    God danm only 63% of Americas population is white?

  10. Mavrickindigo says:

    Spike isn’t Japanese is he?

  11. Vixx Celacea says:

    As far as Keanu goes, he actually is pretty ethnic. He may of been born in
    the states, but the guys facial structure does not look traditionally
    “Caucasian” (which by the way, doesn’t really exist.)

    Thing is, I’m okay with anyone of any race playing any role. I am STOKED
    for Jason Mamoa to play Aquaman who is far from blonde haired.

    The only movie to piss me off with it’s supposed “white washing” was Gods
    of Egypt. Just, why? At least give Gerard a tan and take away his beard.
    There is no rendition of Set which looks like that. I know, I know,
    creative license, but there is plenty of documentation to the Egyptian gods
    on how they may of looked. I just feel they did not try at all. And it’s
    less white washing and more an issue of taking creative license to

    Peter is awesome.

    Also, an actor is supposed to convince you they are who their billing says.
    It shouldn’t actually matter what gender, race, sexuality etc they are.

    I think Jake and Heath did a great job as the forbidden gay couple in
    Brokeback mountain. They were not typical people and stuck in something
    both of them knew was terrifying for that day and age and you felt that
    fear, that anger and that confusion from them.

    So, if there is say a transgender person who is a brilliant actor to play a
    transgender role, great! But if someone who happens to not be is better for
    the part, then that’s fine too. The point of an actor is to either draw
    from real experience or to try to project a simulated experience as if they
    had it. As long as the message is conveyed with respect to the character
    then I’m find with anything.
    I’m also worried about people getting typecast too, just because they may
    have a uncommon experience or trait to them.
    Neil Patrick Harris in How I met your mother plays a womanizing sex
    obsessed straight guy, and he’s gay. I never knew that until quite a bit
    into the show.

    Human experience is not linear and while it is of course preferable to have
    someone with direct experience rather than simulated through empathy, it’s
    not always possible. And more to the point, if say we do only have a few
    gay actors, a few transgender people in the realm of hollywood, that
    doesn’t make them the authority on the subject.
    I’ve heard various transgender people talk about their experiences and how
    they feel and for the most part, it’s about as varied as anything else.
    I’ve heard that they are not trapped in the wrong body, and from others,
    I’ve heard that they are.
    The issue is that experience itself, no matter how many similar factors
    apply is that it’s still unique.
    As long as everyone is respectful to the painful aspects that may exist in
    an experience, such as ones based on skin color or orientation, I think
    really anyone could play the part if they can convey that experience to the
    audience. That’s part of what acting is and what it is for.

    Only time I inisist on the ethnic look or something mattering is with
    things that are historical and want to be historically accurate. Other than
    that, I’m cool with a Asian woman doing super man, a black transgender
    person doing batman. I don’t really care, so long as I believe they are
    that character.

  12. timrob12 says:

    Hey, Americans

    I’m not American, but I was wondering…If he was on the list to be
    elected, would you vote for The Nostalgia Critic / Doug Walker to be your

  13. Walter Olivero Christiansen says:

    I’m pretty sure Spike from Cowboy Bebop is jewish.

  14. Radle Grebdron says:

    black person playing a white character = colour blind casting
    white person playing a black character = whitewashing
    nice double standard

  15. Squiglypig says:

    Gah, all this SJW bullshit about being offended on behalf of people who
    aren’t even offended in the first place just needs to go fucking die in a

  16. Joseph Rishel says:

    Spikes not Japanese your fucking idiots. Maybe Spiegel could be a hint? If
    memory serves Spike says he’s a mutt racially.
    Love your show btw :P

  17. Kyle Frank says:

    I haven’t even heard any complaints about white-washing in recent films.
    All I’m seeing is how “Doctor Strange is going to ruin the MCU because his
    magic isn’t Christian, so he’s a terrible person.” Those aren’t my own
    words; It’s just what I’ve been seeing.

  18. TheAbstruseOne says:

    I agree with the majority of what you say here, but one thing I wanted to
    point out was Cowboy Bebop. No one accused that film of whitewashing
    because the character on the show wasn’t Asian. His name is Spike Spiegel.
    Ghost in the Shell, however, takes place in Tokyo with a lead character
    named Motoko Kusanagi. There’s a significant difference between those two.

  19. bandana Bob says:

    Woahh actors pretending to be someone they’re not? This is an outrage! But
    to get serious, what you said in the middle about replacing peter dinklage
    with david tennant would offend everyone to no end. It wouldn’t. It would
    offend fans of the franchise and identity politicians to no end. It would
    offend fans because fans don’t like something they already know and love
    changing. Identity politicians because we all know why. It’s about what you
    are and not what you do bla bla. Why wouldn’t it offend them if a new movie
    came out and they casted wrong ethnicities? Because it’s not yet something
    that they know and love. It might offend people who were fans of the source
    material, if it was based on any, but shockingly not all people who go see
    a box office movie are farmiar with the source material. Or maybe they were
    but they weren’t that invested in it or they don’t really care about
    colour, the just care about a good story.

    I did like your nuance in this. I don’t know what it’s like to be a little
    person or a guy who has some roots in tibet and see that I’m not being
    represented well, so I’m just not going to be offended on their behalf. I
    can’t be because I have heard, for example, black people say they don’t
    give a fuck about this issue and I have heard other black people say they
    care immensely. I am not the one to say that any of them are wrong so when
    it comes to media I choose to just enjoy a good story for what it is.

    Also the pictures donald trump supporters you showed. You could just as
    well have shown black lives matter supporters. That is not just a white
    people problem. We just happen to live in a very divisive time and it is
    not just white people who are doing the dividing. I think the original sin
    of the past that is still gets placed on white people and the original
    suffrage that gets placed on non-whites and even on women is contributing
    to this. It is not creating a healthy environment for everyone to move
    forward. None of us have actually been there when it happened and I think
    we should work together to build a future instead of holding grudges. I’m
    not saying that we should pretend it never happened. Those who forget
    history are doomed to repeat it but what is see is that now we have one
    camp shouting “RACIST! SEXIST” and the other camp shouting “REGRESSIVE!
    SJW!” at people who are somewhere in the middle. We should at least be
    entering the forgiveness stage by now.

  20. Jeff Mayo says:

    Doug Cowboy Bebob was made in America and took place in space. Spike could
    have been white. actually I’m pretty sure he was just clint eastwood in