Isaiah Rashad – Lay Wit Ya ft. Duke Deuce (Official Music Video)

Isaiah Rashad – Lay Wit Ya ft. Duke Deuce (Official Music Video)

Isaiah Rashad ft. Duke Deuce
“Lay Wit Ya”

Director/Editor: Omar Jones
Creative Director: Anthony “Moosa” Tiffith Jr.
Executive Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith
Creative Producer: David Wept
Producers: Dann Gilbuena, Keaton Smith
Director of Photography: Sam Brave
Production Company: TDE Films, 1800number

Listen Now:


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47 Responses

  1. Thirty three Ugly says:

    I know this is Isaiah Rashad cause my life sucks again rn and he always drops when I’m at the lowest and helps get through it

    • Bilbo Swaggings says:

      Aye man I don’t personally kmow y’all but keep your heads up young kings, it will get better. I fuck with y’all.

    • Jay says:

      @Majic Jordan what subreddit

    • Maddni Arslan says:

      His name in the title wasn’t enough to give it away? 😆

    • Jay says:

      @Maddni Arslan you and everyone else needs to learn how to read and keep up. This video was untitled up until last night, a 48 hour countdown was going. It’s painfully obvious from context he made a prediction before the video went live

    • Julian Davis says:

      If this ain’t the most valid shit. Why zay always drop when we at our lowest? Telepathy

  2. KING BLITZ says:

    So ready for this greatness

  3. Jesse Thomas says:

    I am so glad Zay is back on his music. Because of his alcohol and Xan addiction he almost quit rap because he was losing his interest. But thanks to Top Dawg Tip, he got him in rehab and back in the studio. The world has already lost a lot of good musicians, We dont need to lose another, so I am glad Zay got the help he needed. This album is gonna bang so hard

    • Scott Abramo says:

      So did his house actually burn down and he lost 3 years of his work??

    • Logan James says:

      Blessings and prayers to those who are going through the same and have to help themselves because they don’t have the same support system.

    • Jesse Thomas says:

      @Scott Abramo no I think it is a metaphor for how his world around him burned down, because believe or not zay had spent all his money and was sleeping on his friends couch for 6 months. He spent all his money on clothes and brought all of his friends from Chatanooga and let them live with him, paid for their food and lifestyle.

    • ivan moreno says:

      Stop using the word “help..”..

      Weak generation always got an excuse..

      Ups and downs..


    • Jesse Thomas says:

      @Logan James and yeah you’re right, it’s tough, I’m actually a recovering addict and I know from experience it’s near impossible to beat it by yourself. I couldn’t have done it without help from my sponsor and groups

  4. Aaron Rinen says:

    can’t wait to see this live
    Zay: “ IMMA! ”
    Crowd: “ COLD PIECE OF WORK! ”

  5. Chuene Komane says:

    I ain’t even complaining that he went MIA for damn near 5 years after this.

  6. Mighty Laser says:

    y’all need to get this video to a mill put this on tik tok or something. We can’t let zay down on his first single off his album.

    • Jayden Nicholas says:

      @Killer Trilldon’t get me wrong. EVERYBODY on TDE deserves all the recognition in the world. But tiktok should be the last place to get it because it aint nothing but teens tryin to get some followers. His music is dope enough to not need tiktok.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Easy way for tik tok songs not to get ruined, don’t watch tik toks 😂

    • Jayden Nicholas says:

      @Chris Malinowski i don’t watch them shits. But i’m tryna get at, he don’t need Tiktok recognition with the good music he makes.

    • Nathan Bologna says:

      Do not put Zay on fuckin tiktok

    • Maiseo says:

      @Jayden Nicholas do you know how many people would start listening to Zay if this song blew up on there?

  7. Villain TV says:

    Yess ssuuuhhhhhh

  8. IDK says:

    My brother zay 📈

  9. Nathan Zed says:

    we really getting new Zay again I’m so happy rn bruh

  10. JAMARI says:


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