Isaiah Rashad – Why Worry

Isaiah Rashad – Why Worry

Isaiah Rashad
“Why Worry”

Produced by: Crooklin

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64 Responses

  1. Top Dawg Entertainment says:

    Why Worry… #TDE

  2. Marax says:

    TDE conquered the world 2010-2020, 2020-2030 shall be a reign of dopeness and peace, one love

    • Freebob E. Shmurda says:

      d nasty Migos didn’t even start getting taken seriously until 2017 and they already stale

    • zMawzz says:

      Donald J. Trump this comment is so dumb from top to bottom. How did you gonna compare Drake and the Migos to TDE? “TDE doesn’t release enough music or quickly enough to own a year.” What are you on about? TDE obviously releases more music than them as there are way more members. Your comment gets worse the further down I get. You do realise Blank Face LP came out 2016 any oxymoron was 2014? As for other post 2013 albums, what about TPAB? Cilvia Demo? Suns Tirade? CTRL? 90059? Not sure which point is worse, TDE best music from 09-13 or Drake and Migos owning the 10’s

    • Matthew Valley says:

      Yeah they got hella 🔥
      All rappers foreal!

    • C- PAYNE says:

      d nasty Drake? No doubt about it. Migos? Hell no

    • Shadow says:

      Dreamville will follow those steps

  3. Islvmic_Meditation says:

    Yo thats crazy i was juste listening to him yesterday 👁️

  4. beans & bars says:

    Zay our only saving grace for 2020.

  5. rootbeeerfloats says:

    I paid my bills so I’m good. Why worry?🤷

    • Corey Kincaid says:

      Congrats. That’s a great feeeling

    • Tracey Placide says:

      Root beer floats you may have started a new wave of Why worry comments here. I’ll continue what you started: During quarantine I’m saving money, working from home and still making my money. #Why worry? 😀😀

  6. CreoleRep7 says:

    MY BOY ZAYYYYY. Was so good to hear him again on Woodie Smalls’ track. Now he’s back on an album run I fkn hope!! One of the best in this gen, let’s gooooooooo 🔥🔥

  7. Anthonee Hunter says:

    Literally crying right now… mostly because of the resin I smoked to this song but I’m so happy rn

  8. zachandbro says:

    I’ve waited so patiently. This year might be the year we get a new project

  9. Chauncy Boi says:

    This a good reminder that Zay the king of the vibes and the master of the flow

  10. Vini Nobody says:

    I swear.we gon wake up one day and see “The Heart V”

  11. Hans HIll says:

    I just hope this means that all they’re albums are ready to go or almost done, they’re prolly all gonna start dropping albums one after another, hopefully the newer members first, than the last wave of new artists like Sza, Zay, then the black hippy boys, prolly go Jay Rock, Q, Soul, then Kendrick. Shit would be legendary af, I’m sure they’re would be a lot of in house collabs with each other on each album, Kendrick dropping another classic, that or those tours are prolly gonna be fckn huge. We’ll see.

    • Richard Martinez says:

      @C- PAYNE its weird bc Reason hasnt even confirmed a release window yet. Hopefully it’s as soon as May. Idk if you’ve been following his IG live, but Reasons new project sounds much better than his previous one from the snippets i heard at least

    • Leroy Hudson says:

      Hans HIll new? Zay and sza been on tde for more than 6 years 😂

    • jus says:

      that sounds like a dream like summer man

    • prollycuzidgas says:

      Would be nice to see a TDE takeover in 2020 coming off of Dreamville’s ROTD3

    • Richard Martinez says:

      @prollycuzidgas were talking way bigger than what dreamville did last year. Basically all of tde except for maybe 2 artists (SiR and lance) have intentions to drop this year. If that actually happens, this year might be big for hip hop

  12. Kkooziee says:

    The girl I like told me she has the same feelings, AND on top of that Zae dropped, thank you. Life’s good yall no matter what

  13. Curtis Bowden says:

    real talk i aint NEVER clicked so fast

  14. Josh Knight says:

    Did Isaiah Rashad really just save 2020?

  15. PrivateOne says:

    This means TDE is coming with some heat this year 🔥

  16. Fantazy says:

    The last time he released music my kid was just being born and now she’s 4 years old listening to this with me wow…

  17. murilo pereira says:


  18. Charlie Jay says:

    I don’t think I’ve heard a bad Isaiah Rashad song yet! 🔥🔥🔥

  19. ali rafique says:

    He’s finally Here :),we’ve missed u zay,we’re glad you’re back.

  20. COSMIC says:

    This sounds like modern Cilvia

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