Israel Adesanya & Dave Blakamoto React to DRAMATIC UFC 278 PPV

Israel Adesanya & Dave Blakamoto React to DRAMATIC UFC 278 PPV

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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya & Dave ‘Uncrowned 145lb Champion’ Blakamoto react to the Dramatic UFC 278: Usman vs Edwards 2 PPV.

Shot and Produced by: Bolu & David Adesanya
Edited by: Stayhydrated.mp4

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41 Responses


    Trilogy at Wembley Stadium?
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    • Ante Pavic says:

      USMAN gets his belt back

    • Abraham1stx says:

      Fuck yessss

    • Kala Spears says:

      look I am on my wife’s YouTube but for me I have been a fan for years of Usman and just like everyone out there as a fan we are all the time saying this guy could beat him or that guy. but when such a great fighter like a Usman does get beat and, in that way, it hurts as a fan, but I think Usman will be back and he will take back the belt, but dana should give him some time to recover from this fight god bless

    • Granulated says:

      Let Dana know that Wembley can close up it’s roof ! (he was concerned about the weather)

  2. geealanking says:


    • Redneck Rambo says:

      @The Real Deal I can’t see any KO surpassing Conor’s 13 second KO. Conor haters will hate relentlessly, but his ko will likely forever be the greatest meteoric rise in the history of the sport. A huge build up with relentless trash talk, culminating in the fastest title fight finish in the sport’s history… over the greatest FW the sport had ever seen.

      BUT, Leon’s KO is head and shoulders above Holm v Rousey… No disrespect to Rousey, but her competition and the dominance pales in comparison to what Usman has done. Hate it or not, he was forging a path to possibly go down as not only the greatest WW ever, but in the converation of greatest fighter entirely. And Holm was was winning that fight from start to finish. Leon had a great first round and then was being methodically broken down slowly over the next 19 minutes, only to end the fight in the blink of an eye.

      It’s probably the greatest “Rocky story” I’ve ever witnessed in the UFC and it’s the icing on the cake that Leon’s moniker literally is Rocky hah. That sh*t was flat out magic.

    • ya ya says:

      @Wadud Khan imo buddy

    • Nicholas says:

      I guess, if you were expecting Usman to win then sure. Even Izzy said Leon is the real threat to Usman.

    • RebGoogle says:

      @Arian Dito perfectly said 🤛

    • AceTheo says:

      @Big Soldier VIP usman can’t fight like izzy because of his frame. If he could he would have already trained with him. Usman is better off learning boxing than kickboxing. He’d get destroyed by Leon kickboxing. Up close and personal is where he’s good


    It shows how MMA is such an unforgiving sport when you even make the slightest of an error. The way Leon baited Kamaru to set up for the headkick was nothing short of a masterpiece. It sucks how Izzy must be feeling right now given his friendship with Kamaru but at the same hes so happy for Leon and his manager.

    • AlloniusPP says:

      ​@Rapper OGsmoothokay hater 👍

    • MrDaffysci says:

      @The Era nah he baited him in for sure, a planned out sequence to land the head kick. It was out of desperation but that wasn’t just a random kick to the head.

      I’m hoping usman takes the time he needs to recover and wins that belt back in London next spring.

    • MadeInTejas says:

      @The Era it wasn’t luck he sets that kick up the same way for everyone Usman never saw it coming. Ain’t no luck in a sport like this if a fighter is throwing something they’re throwing it with the intention of it landing

    • Private679 R.I.C.O says:

      @sam dixon if he’s careless then yh, but let’s be honest it’s not happening

  4. Thomas Field says:

    That reaction when you said “I hate this shit” never spoke a truer word to me! Those main event feels hit different!

  5. Sage Blackwell says:

    Heartbreaking to see Kamaru get KO’d like that but proud of Leon for pushing through to the very end and winning a well-deserved title. Huge fan of both fighters and can’t wait to tune in to the trilogy match. Sidenote: I really hope Izzy whoops Pereira’s ass

    • Kyndall Keys says:

      @Joey Central neither is Colby who is a year younger than him, and Usman with his weak ass knees and always needing surgery averages 2 knockdowns a fight

    • Joey Central says:

      @Kyndall Keys he isn’t getting younger and he just got viciously KO’d

    • Kyndall Keys says:

      @Joey Central nah Usman will have to go on a 2 fight losing streak and be out of his prime. That’s when Colby wins lmao

    • Joey Central says:

      @Kyndall Keys True but with his bad knees and weaker chin I’d say Colby has an advantage now that Usman is broken and we all know Colby loves sloppy seconds.

    • Kyndall Keys says:

      @Joey Central nah. Every fight Usman played Colby’s game and won every time. Against Leon he did his safe point wrestling and got set up with a perfect kick that KO’d him. Colby doesn’t have that KO power

  6. Emily Clarke says:

    I felt Leon had given up on himself in the later rounds of the fight but he dug deep and did what he did, true champion material

    • Zeldris Anders says:

      His corner deserves so much recognition

    • James McQuaid says:

      @Joma Hawk Leon said after the fight it was the coaches that won him the fight (obviously he won the fight for himself but without the coaches he would have lost) – delighted for the man, such a nice fella but sad for Usman tho

    • Joma Hawk says:

      When his coach shouted “stop feeling f*@king sorry for yourself!” I could see Edwards perk up a little. Pretty sure that was a wake up call he really needed

  7. Sov says:

    Not an emotional dude, but following Edwards journey, having the nickname rocky, and then pulling off the ultimate rocky story. Has me tearing up big time haha

  8. Chizl Mnizl says:

    Enjoyed watching this. I think we all needed to see Israel’s reaction to the main event. Although it was a shock for all of us, as Israel said “that’s the game they play”.

  9. Skape Arts says:

    idk Usman like Izz but man i felt the pain when Leon koed him… all credits go to Leon for sure, as a fan of Usman that was hard to take. Hopefully the rematch gonna be even more fire, this sport is so unpredictable

  10. Dean Christopher Van Heerden says:

    Leon in the fifth round saw Usman overreact to his leg kicks and just set that trap up beautifully. Just check out Usmans reactions in the fifth round to Leon’s leg kicks and you can see Leon’s fight IQ

    • HG says:

      @Dig Bick you’re right, my bad

    • Dig Bick says:

      @HG It was a straight not a jav

    • Chris Sego says:

      @American Sicko yes thank u for stating , Adesanya used the same technique against Paulo costa in there fight. From the southpaw fake the cross to set up the head kick . True art

    • American Sicko says:

      everyone here is kind of right and wrong. the kick was set up by a staright left, so the combination was really cross + head kick from southpaw which means the cross was a straight left instead of a right. same combination Leon attempted against belal, who was accidentally poked in the eye. but Leon’s kicks did condition kamaru. his reactions to the low kicks were nothing short of dramatic, but he was also comfortable enduring body kicks by blocking so he could keep leon in range. smart play by Leon, him and his team did their homework and stuck to the plan through the end

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