Israel Adesanya Octagon Interview | UFC 287

Israel Adesanya Octagon Interview | UFC 287

Israel Adesanya delivered a highlight for the ages in the UFC 287 main event on Saturday, ending things with opponent Alex Pereira with a massive second-round knockout finish to reclaim the middleweight title.

Official UFC 287 scorecards here 👉

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33 Responses

  1. Adel Sweezy says:

    coldest celebration in UFC history.
    thank you izzy for this masterclass !!

    • Mst.Sarmin Akter says:

      ​@2Stroke Tyson অ

    • The Phantom Terence says:

      @2Stroke Tyson Izzy said he won’t fight Alex straight away as he needs to earn his UFC stripes and get back into title contentions…Alex only got title opportunity because of the history he had with Izzy in their kickboxing days

    • Marshall Hamden says:

      @davieboygms You missed the fact where Izzy was dominant on stats their 1st fight ever and their 1st UFC fight. Never said their being 3-1 didn’t matter lol. What matters the most is that Izzy won last night in devastating fashion and got his belt back. Like it or not Izzy is a more dominant fighter with a career that speaks for itself. Alex has a lot of catching up to do before he top Izzy’s legacy. Wipe your tears.

    • Prettiest Baddie says:

      @orhaandrei 😂

    • J C says:

      Nah the backwards step he did was colder

  2. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Israel Adesanya is now literally becoming a true legend not only physically but also mentally. We all know how hard overcoming past is when especially past has an impact like Alex. Just wow for Israel.

  3. Dan&Kaz LIVE says:

    One of the best post fight interviews I’ve seen, spoke so clearly & hit the nail on the head. Massive respect champ 🫡

  4. Dane Parsons says:

    Mad respect to Izzy, what a champ and awesome words of wisdom

  5. Probasaur says:

    Israel Adesanya is an absolute legend. Truly inspiring words and actions. Never shied away from a challenge. Thank you for the real inspiration Izzy.

  6. Daniel Zajonz says:

    What makes this knockout even more badass is the fact that Izzy kept saying what happens when you back a dog into a corner, he bites.
    And thats literally what happenend!

    • Julian says:

      @A CHI you just exposed yourself, casual. Izzy baited his ass and left him frozen like Elsa

    • Danger Pear says:

      @Ruben Montes  it was at one of the weigh ins that I know for certain. Which I forget which one. There’s one where he’s wearing like like Kendo pants or something. Sort of like a skirt. thing with the collar. Then there one where he comes out with the Shaman feather thing and the collar on.

      But he said something about being a dog. But it’s also in part to the movie Unleashed with Jet Li

    • Ruben Montes says:

      Can someone tell me when he said this??

    • King skeletal says:

      @ElRanchoPancho123 1-1 in real fights and ur boy was sleeping for a couple minutes there😂

    • osistp says:

      Damn bro 🔥

  7. Hakan says:

    This is going to continue to be one of the greatest rivalries in UFC history. Kudos to both warriors

  8. Public Health says:

    Israel Adesanya is a living legend. History will be kind to him. He is so good and so eloquent. Congratulations, Champ!

  9. JC2 says:

    The story of these guys are great and legend! Congratulations Adesanya, and respect both of you Pereira and Adesanya!

  10. Yeez Todge says:

    That speech was more powerful than the knockout 😢 truly truly inspirational words from his soul

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