Israel Adesanya on UFC 287 win: I set the trap and Alex Pereira dove in | ESPN MMA

Israel Adesanya on UFC 287 win: I set the trap and Alex Pereira dove in | ESPN MMA

Israel Adesanya joins the UFC 287 Post Show to speak with Brett Okamoto and Jon Anik after knocking out Alex Pereira to reclaim the middleweight title.

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35 Responses

  1. happytrailsgaming says:

    The man is born to fight and showed us to never give up but only Izzy himself believes he was born to deliver the worlds greatest one liners EVER in EVERY sentence 😂

    • Let Me Get Uhhh says:

      I love izzy but his one liners are usually trash

    • Let Me Get Uhhh says:

      ​@DeShaunimations ! Idk izzy got the rematch because he’s lapped the division and defended the belt a lot. Alex hasn’t really earned that, he didnt even fight contenders on the way up

    • Cameron Filyaw says:

      Dude never gets a full sentence out😂

    • Chad Tep says:

      @DeShaunimations ! I don’t like the term weight bully but if it would fit anyone it would be Pereira. Izzy climbed that mountain and he’s not trying to do it again. I don’t blame him.

    • Ymk *Your Money King* says:

      @Vignesh P another difference is Alex was on his back Izzy wasn’t

  2. unclejezza says:

    He put it all on the line tonight. What a performance. UNREAL

  3. Zeyna Nd says:

    His mic speech made me teary eyed, he lived his life to the fullest, it’s not even about winning. He wants all of life and test himself to the fullest. That’s special.

  4. Illadelph Life says:

    He’s always taken his losses like a man and didn’t make excuses. His mentality about life is what makes him who he is. He wanted this fight like he wants to live. Congratulations champ.

    • Black Wolf says:

      @William Wong I’m not salty good on dizzy getting the ko win but if they fight again like he promised he would after the first fight saying he wanted to fight two more times to make it even in the number chart. But all of a sudden he’s saying no rematch he knows he can’t guarantee a win when they fight.

    • John Santostefano says:

      @Black Wolf I feel like I’ve answered that already clearly

    • Black Wolf says:

      @John Santostefano you think when pereira tee’d off on him he was fine?

    • Dami Fash says:

      @Black Wolf how is that an excuse ?
      He literally said he doesn’t disagree with the ref that he did a good job …

      And he also said his leg was hurt
      But he wasn’t yet out..

      And most of all !!! He said the better fighter won on that night more than once

      Stop cherry picking sentences
      He didn’t make excuses about loosing ..if anything he’s only stated facts…If he had 10 more seconds in the first round ..he’d have dropped periera with those shots…and in this fight he proved that

  5. Mung says:

    I’m legit so proud of him man, so many doubters! What a win, what a moment!

  6. The Milkman says:

    I was rooting for Izzy. This was the biggest fight of his career and also Izzy reminds you how you should never give up!

  7. Ross Campbell says:

    I was emotional watching that victory speech live. Chase your dreams people.

  8. Darren Moore says:

    What a remarkable physical and mental victory. Truly inspiring

  9. Sati says:

    His speech was so awesome, the pressure insane. Izzy earned all of that ✊🏽

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