Israel Adesanya Reacts To CRAZY UFC 261| Talks Marvin Vettori Rematch

Israel Adesanya Reacts To CRAZY UFC 261| Talks Marvin Vettori Rematch

Stylebender watches UFC 261 and talks about his upcoming rematch with Marvin Vettori.

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47 Responses

  1. 808nzaro says:

    izzy is skinnier than both weidman & anderson and throws harder leg kicks , them nigerian bones are ADAMANTIUM

  2. motivated conor says:

    other people when weidman broke his leg: omg chris i hope you’re okay!

    the chad stylebender: *AHAHAHA* just like silva

    • Nikhil Meel says:

      Nah at the end in his post fight thoughts he was thoughtful and said how it’s not Karma coz Chris didn’t do anything bad intentionally to Silva

    • Day 1 says:

      The “chad” stylebender”?!! Is that a bit of racism and bigotry coming out of that mouth. Hurt feelings are for the privacy of your own bathroom.

    • Jed says:

      @Day 1 relax it’s a meme

  3. Quantum Optimist says:

    That leg crack was one of the most painful breaks felt by everyone watching all over the world.

  4. Poppt1 says:

    “Let’s not look at it again joe rogan” LOL

  5. KüsengsTV says:

    Those Naruto Pics are awesome 🔥

  6. SONIC ELEVATOR - Powerful Brainwave Meditations says:

    hey, champ! love your confidence! keep doing magic in there!

  7. Sharky says:

    Izzy with a YouTube channel just makes sense.

  8. Joe Sandoval says:

    This is a side of Izzy that I enjoyed. Not full of himself and just being humble. It was cool to see.

    • white belt says:

      I think the other side of him is fake, all for show, but ain’t nothing bad about it tho

    • ziani mohamed amine says:

      Didn’t you see nowadays how everyone talking about UFC fighter getting under paid?? well you got your answer ! that’s why ufc fighter need to promote themself by adopting fake personalities.

    • VonDice - Highlights says:

      if he dont show this side, he would be considered booring, one thing i notice is that these guys usually have a ufc stage front

  9. Collin The Creator says:

    His reaction to Weidman 💀

  10. Giordano Bruno says:

    As an Italian i am going to cheer for Marvin, but honestly i cant dislike a guy like Izzy… He is a chill and cool dude and very skillfull.

    • Mattia says:

      @DreamsIntoReality Born and raised in Italy. Moved to London for two years at 18 and than to California. He’s 27 now. Do your math, you moron!

    • Foodoholic says:

      @DreamsIntoReality Because there’s basically ZERO MMA gyms in Italy, and those there are, are not high level. I know it doesn’t make sense to you, but it’s just common sense to move to where the high level MMA gyms are if you want to fight in high level organization like UFC. Also, the guy you’re parroting moved to New Zealand when he was 10, so by his own logic he is less Nigeran then Vettori is Italian.

    • Alessandro Davi says:

      Before making a fool of yourself, you should inform yourself.
      Here in Italy there are no gyms or academies that can keep the level an ufc fighter needs to be in the top 15 in Ufc..
      Hate yourself, not others, in case..

    • Alessandro Davi says:

      Forza Marvin🇮🇹👊

    • Cryogenic says:

      @DreamsIntoReality So if you are from a country you can’t leave it? Are you crazy or what? UFC is based in USA he must move for work.

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