Israel Adesanya Reacts to his BRUTAL KNOCKOUT of Alex Pereira at UFC 287

Israel Adesanya Reacts to his BRUTAL KNOCKOUT of Alex Pereira at UFC 287

2 Time UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya reacts to his brutal knockout of Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira in the 2nd round of their UFC 287 Main Event.

Edited by: @StayHYDRATEDVisuals
Shot by: @JeffSainlarVisuals

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39 Responses


    He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best #and NEW 🏆

  2. Nil Kotak says:

    We didn’t get Israel Nurmagomedov. We got Israel Ngannou.

  3. Undrew Wiggins says:

    Watching Izzy’s mental state after the loss and in camp, through fight week and finally resulting in the knockout win was incredible. Literally like a movie. Just inspirational to see the mental toughness and resilience in Izzy and the support around him to come out of the fire and put on an incredible performance. Gives me so much motivation to persevere in my own life, getting your mental right is so overlooked but so important in being successful. There’s no way Izzy gets it done without having an unshakeable belief in himself, and the confidence and resilience to overcome his greatest challenge. That’s what so impressive about this win to me, more than just the brutal knockout itself.

    Hats off to you Izzy, you are an inspiration and i can’t wait to see you continue to inspire and dominate for years to come.

    • Patrick NEZ says:

      Well said. It is inspirational af. After loss he didn’t even take time or a dif matchup, he ran right back towards Pereira. And he kept welcoming the pressure and putting even more on himself. That kind of confidence and self-belief is inspirational and super admirable. Pressure makes 💎 Izzy is special 🔥 Super happy for him

    • Leonardo Oliveira says:

      3×1 lol

    • RJM says:

      @This is O’Hara Alex got lucky a few times, it happens. We all know who the real champ is.

    • This is O'Hara says:

      But it is 3-1? Pereira won three times Izzy won once. At best Izzy may have won the first Kickboxing bout on points which would still only make it 2-2. There needs to be a decider. As a fan, no other fight would interest me in the division.

  4. Milan Polak says:

    His fighting IQ is worlds apart from anyone else. And the speech afterwards was the best speech ever. Congrats Izzy!

    • Zo Ro says:

      ​@phobos ex Kebabs IQ is one of best wtf u tlaking about. He has very high iq. Thats why he never lost a round. There are levels to it. Never losing a round in most stacked and hardest division requires high fighting iq

    • arav manoorayil says:

      @vince arizala lmao double champ glory kickboxer not good? its a hard stylistic matchup. dont forget alex can get bullied on the ground by a good wrestler but izzy mauls all of the wrestlers

    • Thanos says:

      @Michael Khabib lol. Khabib is known more for his wrestling than fight iq.

    • GG says:

      @maher Abdalla hes not top 10 and has lost more than 2 rounds

  5. TMR23 says:

    Somethings were just written in the stars, the storyline between these two warriors, the buildup to this fight, Easter weekend, the energy in the crowd and then THAT PERFORMANCE and post fight interview! Legendary stuff man! I’m so happy for you champ!
    You’ve inspired lots of people around the world.

  6. Jack The Winter says:

    The level of happiness At that moment must be unreal.
    Absolutely incredible, Izzy all the pressure and all the sacrifices were worthy
    Izzy is living an anime right now!!!!

  7. Yuckesh says:

    Genuinely the best moment I have ever experienced as a fight FAN having done boxing for 4 years during high school. Had me tears for TIME

  8. victor connor says:

    That transition from the training to the knockout was bone chilling

    • Sonny Travis says:

      4D chess, genius

    • Taylor Sims says:

      @zulfani richget some happiness in your life man sheesh 😅😂😂

    • Where’s the Money Lebowski says:

      @zulfani rich lol Izzy’s living rent free in your head🤡🫵😂

    • Tee damzy says:

      It was a true set up, go back to the first mma fight first round, Izzy Connered, Alex rushed and got same right hook but Izzy hesitated a sec not following up immediately with same punch. Now to the training clip, he was always training with getting connered by a guy built like him and retaliating with same punch. To the final scene, same thing happened and Bang!!! Also u can search for Alex training clips, he always does this leg kick first, then followed with flurry of punches. Just like he did in this fight. Alex has been studied and digested by Izzy to perfection… Execution and enduring the fiercesome leg kicks and power punch was all Izzy needed.(Not easy though)

    • Jarrick Castle says:


  9. C J says:

    That scene parallel at 8:55 was masterful. Alex himself doesn’t wanna believe you set it up. He’s relied on intimidating fighters with his presence so long that he can’t fathom that someone would stand and bang with him and finish him. He should’ve known you were about it when you were winning those clinch exchanges. He was expecting a victim and ran into a bulldozer instead.

    Also, 9:41 is Legendary. That energy was just…🥹

    • Thompson Falokun says:

      ​@This is O’Hara we don’t care, what matters is who got slept and who won the belt. Time for Pereira to go fight in whatever class he wants next and walk his way up to contending for the belt like everyone else. No more fast track.

    • arryharry says:

      ​@This is O’Hara I disagree with deciders. To the victor goes the spoils, and that’s that. Tit for tat is an entertainment thing for us and personal thing for them, but in terms of settling the score, it’s genuinely meaningless as there will always be a parameter of victory/ defeat that one side won’t accept (ko vs decision vs sub). So I say the best is the current victor between any 2 fighters, and be done with it until whatever comes next. Otherwise, you enter into the realm of ‘X climbed Everest more times than Y, ergo they’re better’. It’s egotistical fallacy.

  10. Danny Bridie says:

    3:24 100%. Alex is a scary ass dude. & that’s why, for Izzy to lose THREE times to this dude, yet STILL come in with this level of total confidence… is something I’ll never understand, & NEVER forget.

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