Israel Adesanya Reacts to Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley & Talks Boxing

Israel Adesanya Reacts to Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley & Talks Boxing

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya reacts and gives his thoughts on the Paul vs Woodley Boxing match and also talks about his own boxing career.


Edited by: Stayhydrated.mp4
Filmed by: Jeff Sainlar

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35 Responses


    How did you guys score it?

    • Akita says:

      The transgenderbender

    • Planateee says:

      @Sean Mullin lol just look how jake was in a survival mode the last 2 rounds even running around and Tyron didnt do shit cuz he was paid for this, believe it or not. It was not a real fight; Jake is a trolling clown and business man its all about the money and people like u buy this shit and believe Tyron was to scared to throw hands because of his last mma fights, Again its Tyrons biggest pay day ,if u really think they paid him to break the hypetrain of jake then have fun watching his next fights

    • Xavier's Finance says:

      @Sike247 I corrected it LOL

    • Xavier's Finance says:

      @Rxnik I corrected it XD

    • King Charles ✔ says:

      I think the split decision was being generous. I had Woodley winning 2 rounds. And his loss was his own fault. He had the opportunity to finish Jake but didn’t unload. In typical Woodley fashion.

  2. omgurheadsgone says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 for David writing questions.

  3. KVBVL says:

    What makes Adesanya and his insight so special is that he’s one of the few MMA fighters who’ve had a professional boxing career. So he knows what he’s talking about..

    • alistair overeem is the goat hahahah! says:

      @Cjc 206 Paulo would not beat Jake in a boxing match lol im sorry Israel would though

    • CDB 08 says:

      @alistair overeem is the goat hahahah! Paulo would destroy him. Jake barely beat an old timid WRESTLER that is a weight class below him. Paulo is an aggressive striker that is actually bigger than Jake. Jake would be out in the first round. Clearly you have never trained before.

    • Krikiller says:

      @Gillet Abdi how isn’t he? who could you possibly put ahead of him?

    • Jullian Molina says:

      @Justin Rosenbalm are you stupid? He’s had a boxing career too 🤡

    • TechMyMoney says:

      @Justin Rosenbalm he was a boxer too.

  4. mitchell g says:

    Love hearing izzys analysis knowing he’s a world class striker

  5. hardnewstakenharder says:

    There is no mystique with Izzy. He’s just a dude who wins a lot. Love his insights.

    • Rob Roy says:

      @iONiT What? He used balls and went up a weight class, that was jan blachowicz he fought! You don’t watch much ufc or likely combat sports do you?

    • Rob Roy says:

      @iONiT quote…..” in his recent record?”…..a record is the entirety of a fighters career! The commenter introducing doesn’t say…..”in the blue corner we have a striker and Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter, lost his last fight so who cares that he was two weight champ…fighting out of Dublin Ireland…..Conor mcwhoever”

    • Rob Roy says:

      @d Moital Till got knocked out by masvidal AND Woodley, who just lost.

    • Rob Roy says:

      @HENRY no no Henry, the NEW way of viewing a fight record is to only look at the immediate last fight apparently. 21 wins are irrelevant and Izzys just a loser back on $8000 dollars a fight.

    • HENRY says:

      @Rob Roy oh shit how could I be so stupid that makes so much more sense

  6. ELi says:

    Izzy such a great guy man he doesn’t have a big head, he’s confident in his skills and has so much combat sports knowledge, but talks like one of your friends!

  7. Mark Dietrich says:

    Izzys breakdown was more entertaining than that entire shit show on Sunday.

  8. Irv Official says:

    David with the top shelf questions 🤌

  9. Feng Shui MMA says:

    “Of course you want the payday”
    Izzy respects the level of troll 😂😂

  10. Anvit Sanyal says:

    Yo David is actually hilarious, had me in stitches with the ‘go big’ comments

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