Israel Adesanya reacts to Jon Jones’ Impressive Victory over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285

Israel Adesanya reacts to Jon Jones’ Impressive Victory over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285

Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya reacts to Jon Jones’ Impressive Victory over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285, Alexa Grasso’ shocking upset over Valentina Shevchenko and other fun, high profile fights on the stacked card.

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47 Responses


    Anyone predict a first round sub from Jon?

    • Don420 says:

      Just like I told them for last year don’t bet on any of the champions cuz they all lost there belts, nunes. Peter yan. Yan b. Usman, Moreno , and the only thing I gave him for a parlay and didn’t take was when sterling got Yan in the second fight and won by decision threw wrestling and bjj I told him 2 hrs before the fight start take sterling he was a huge under dog too

    • Don420 says:

      Nah but I shoulda bet on the Valentina fight cuz I told my cousin Val losing her belt in the 4th round by submission he didn’t wanna put that down as a Bet and he feels salty as fuck

    • APEX_ALPHA says:

      I said third rd sub.. just made sense, Gane has no ground game, it was either ground and pound or sub because of lack of experience.

    • 2 Tears In A Bucket says:

      I thought he’d gas lol didn’t even get that far, my prediction stil stands lmao stipe doesn’t stand a chance tho!

    • Zedaso says:

      Yes, Gane has weak ground game and Jones has insane ground game. Noticed when he fought Ngannou. Gane seemed to tap so fast though. I can’t help but think that wasn’t good for Jones though, he should have got more time in there, clear the rust. Going in and finishing people that fast is entertaining and all but he’s been out for 3 years.

  2. Caveman says:

    Watching Izzy’s reactions is a post ufc card routine, you can tell izzy is just a pure fan of the sport.

  3. JTG says:

    Easily the most dominant performance I’ve ever seen in a UFC title fight, completely nullified Gane’s game and took him out before recieving any damage

    • Bryan says:

      @Obi-Wokenobi Yea skill except Gane was slow and barely put up a fight, seems interesting that they go to hell in fight camp and then that is their performance… then again it looks like Gane wasn’t training much for this fight, other than playing video games. I think Ngannou, Yiri, Glover, even Yan would have gave him some kind of challenge.. so it’s beyond me how beating Gane automatically makes him the greatest. Seems like islam beating oliveira is a bigger accomplishment, at least it was against an actual champion.

    • Bryan says:

      @arav manoorayil literally everyone does that to alvarez though.. even in belator

    • cyka blyat says:

      @The Krypto Jokes Jon Jones has never lost either.

    • Glen Woodcock says:

      ​@Humble servant Burns is elite bro plus he didn’t even fight anybody anywhere near close to that level before but it was a good performance.

  4. Eamon Ahern says:

    My favourite victory of the card was Shavkat. Especially because he was truly tested. I’ve been believing the Weasle’s hype of this guy and this guy proved the hype is real. It seems even Curtis Blaydes has a path to victory against Gane now. Or at least that’s what Jones made it look like.

  5. Soto says:

    Izzy a real one for not showing any disrespect towards Jon and actually giving him a lot of credit. Y’all both 2 of my favorite fighters of all time. Blessed to be able to watch both of you compete. Also ik you were trying not to laugh at Jon’s post fight interview 🤣🤣 that shit was too funny not too I don’t think anybody expected him to say that shit

  6. Austin Laxton says:

    Jon’s post fight interview was hilariously incredible lol

  7. Chase Falconer says:

    Dad’s reactions are great! We definitely need more of Mr. Adesanya on the channel

  8. MisterImpolite says:

    Gotta love how izzy end of the day is always respectful even if it appears it’s bad blood between him and someone else, dude shows props . He legit is forever a fan. And keeps it humble

  9. Javier Gutierrez Luna says:

    Izzy had the same reaction as me whenever Jones tapped out Gane. I was in pure disbelief on how fast and easy he made it look.

    • Nederlands says:

      @Ben Dover he trained a LOT wrestling

    • light says:

      izzys underwear went from white to brown after he saw that

    • BAINES EMECE says:

      @Senthuren Sivarupan when francis made his MMA debut Jon jones was being ufc champ for 2 years and they have the same age, francis is a beast +265 lbs but jones experience its some other shit bro, you cannot expect Cyril 2 be at that level 1 year after losing 2 ngannou

    • Mad Gavin says:

      @Ben Dover That is true but its an opportunity he should have probably taken. If not, then move to AKA.

    • Ben Dover says:

      ​@Mad Gavin Gane is honestly way to lazy to ever keep up with those guys.

  10. Levelup says:

    Bro Jon is a comedian that post fight talk had me crying 😂😂😂

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