Israel Adesanya Reacts to STACKED UFC 280 PPV

Israel Adesanya Reacts to STACKED UFC 280 PPV

UFC Middleweight Champion Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya reacts to the Stacked UFC 280 : Oliveira vs Makhachev PPV.

Edited by: @StayHYDRATED Visuals
Shot by: @Jeff Sainlar Visuals
Produced by: @Dave Blakamoto

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46 Responses


    Who won which rounds in O’Malley vs Yan?

  2. JB says:

    I love how chill he is when he’s watching the fights 😂. Just laying there with his blanket. I definitely react to the fights more like his friends on the couch

  3. Arian Dito says:

    I love how Makhachev always looks like he’s tired unless he’s fighting in the cage
    guy looks like he trains so hard that he’s always tired, but somehow is demonic fast and never gets tired in the fight, I was surprised how Charles was breathing heavily in between rounds but Islam wasn’t, since he never looks like that.

  4. PTYTen says:

    I thought Yan won but Sean def prove he has top tier skills.

    • Miek Prods says:

      @JB all indipendent refs gave 30/27 or 29/28 for yan..that’s all

    • JB says:

      @Miek Prods you can tell he was standing there hopeful. His eyes were closed and he knew it was close and could go either way. His coach was behind him with his hand raised. He thought they won and he was right.

    • Andy Man26 says:

      (I’m using google translate) I agree, judges only count significant strike scores, but ignore takedown control and slams, Sean shakes a few times. If only scored significant strikes, moreno should have won the trilogy against figgy, max won the rematch against poirier

    • Crookieee91 says:

      @Big Sucka I’m not disagreeing I believe the same takedowns should count but by rules..

      Judges shall look for multiple IMPACTFUL blows or knockdowns that diminish the fighter, and/or grappling maneuvers that place the fighter in dominant situations with impact being inflicted that visibly diminishes the fighter’s ability to compete.

      I interpret that as if you do fuck all on the ground it doesn’t count as much as you think to the scoring which is fair

  5. passionofthemike says:

    I think everyone was hoping Oliveira vs Makhachev would be more of a battle

    • CoreyBockerTV says:

      @Jon Tralala This comment right here needs to be louder for the people at the back


      I was hoping islam would kill Charles

    • Improvement says:

      @micheal james It’s not even that Khabib retired undefeated that makes him so good. It’s the way he beat the top dogs in Dustin, Conor (at the time), Justin Gaethje, RDA. Those guys did not even pose a single challenge lol. In Charles, he went down every fight but all these strikers like Dustin, Justin, Chandler scared to go down and make him tap like he’s done 8 times. Islam was not scared to do that, pretty obvious he would win.

    • A J says:

      oliveira is overrated af

  6. Camron Khaledan says:

    Love how Izzy is casually watching someone get submitted or their almost being a finish and while everyone is jumping up and down. Izzy is cozy with his blanket😂

  7. Dr Bray says:

    Suga showed he got conditioning heart and the will to finish at all times answered alot of questions

    • l u k e says:

      @King Of New York i have him every round, it was close but not a split decision

    • Dr Bray says:

      @Super Dakinah Suga got the win on split. Or do you mean the way you judged it Yan won?I don’t try judge fights ya set ya self up for disappointment hahaha Could of gone either way no one loses stock luckily. Id prefer to see finishes( easier said than done) this Damage/duration/dominance system the judges use can be confusing. one judge must of liked the duration the other two must’ve liked the damage. No one dominated as was back and forth. But my comment ain’t about the judging I’m talkng about what O’Malley showed us that we didn’t know about him before. This division staked and he belongs up the top in the big fights
      As does Yan but we already knew that.

    • Dr Bray says:

      @Justin WinninghamNah man was a split decision 1 judge Yan 2 judges O’Malley.

  8. Ben McReynolds says:

    I just need to say: before the judges even announced. I was So Proud of Sean and the Corner work from Tim. You guys proved you deserve to be in there with the best dude in the world! Sean damaged Yan more than anyone else has. Sean showed great ground game work, Sean showed toughness and durability. Everyone was doubting. Regardless I am proud of those guys!

    • JB says:

      @Bleedz yes he landed more significant strikes. Almost 30 more if you look at the stats.

    • MoEazy says:

      Sean lost that fight but it is what it is, big up to Sean. Both great fighters!

    • Ben Winson says:

      @Bulus Emmanuel I never said he did anything with his takedown. I’m saying they each had takedown in round one so they cancel out. And having landed the same amount of strikes but Sean’s being more significant I’d argue he won round one

    • Bulus Emmanuel says:

      @Ben Winson what did Sean do with his take down?😂

    • Ben Winson says:

      @bigysmalls19 I’ve seen the weasel’s breakdown and in my opinion it didn’t prove Yan won round 1. They landed basically the same amount of strikes and a takedown each, except Sean’s 2 most significant strikes were clean headshots and Yan’s two best strikes were leg kicks. Pretty sure headshots are worth more than leg kicks

  9. duman5596 says:

    _I can felt their hearts was crying and their stomach was churning when they see charles tapped._ 😂🤣

    • Muneeb Mohammed says:

      So true bro…next his boy will go down volk he knows that…he was so confident charles will win thats why so short video couldnt say anything

  10. Jesse Duran says:

    Izzy what the heck😂my heart went from 80 bpm all the way to 142bmp the second the Charles vs Islam fight started. Bro just chillin with a blanket 💅🏼

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