Israel Adesanya Reacts to UFC 264 Conor vs Dustin III

Israel Adesanya Reacts to UFC 264 Conor vs Dustin III

Watching the UFC 264 PPV with the boys!

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Edited by: Stayhydrated.mp4
Shot by: Jeff Sainlar

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54 Responses

  1. Israel says:

    If Izzy ever loses like that I might rage quit life😂

  2. King KeNNy Slay says:

    Same reaction 😂. I couldn’t look at the replay.


    What’d ya’ll think of the main event?

    • New man says:

      @I’m a loser now but I’ll be a UFC champ later I hope dustin shits him up again for the 3rd time

    • Glenn says:

      Well…there’s nothing to it anymore…McG had a good,fine run,had his appeal and fame to people who discovered UFC when he came through. Now it’s the stylebender-era to overlap it,ez

    • KCR World Birthday and Anniversary says:

      Didn’t expect it to end so suddenly. Was very entertaining though.

    • tropickman says:

      He’s wearing a Coyotes jersey! Makes me think this is him announcing his support for the Bucks!

    • eren eren says:

      I wrote a comment that historie is going to repeat its self in the main event. One of them is going to ko ‘d for 100%. But i was wrong. Never in a million years i would think of this end 😊

  4. yoscherap says:

    This guy looks like he could be a good ufc fighter

  5. Fred Mart says:

    Crazy how Israel notice Conor broke his foot right away, Rogan, DC, Anik and Herb Dean didn’t notice ish

    • WHACK LP says:

      Herb Dean should not be in high profile fights. Fuck, he shouldn’t be reffing at all. He’s been an incompetent stoner for the past 5 years.


      @WHACK LP I like the bald black guy

    • M Cardinal says:

      I noticed it too, not trying to brag but the broadcast angle made it pretty clear. They were probably watching them in the cage. No excuse that Herb didnt catch it though, conor got lucky with the “doctor stoppage” cuz he survived that 10 seconds.

    • OneClubSince1888 says:

      You dont even know when he noticed his foot was broke ya weirdo!

    • Aristides Gonzalez says:

      Ahh I didn’t even realize

  6. Noah Turtle says:

    He had the most realistic line right at the end
    Everyone needs to realize, even if you don’t want the fight to happen again, it will, and we will all watch in some capacity

    • Jordan Cave says:

      @Markus Kidd yeah and getting butthurt then replying to a comment that has nothing to do w you is something a girl would do😂😂 bro don’t be mad at me cause Conor got his cheeks clapped…that’s on Conor and I’m not Dustin go to dustins IG and cry about him smashing o dude into the dirt don’t cry to me I got nothing to do w it lol

    • Bojangles Bojangles says:

      @Jordan Cave Ye there’s video and pictures out there if you want to see

    • Bojangles Bojangles says:

      @Jordan Cave I read the first line and then seen an essay…
      You’re putting way too much into this🤣🤣

    • Jordan Cave says:

      @Bojangles Bojangles okay I’ll break it down for you 10-8 😂😂

    • Bojangles Bojangles says:

      @Jordan Cave ok go and write another essay

  7. jomar2s says:

    That’s why everyone should invest in black socks 😂

  8. elisha carlton says:

    izzy rocking a coyotes jersey? god dam baby, we must’ve showed him that much love when he fought<3 State 48 baby!

  9. Miles Leslie says:

    Who else is glad Izzy started a channel?

  10. KüsengsTV says:

    You should upload Fight Companions, so we can watch the fights “together”

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