Israel Adesanya reflects on UFC 281 loss to Alex Pereira | ESPN MMA

Israel Adesanya reflects on UFC 281 loss to Alex Pereira | ESPN MMA

Megan Olivi interviews Israel Adesanya backstage at UFC 281 after losing his middleweight title to Alex Pereira in the main event.

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36 Responses

  1. jesse says:

    I think I’ve come to respect Adesanya more after his losses than after his wins. He really shows great class after every fight despite his promotional antics leading up to the fights, and he always gives props to his opponents, win or lose.

    • Hernan Murillo says:

      @Cobham’s Finest 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Hernan Murillo says:

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 class act?
      Of course you’re gonna try to be humble when you lose. He lost. Oops. It wouldn’t have been the same energy if he would’ve won. Bye

    • Sparks says:

      @Ali Chaudhry y’all some dorks lmao

    • Bobby Smitty says:

      @MMA Multiverse “Your instincts are satisfied.” 🤣 They got such a release from knowing Izzy took a loss. Now they can breathe and walk around today with their chins a little higher.

    • Bobby Smitty says:

      @Jericho Pagtama They want the fight because the viewers want the fight, which equals money, yes. The viewers want the fight because they have an undying partiality to Conor McGregor. He should’ve been irrelevant based on a declining record and public controversy quite some time ago.

      The fact that Diamond as one of the best even has to take time to dismiss an opponent he already convincingly vanquished, shows that Conor gets support where others would get dragged.

      You have a Cowboy Bebop avatar, so you’re cool. I just don’t wholly agree with your assertion, which is cool too.

  2. Universal Success says:

    I respect this brother so much. He’s flashy ash but he stands like a man owns up to his. He’s not a pompous, or crybaby. Great fighter, true legend!!

    • Mj119 says:

      @J M why am I taking away the 5th round per your comment? You can be great for 20 minutes and it doesnt mean squat if you go to sleep. There isnt an asterisk for him or usman who won 3/4 rounds of a championship fight before losing. Potoan withstood izzys attack but izzy couldnt handle his, plain and simple.

    • Johnny R says:

      Eh.. true class simply shines natural.. just is like wind or sunlight. Hes frontn hard, tryn too hard to give that impression, i guess he has to.

    • Paul Benoit says:

      @Prince Pg4 He doesn’t have to be a saint but he should be respectful about getting stopped.

    • J M says:

      @David B Never said anything about weight cutting you skipped what i said so I will state it more plainly, Alex was 20lbs heavier than Izzy making him a full weight class heavier, he put all the weight or most of it on after cutting to 185 and went to the extreme end of weight bullying to be much bigger than Izzy therefore willing to cheat to win

    • David B says:

      @J M yes he was. Usman is literally a guy that walks around at 200lbs. And was up on 5 rounds, actually even more than izzy usman won every round and got caught

  3. Boom Arang says:

    Izzy is great. The way he articulates his feelings even after a loss and staying real and humble is very inspiring and respectable. I am very sad about the outcome but he still is the best and greatest yet. Looking forward for a likely rematch.

  4. Mitch Rapp says:

    Taking the loss like a legend. You learn the true value of a man when he faces adversity. Also congrats to Alex, great performance from him.

    • iNvek Tv says:

      @Filip Zivkov excuse cause ur a damb ash beat ch nigha trying hard keyvoard warrior!! U are just a fat nerd useless kid you dont even know how to throw a punch kids ne ggA

    • Ismael Luna says:

      @J M you see you just don’t accept it,adesanya already did

    • Ismael Luna says:

      @J M nah everybody see the facts you just don’t accept adesanya loss like him

    • J M says:

      @Ismael Luna can’t tell me a heavyweight vs Izzy who barely over middleweight limit is a fair fight even insecure bitter fans can’t argue that one that sort of weight saved Alex, Alex even said he would be bigger in the fight so planned on being a weight bully (to the extreme) to protect himself, he won’t beat Izzy if he is forced to fight him with a hydration clause he is lucky UFC don’t have any regulations when it comes to such weight or Izzy would have simply being able to put in a hydration clause ensuring Alex shows up to the fight ACTUALLY the same weight and not as a heavyweight

    • J M says:

      @Ismael Luna Nah I am just stating facts bro you guys looking to get satisfaction from Izzy losing due to being insecure jealous fans of his but I am ruining that with the cold truth sorry about that 😂🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. Nicholas Perez says:

    Megan is a pro at what she does she always seems to be able to capture the most candid moments with these athletes.

  6. John Nolan says:

    Can we just take time to respect the middle weight record set by Silva. And how absolutely insane his record title defenses are? He was the only guy remotely close and with that loss that record will easily stand for a long time. Unreal

  7. Khanager says:

    I think this loss will be a defining moment of his career in a very positive way if he does win. Either way, one of the best to ever do it. Good luck Izzy and good fight, tough loss but you’ve handled it well.

  8. Tom Shepard says:

    That is a Professional right there!!! Answered every question with style and grace as a real Champion should. Super impressed

  9. James S. says:

    Huge respect for him doing interviews and accepting his defeat and not going the Ronda route

  10. M1 Garand says:

    Always love to see anyone humble, rational, and in control of their emotions publicly right after a defeat. I know that isn’t easy to do. Cheers to Izzy for a great fight and handling the loss like a true champion.

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