Israel Adesanya Talks UFC 281 Loss, Stoppage, Alex Pereira Rematch, and More – MMA Fighting

Israel Adesanya Talks UFC 281 Loss, Stoppage, Alex Pereira Rematch, and More – MMA Fighting

Israel Adesanya discusses how he’s dealing with his loss at UFC 281, his performance, his fight week, fight night, Brad Riddell’s decision to step away, his walkout song, the finish, sparring with Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, when he wants to return, why he wants Alex Pereira next, the reaction from fans, and more.

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52 Responses

  1. Gustavo Soares says:

    Eu sou brasileiro e todo respeito pelo Nigeriano. Acredito que essa derrota fez dele maior do que as duas últimas duas vitórias. Mostrou que ele é um verdadeiro campeão das artes marciais. Ele poderia ter corrido na luta inteira. Mas ele lutou como um samurai.

  2. Mr. K says:

    Such a powerful legend for still showing up after a loss. He went on Schulz’s podcast too. Absolute legend. Powerful Izzy.

  3. MajinMatt says:

    Izzy walking to the center of the octagon to bow to his fans immediately after getting stopped again and beaten for the 3rd time by his rival gave me chills. Like your world’s crumbling around you but to still have the presence of mind to stop and tell your fans that it’s ok. So much respect for both men but Izzy is just different.

    • Brandon Luther says:

      @Libs-r-tards what? Meths bad?

    • Libs-r-tards says:

      @Player Hater of The Year he did have chills they were right in his nut sack as soon as he saw Israel

    • Player Hater of The Year says:

      Chills he says 🤣

    • Libs-r-tards says:

      @goodhumourwagon easily LOL

      You see right after the fight when he lost he said I don’t have any excuses…

      Then within minutes he started to talk about how the fight stoppage was too early…

      Anybody with half a brain knows that that’s an excuse…

      So when somebody says they don’t have an excuse and then immediately proceeds to give an excuse me usually means it’s a fake azz person….

      And usually worshipers can’t see it they’re too busy worshiping

    • goodhumourwagon says:

      Pure class after a devastating defeat. How can anyone hate on him.

  4. Wayne Walker says:

    Love this sport, love Izzy’s humility in defeat, love the honesty, love Ariel’s camaraderie with fighter’s. Its like two great friends having a conversation, both legends ✌️

  5. Learning with Suj says:

    Mad respect to Izzy for talking about the loss so soon after the fight. Though it clearly hurts him, he pressed through it. 👏👏

  6. Ivar The Boneless says:

    Lots of respect for a man who can face the music immediately after a tough loss. Kept his word to Ariel, probably didn’t expect to be coming in off a loss, and Ariel would have understood if he cancelled but he is a man of his word.

  7. Rudy Barr says:

    I’m amazed at the fortitude of his character. He’s still himself with or without a belt.

    • MindRealm Insights says:

      @ChrisMcloviificationI think Izzy needed this.. otherwise it would be Kumshot moving up to MW.. now that would make it really interesting 😂

    • ChrisMcloviification says:

      @MindRealm Insights he was hungry before bro he wanted to avenge his defeat badly sometimes it just comes down to power

    • MindRealm Insights says:

      @ChrisMcloviification yeah who knows. I mainly think Izzy will beat him simply because he has sn incredible fight IQ and more experience. He realises he’s actually not bad with the grappling so I reckon he’ll utilise that more. And plus, now he has the hunger and nothing to lose. The belt is a heavy burden to carry and the MW division is absolutely stacked with killers

    • ChrisMcloviification says:

      @MindRealm Insights im not saying you are bro im just saying i think alex has his number bro maybe im wrong anytning can happen in mma but i really believe izzy will only beat him on points i cant see him stopping him

  8. belly flop says:

    When that leg kick was checked,and he rolled backwards, the guy was right there and landed a big shot.its a fight,anyone can win or lose.hes a classy champion.he definitely has humility.

  9. Logan Pauly says:

    How can you not love this guy, what an inspiration to people. Even when you get knocked down to hold your head up

  10. Pinchoo Thoudam says:

    Nothing but utmost love and respect for Izzy and what he has achieved in the sport. A true Champion in every aspect 🙏

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