Israel Adesanya’s Fight Breakdown & Picks | UFC 285: Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane

Israel Adesanya’s Fight Breakdown & Picks | UFC 285: Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane

Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya breaks down & shares his picks for the stacked UFC 285 card which features the return of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones fighting for the vacant heavyweight championship against Ciryl Gane.

Edited by: @StayHYDRATEDVisuals
Shot & Produced by: @DAVEBLAKAMOTO

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38 Responses


    Will the main event go all 5 rounds?

  2. Nate Gomes says:

    Never will forget that Cody vs dom fight. I totally agree that he gets hit and gets mad and just wants to ko the other guy.

    • Father Chewy Louie says:

      Don’t like the guy but that was a masterclass. He could have beat any bantamweight in the world that night.

    • The joke says:

      But in order to beat Dom, you need to be able to also fight smart.
      Where did all the smart go?

    • shettywap says:

      Sucks that it is the hilight of his career. And as much as he’s been up and down with wins, Dom has performed better since then.

    • The joke says:

      @Black Slav #14
      Says the Cheeto fingers couch guy.🙄

    • ToR369 says:

      While Dom was champ and when Cody was training working his way into the UFC and up the rankings towards Dom, Cody was most likely training specifically for Dom forever. It didn’t really surprise me that he had his number in that fight but didn’t look as good in the fights that folliwed. When you gameplan for a single fighter for years and years, I’d hope you at least put up a fight. Was a masterclass for sure

  3. Antonio says:

    I think jones’ compliment surprised Izzy a bit. Hope they actually meet each other. Would like to see how that plays out

  4. Sports Fan_91 says:

    Been nice to see Jones & Izzy be a bit more nice towards each other this week.

  5. fishhead355 says:

    David kills it with this channel you can tell he’s up to date on all mma news where Izzy isn’t anymore and just asks the right questions and drops the right little info at the right time.

  6. YouTube Connolly family says:

    Also, I give Turner so much damn respect because he was training for a pure striker, his whole camp, and now he is going against a phenomenal grappler. I hope he wins.

  7. Ryan James says:

    You can tell Izzy is a fan of Jones. Would be amazing to see them train together.

  8. Mister Im says:

    The Izzy video we were all waiting for.

    • TomB97 says:

      ​@Yulds bro? Stop spamming plugs on another channel. Disrespectful asf and won’t get you anything but haters

    • Yulds says:

      I make entertaining videos just like Izzy. I bet 100% it’ll make u laugh. If not you can come to tell me bro

  9. Marwan says:

    Jones vs Gane is going to be a banger

  10. zadegets faded says:

    @14:00 you can see that moment of clarity. Izzy you can tell he’s a genuine dude. It’s the same with how he gives props to Pereira and says that his story of a comeback is beautiful and that in Alex’s life Izzy is the villain. Just real shit. Empathy we all human at the end of the day🖤

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