Israel-Palestine Fighting Threatens To Spread Across Middle East | 10 News First

Israel-Palestine Fighting Threatens To Spread Across Middle East | 10 News First

Gaza hit by more Israeli airstrikes: US and Arab leaders are locked in tense ceasefire negotiations as the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians threatens to spread across the Middle East. Subscribe to 10 News First to get the latest updates and breaking news:

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40 Responses

  1. Official Gaming says:

    this is a war already. Exactly how many people need to die for it to be “classified” as such?

    • Chris Slint says:

      @S Blijheid imo it could be the trigger for WW3 … as it literally pits two axis of the world against each other… I think when Israel corners Palestine into a deep corner, that’s when it could happen… I think only after a big conflict occurs can it be truly solved.

    • Bob T says:

      @Pastel Chertz Are you blind? Instead of accepting facts you accuse me of lying and deny any of this happened. Zionists did migrate in thousands to Palestine, with the help of Balfour declaration, they did genocide and steal homes in the name of their “promised land”, which is nothing but a myth, and they keep expanding. Look at the map of Palestine in 1918 and now, where did all the Palestinians vanish?

    • Ma Reen Unas says:

      This is not war, this is massacre of civilian. This is ethnic cleansing.

    • F34RDSoldier805 says:

      @Chris Slint Well was there ever a clear victor? WW2 had a clear victor,, which is the only reason it ended. If the Germany and Japan had the means to do so, they would have fought till the end of time.

    • simon lloyd says:

      who cares? the middle east has been in perpetual war for 2000 years.

  2. Breaking Videos says:

    If you ever feel useless just remember about a thing called UN .

  3. W H says:

    2020: we will go thru Covid together and make the world a better place once again!
    2021: hello.. what did you say?

  4. XXX P says:

    US Spokeman: “Behind the Scene” means “we are watching and waiting on the sideline, eating popcorn”

  5. Padel Muhamad says:

    Just seeing a child,baby and group of kids crying for their parents and everyone to stop
    Just makes me more sad

  6. gossip media tv says:

    Studied about wars in books.. But this breaks my heart even more.. It’s always the innocent suffer the most

  7. Ayush Thakre says:

    UN be like: you shouldn’t do this, this is against humanity, let’s restore peace, this needs to end, every life matters.
    Ground reality: Sleeping 💤 😴

    • Srinivas G says:

      There are 20+ Islamic small and large countries around Israel.
      The population of palestine is 45 -48 lakhs.
      1. The Islamic countries can easily take the entire Palestine population to there countries and end the conflict once for all .
      2. Jews has no other place in the world to go its there only country a small piece of land.
      3. Islam is a peaceful religion right ? Then they can end this in a peaceful manner.
      4. when syria had a war then the entire europe took the Islamic refugees to there countires now the islamic countires can do with there own islamic people instead of funding hamas with weapons, money etc.

    • Momo lop says:

      @Srinivas G why would they leave there home country just for it to disappear I wouldn’t personally

    • Ayush Thakre says:

      @Srinivas G the only option left is that Palestinian’s de escalate and back off and stop launching rocket attacks at Israel.
      What Israel has been doing till now is they’re just defending, but once they attack and attack on massive scale Palestine will be wiped out completely and only innocent people will suffer.

    • Ayush Thakre says:

      @Momo lop Jews have more rights to the land than Palestinians. Go through history chapters mate

    • E E says:

      @Ayush Thakre Is land your priority?

  8. Fatima Sahwah says:

    “شُهَداؤُنا في الجَنَّةِ وَقَتْلاهُم في النّارِ”

  9. ambitionsskyyyy says:

    It breaks my heart to think innocent kids are caught up in this, life can be so unfair 😥

  10. Nick Kroll says:

    I wish the world would just stop for a day, so everyone could think about their actions and their life

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