Israeli military unleashes another heavy wave of airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Israeli military unleashes another heavy wave of airstrikes on Gaza Strip

이스라엘 8일째 가자지구 맹폭…양측 사망자 214명

Our top story this morning.
The conflict between Israel and Gaza has entered a second week and the violence is only intensifying.
The death toll in Gaza alone… surpassing two-hundred.
Israel’s Prime Minister insists the attacks have to continue.
The international community is pressing both sides to lay down their arms.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
The Israeli military unleashed another heavy wave of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip Monday,… saying that it was targeting a tunnel network used by Hamas.
The Israel Defense Forces estimated that it had destroyed about 100 kilometers of underground passageways that it says are used to move weapons and fighters across Gaza.
Israel’s Prime Minister says the country will continue with its attacks against Hamas.

“Today, a senior Islamic Jihad commander was targeted. We struck at the Hamas naval unit and we are continuing to strike at underground targets – Hamas’ metro – and there are other targets. We will continue to operate as necessary in order to return calm and security to all residents of Israel.”

With the two sides continuing to trade fire for over a week,… the overall death toll in Gaza has now surpassed 2-hundred,… with over 13-hundred others wounded,… according to the Hamas-run health ministry.
Israel has reported 10 Israelis have died from rockets that have been fired from Gaza toward the country.
The violence continues despite calls from the international community to cease hostilities.
The leaders of Egypt and France shared strong concerns regarding the escalation of violence in the region,… underscoring the absolute need to end the atrocities.

“So, for me, it comes within the scope of a process of a cease-fire as soon as possible – what we, of course, call for – and the building of a possible path towards talks between the various parties involved.”

On Sunday, Iran’s top diplomat met with Pope Francis,… who appealed for calm and global help to open a path of dialogue in the Middle East.
Pope Francis stressed that the deaths of children in the latest surge of attacks was “destroying the future.”
Turkish President also asked Pope Francis to support sanctions against Israel,… in a phone call,… urging the pontiff to continue to speak out against the violence.
All this comes as Washington is using “quiet and intensive diplomacy” to try and halt the escalating conflict between the two sides.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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2021-05-18, 07:00 (KST)

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52 Responses

  1. DeadChavez says:

    Go IDF!!

    • Keksi says: Hell.

    • Lucille Ross says:

      One thing that is bothering me from all these posts that is supportive of Israel, I look at the names and they don’t look like Jewish names what the heck is the matter with the Jewish people in this country? Are they so blinded by liberalism that they don’t think the Holocaust could ever happen again?

    • tree 330 says:

      @Lucille Ross many Israel supporters here are from India

  2. Avikshit Singh says:

    There is a fundamental difference between the israelis and Palestinians. They both had about equal land and other resources. Israelis believed in education, science and technology. They have highest number of PhDs per capita, leading in every field of science and research, envy of the world!
    Had Palestinians educated their children and worked hard like Israelis, Palestine would have been a powerful country and at peace with the world but it was not so. This is the truth of the whole Islamic world.

    • Keksi says:

      Palestinians cant even grow own food because terrorist state of Israel with Phds sprays weed killers over Palestinian land and kills plants.

    • baby boo says:

      @Keksi Pathological liar. When Israel vacated Gaza they left extensive greenhouses but the Hamas terrorists destroyed them.

    • Keksi says:

      @baby boo Terrorist state of Israel sprays WEED KILLER over Palestinians crops.

      Just Google “Israeli spraying of herbicide over Gaza”.

    • Parallel Comparison says:

      @Keksi False. Why is it that before 1948, before Israel was even a state, Palestine was a desert wasteland? But after Israel was established, the land agriculture flourished. Israel turned a desert into a garden. Your propaganda doesn’t work here

    • Zio Oren says:

      @Keksi — Hamas if funded by Iran. USA and Iran are allies, OF COURSE we fund Israel dum dum

  3. Christopher Scully says:

    No mention of the 3100 rockets fired by Hamas into Israeli civilian population.

    • Faye Manalo says:

      @Sam Chau stupid fool.. you are the one who doesn’t make sense. Just because Israel is more powerful than Hamas then they should tolerate and not do anything on the rockets being fired? Even months ago Hamas already fired 400+ rockets to Israel unprovoked it didn’t reach the news because Israel didn’t retaliate. Now that they did it is suddenly all over the news to paint a bad picture of Israel! You and people like you are stupid. Israel is being surrounded by its enemies and you think Israel should just do defense and no offense. Are you stupid or what?

    • Beaulin says:

      @Sam Chau Not so. Firing that many rockets some will get through, and did.

    • Sam Chau says:

      @Faye Manalo Pot calling the kettle black. You lack basic comprehension skills as well. I didn’t state anything of the sort you’re raging on about in your post.

    • Faye Manalo says:

      @Sam Chau lol and now you lie, as expected. English is not my native language so don’t judge me for the way I speak. You are the one who lack basic comprehension skill. Hamas firing thousands of rockets and you want Israel to just sit and cope with that with their Iron Dome without retaliation? Where is your common sense?

    • Sam Chau says:

      @Faye Manalo Are you a parrot crapping all over your keyboard or a person with 1 digit iq. I guess we’ll never know. Nonetheless, the outcome is amusing.


    please May God protect all of you from his suffering!🙏🙏🙏💔😭💔😭🤲🤲🤲

  5. Mark Praise Abucejo says:

    The War of Gog and Magog is coming!!! Ezekiel 38-39!!!

    • celticrose2 (the celtic rose) says:

      It looks like Armagedden. Praying for peace ☮️ 🙏🏼

    • Mohd Fadley Aris says:

      The false messiah will be coming first before the real one come..

    • Diego Alvarado says:

      Yes, but Gog and Magog are targeting Europe and Latin America, not this Mediterranean land. Russia will invade Europe and China will invade Latin America, probably starting from Argentina. Catholic prophecy is accurate and biblical. Remember that, because now the church is kidnapped by evil forces, but will eventually set free.

    • ReEducated Ronin says:

      @Diego Alvarado you’ve been deceived. Look up GMS Israelites

    • Bungle Bear says:

      We believe in coming of gog and Macog but this is after the return of isa peace be upon him ( Jesus ) and after Isa peace be upon him destroys the false messiah ( this will happen on a town near Jerusalem , he will then spend some time on earth where there will be a period of peace and justice , the believers will be taken away and then the gog and macog will be let out causing havoc on earth , god will destroy them and water will be sent to clean the stench of there smell , this will then lead to the last hour…. where the sun will rise from the west and the trumpet will be blown and the world will end .. A Muslim perspective … peace to all the brother and sisters in humanity that want peace and tranquility , those that value life and see life as sacred and don’t violate the rights of others x

  6. San Desoken says:

    International community is Busy watching War Movie’s

    • tHaKuR bOyS says:

      @Rekha Devan poor ppl dying coz they share the same mind set of a jihadi coz both read same kuran verses. Which state to kill all non muslim.

    • tHaKuR bOyS says:

      @santa fe, bantayan island life can’t understand why they are overlooked what prompts Israel to retaliate. When ever country conduct action against muslim jihad UN come crying for thier sake. Lame UN

    • nurieln says:

      @tHaKuR bOyS
      Not really. Even the UN is not hurrying to intervene. Their actions are symbolic at best.

    • lety santua says:

      @Alex Diamantopoulos hamas is the underdog in the eyes of the world media shows only damages in hamas side.and who by the way starts sending hundreds of rockets in 1 day alone?

  7. Arun AJ says:

    Israel doesnt care about what the world says..I appreciate that.👏👏
    Just get rid of Hamas.

  8. Grid says:

    I was expecting news in Mandarin 😁🤣😁🤣😁😂

  9. Sai Prakash says:

    I think there will be new updating 2 blocks in world like as ist block : USA UK FRANCE ISRAEL INDIA AUSTRALIA JAPAN SOUTH KOREA SOUTH AMERICA CANADA

    • Anthon Deutsch says:

      Actually India in this case is neutral. It has an equal relationship with both sides and is calling for a cease fire. India was one of the first strong supporters of the PLO, but Israel also supported India in the 1971 war (Bangladesh). That improved and opened trade, Israel became Indias 3rd largest trading in Asia. So in case of a war, India is not in the Israeli ally list and will probably remain neutral.

    • beret pit says:

      What is your motivation by making this statement, to rscalate for bigger conflict or just hoping to get charity from israel?

    • NGNL Kuuhaku says:


    • NGNL Kuuhaku says:

      Im indonesian but i support israel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Alex P. says:

    sadness seeing this image only reminds me of the war in El Salvador when I was a child my heart beat faster the fear was scary were indescribable panic poor children are suffering

    • simo bou says:

      What’s happening to the palestinian people for the last 100 years cannot be compared to any other war. The zionists are cold blooded serial killers.

    • Billy Jack Hills says:


    • Sunny Sun says:

      پایین آوردن برج دوقلو کشته شدن 4000 آمریکا بود (اما آنها به افراد ا نتخاب شده گفتند که برای رفتن به دفتر نرفتن) و ایران باید با غنی سازی به توسعه برای حفاظت از ایران ادامه دهد .اکنون می دانیم چه کسی مسئول 11 سپتامبر بوده است و ایران باید به غنی سازی برای توسعه برای حفاظت از ایران ادامه دهد.

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