It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than This

It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than This

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39 Responses

  1. Jonathan Gill says:

    I’m so glad you brought up the time the REF fouled a player and then blamed it on his defender. Even in some of the egregious no-calls there’s at least some plausible deniability that the ref wasn’t looking at Giannis’ feet or whatever. But it’s impossible to collide with a big NBA player and not feel the contact. Crawford 100% knew he was to blame, but penalized the Pistons anyways.

    • mikestens says:

      Then taking another L to the greatest team of all time

    • Golden State Warriors says:

      @Coleson Lamb Nobody knows, because there isnt a precedent for that, it rarely ever happens.

    • Jubei Gore says:

      You never see this clip anymore… it’s like the nba shadow banned it. I forgot about it until now lol.

    • Nate Tinner-Williams says:

      @Xavier B Exactly. We just ignoring that with bad camera angles only. Lol

    • Mathijs says:

      @Richard Hardy Well to be honest. Match fixing is really difficult to prove and in todays age you can bet on everything. You dont have to fix entire games, just minor calls and that’s enough to make bank.

      Sports betting is a real issue and match fixing on these minor calls happens everywhere everytime.

  2. 2k Depression says:

    “We all see it, the players all see it, but the professionals who get paid to specifically see it CANT” that’s so accurate for every sport with refs😂😂

    • david vickers says:

      Imagine when we begin to trust ai with refereeing, games will be so different calls for every single foul and out of bounds every buzzer beater called and the human refs will only interact on things like flagrants etc givungnai acfess to all footage from kultiple angles in realtime will get even the slighteat foul like lebrons recent one called, i jutt thinknthe flopping will get worse though, curry get away with some real marginal flops.

    • Pass_me_d_blunt says:

      @Kenney buddy when you stand court side, that’s the best view under the rim without being on the court. That ref SAW that foul🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Scotch Barrel says:

      Nope, this is an American problem 😂
      The bad calls in other developed democracies are less blatant and less obvious, these examples are as obvious as having two 80 yr old candidates running for President, and ones a corrupt conman, the other didn’t bother to campaign because of COVID concerns and still won 😂

    • Kenney says:

      There’s a difference between referring from a screen than referring a live nba game.

    • Amilcar Safeca says:

      @Debrian No it’s not “actually a bad generalization” it holds true even in volleyball because it’s happened before hence it’s accurate for every sport, just not as probable for some. Either way, giving one example where it’s arguably not true when there are tons of sports does not make it a bad generalization. A bad generalization would be several sports, perhaps even majority where the statement doesn’t hold true.

  3. SalaryCapo says:

    Tatum running away looking back at the ref the funniest part 😂

  4. B says:

    As a DET fan who got in to watching the NBA the year they won the chip in 03-04 as a kid, I knew that play had to be in here. I wasn’t even in middle school yet (was summer b4) I still vividly remember it. Shout out to Jimmy for showing respect to Chauncey as a defender. Underrated guard defender even tho he was on one of the best defenses of all time.

    I still am kinda disappointed they didn’t end up with another ring from that era…I would be happy with two. One seems so crazy bc of how good they were for so long, and how they could’ve been one of the most memorable teams for sustained success if not for a couple horrific FO decisions. Obv mostly passing on Bosh or Melo. I don’t think they ever considered Wade with Rip still being so good and still p young. They would’ve made the Rasheed trade regardless, bc Larry Brown wasn’t about to start a rookie, but if they did get let’s say Bosh…he would’ve been playing a lot of mins p fast.

    Ben fell off hard and they let him walk at the right time. I can just imagine a Bosh Sheed duo up front with Tayshaun and Rip both still young. Then Rasheed would’ve been done and Bosh would’ve been destroying. It rly could’ve been a pretty seamless transition between eras, but that’s not how DET sports work 😂

    • Calvin Simpson says:

      I was in 8th grade at the time and also remember the foul on Chauncey. That is what began my 20 year hatred of Joey Crawford that stands to this day

    • enter name here says:

      @The Lone Libra it’s a bot

    • Trigger Warning says:

      Idk about underrated. He was known for his defense back then. That whole team was a defensive powerhouse.

    • Cody Gustafson says:

      Bro I’m a twolves fan and I would do unspeakable things for just one championship!! If cassell didn’t have an injury there’s an argument we could’ve made it to the 04 finals against the pistons

    • Jetanium says:

      There’s a lot of franchises with no championships and y’all have 3, be grateful.

  5. Vuk Zivkovic says:

    Surprised how game 6 between the Lakers and the Kings back in 2002 wasn’t on here, the amount of bad calls per minute was just outstanding

  6. Johnny Socket says:

    This NBA season has had some pretty weird calls in it. The rules still need to be adjusted too but the calls themselves are probably more important since your decision could be incredibly important.

    • Nathaniel Hipolito says:

      @Zach Martell That’s why it needs to change. Add more refs use cameras have people watch plays as it happens and give out the calls. NBA has a lot of money so why settle for “it’s hard and we lack refs”. If something clearly isn’t working properly you need to change it for the betterment of the viewing experience but unfortunately they seem to not care.

    • JT Petey says:

      weird how the calls get shittier right as gambling starts legalizing huh?

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

      Don’t read my name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Victor Rippe says:

      A call should be able to be changed after video proof. That’s what needs to happen and we need 2 challenges a game like NFL

    • Underground Dojo Keyboard Cage Fighter says:

      @Zach Martell Or they could just utilize the refs in new jersey who are watching at every angle.

  7. TheAn9ryRussian says:

    Gotta give credit to Chauncey for his patience and not yelling or swearing at that ref. I’m a pistons fan and that got my blood boiling and I’m just here watching on my phone lol

  8. Charlie James says:

    I think there should be a part 2 coming…
    This season isn’t over yet 😂😂🤣

  9. Matthew Dutton says:

    This video hurts. So well made Jimmy, love your stuff!

  10. Abukar Jaranow says:

    The KD out of bounds got me crying 😭😭😭

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