It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

It Feels Good to Be a Clinton


Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
A shameless politician plays her cards right.
Got a crew for the fights on the airwaves.
Lap dogs in the press keep their mouths tight.

Cause a Clinton never needs to explain what.
Why it is what they’ve done or with who.
A real Clinton knows they’re entitled.
You don’t get to know what they do.

What difference does it make for a Clinton.
What’s loaded in some fat oppo file.
A Clinton plays the victim for promotion.
A Clinton kills it off with a smile.

Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
A server full of secrets ain’t no thing.
Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.
Nothing ever hits with a sting.

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19 Responses

  1. micah stelzner says:

    LOL XD this is Hillary-ous! XD

  2. Tannim98032 says:

    0mg lmao!

  3. Anthony Flores says:

    Isn’t this a job for College Humor? Since do politicians make parodies of
    other candidates?

  4. Sgt. At Arms says:

    I’m a Trump supporter but I have to say that this video is fuckin
    awesome!!! Go job Ted Cruz.

  5. Hillbillies Exposed says:

    Trump practically is a Clinton.

  6. Jack Mehoff says:

    All that this ad tells me is that you are not an adult, Ted.

  7. Kierkegaard says:

    Cruz can lick my balls. Excellent ad, though.

  8. snow man says:

    What I’d like to know is this. During one of the debates, Sanders said any
    of the democratic candidates are 100% better than any of the republican
    candidates. Yet, at the core of all of his stands is his opposition to the
    1%’ers. Hillary is a 1%er and some republicans are not 1%’ers. How can he
    think she is 100 times better than a republican if she is everything he is
    opposed to?

  9. TheGuess2D says:

    Trump > Cruz

  10. moxsum says:

    Great Ad! lol

  11. KungFuTyrone says:

    Whitest rap ever

  12. Alexandra Kaidan-Berry 3 says:

    I like this because I am voting for Bernie! Hillary does seem like a loose
    canon though. I feel like she secretly wants to bite everyone’s head off.

  13. Peter Basden says:

    The singing sucks Ted and you and your face

  14. Leeana Lomax says:


  15. james d says:

    wow politics have become a caricature of politics.

  16. Hugo Patino-Cano says:

    Who the fuck is in charge of making ads for Ted Cruz?

  17. Abrahan Chavez says:


  18. XEcW 22 says:

    lol. this was awesome!!!!!!!(and true)

  19. ROG2000 says:

    The computer is Ted Cruz