It Is Almost Time

It Is Almost Time

#MortalKombat #Clock #Teaser

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  1. kurxxed x says:

    it’s great to see the mk series evolve

    • KazamaPrime says:

      You mean just watch the cutscenes and all the fatalities once and never look at it ever again?

    • Giddybob says:

      by evolve i guess you mean go back as this looks like another reboot lol

    • martin mcdowell says:

      @KazamaPrime some people actually like fighting games believe it or not! mk isn’t just a party game

    • Franku says:

      Mf went from 11 straight back to 1.

    • Spartan21 says:

      This won’t be happening unless there are fans, and the fanbase for Mortal Kombat is HUGE. We’re getting a new MK game because of the fans, so I’m grateful for all of y’all.

  2. Brandon Archambault says:

    Oh man that definitely feels like they’re hinting at a complete timeline reset for the franchise. Couldn’t be more excited about this.

  3. Sonya Blade says:

    Things have a chance to be very different this “time” round. Since *Kronika* is no longer pulling the strings anymore. I’m excited to see how this time line unfolds! #MK12

    • LCDBrams says:

      Considering the next installment is supposed to take place yeaaaars before the “normal” MK (good ending of Aftermath DLC, with FireGod Liu Kang creating a new timeline and with The Great Kung Lao) yes, things will obviously be really different

    • Gerardo Garza García says:

      Sonya, sorry. You’re too old to fight. Or worse…

    • Gaba Gaba says:

      The title of this video says “it is almost time” which if I remember correctly (correct me if I’m wrong) is one of the quotes Kronika said. It’s too Kronika-ey to say that Kronika is gone, idk…

    • Jordan says:

      I’m more excited to see how they gonna unfold cancelled MK11 story DLC content, butchered and shoved into a dead on arrival mobile game.

    • Jordan says:

      @LCDBrams It was not the ending, there was followed story in cancelled DLC they put in mobile game.

  4. RpTheHotrod says:

    I hope whatever the next game is that they bring back the mystery and intrigue of hidden secrets. It was a lot of fun theorycrafting with people while sifting through red herrings to discover secret characters and such as opposed to just buying with dlcs.

    • ELFanatic says:

      I don’t know how you manage that. People decompile code nowadays.

    • RetroDude92 says:

      This would be ruined thanks to the modern Internet lol, but yeah not a bad wish.

    • Austin Dew says:

      @ELFanaticya it would be impossible to do what arcade MK did back then because it only worked due to lack of internet.

    • The Bloody Aussie says:

      I just want more characters to actually be unlockable. I don’t like how it’s usually only 1 or 2 characters that have to be unlocked, I want a bit more of that excitement about getting the game and seeing who the cast is.

  5. Bearded Bloke says:

    Super excited! Really looking forward to the reveal. I think this teaser indicates a reset of the story and return to the events of MK1 via a new timeline. The time on the clock shows 11.45 and the seconds hand goes to 1. What could it mean? 🤔

  6. theninjasci91 says:

    Please give my boy Liu Kang and Kitana their happy ending in this timeline! They deserve it

  7. Breaktime Brian says:

    Me on my wedding: 🙍‍♂️
    Me when MK12 finally comes out: 🤵

  8. Toxic_bioshock says:

    Podria ser mortal kombat 12, tambien como pasó al numero 1 tal vez es una referencia de que sera el juego con los personajes del pasado, los del primer torneo de la era del gran kung lao

  9. ApplePieClub says:

    What a year for fighting games! I don’t we’ve ever had this much hype over fighting games since the early 90’s

  10. Silent K Gaming says:

    We’ve become so used to Kronika’s timeline that we’ve seen twice now along with that sequence that showed it’s happened over and over again. Seems Kronika never really tried anything too different.

    But now Liu Kang is the master of time. He would certainly have a very different idea on how to run things. What that means is, not only can this game be set in any era, the writers can do anything they want with any character. They actually don’t have to worry too much about established lore.

    Whether or not that’s a good thing will remain to be seen, but it is exciting.

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