It is exam season.

It is exam season.

Hey you! Ma’am! Ma’am I have to ask you: Where can I meet with the manager of this enclosure? Where is that son of a gun? I ordered a pacifier from him the other day and for some reason, I got a carton of eggs in the mail. What service is this? What business do you thing you guys are running? I paid my good, hard earned money for that stupid thing and this is how you repay me? I don’t even have a child. I bought that pacifier to clog a hole in the wall of my washroom. It’s located right in front of the toilet and for some reason, water just randomly jets out of it. I swear, I will be having explosive diarrhea when a vat of polar cold water will just shoot me in the face. I got whip lash the last time that happened, AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. YOU IDIOTS THINK YOU CAN COME AND PLAY IN MY TOWN, HUH? YOU THINK A CARTON OF EGGS WILL SUFFICE MY NEEDS? WELL YOU WERE WRONG. YOU COULDN’T BE MORE INCOMPETENT. Go, explain yourself. I have a plate of warm hummus just waiting for me when I get home. I don’t even dip that shizzle. I eat spoonfuls of it. I vacuum it up. The process is so quick that one second, I will be looking at that big, shmexy plate and then the next, IT WILL BE IN MY GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, YOU NUT. I WANT MY PACIFIEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!1!!!!!111!!!!!!

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With love,

Jindy Crawford

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45 Responses

  1. pitbull says:

    *jesus take the wheel*

  2. artsshole says:

    I heard u were going to prepare dinner at 6PM and omg I’m crying, I have dinner like at 10.30PM HAHHAHAHHAHA

  3. sadie k. says:

    she is so relatable, it’s almost scary.

  4. mmcc Morgan and calista says:


    Look at the 2nd word
    Hope that made your day
    And I liked my own comment because No one else will

  5. IceCreamSofi says:

    I just low key love her mom smiling every moment she records her, Is becoming iconic

  6. i love memes says:


    *Depression and anxiety has entered the chat*

    *Happiness and freedom has left the chat*

    *Suicidal thoughts are typing….*

  7. Anais Cervantes says:

    Regular youtubers: *have a set outro*

    This video: I wanna be a squid

  8. SunsetChedderYoda :D says:

    I need to moisturise my feet.

  9. lydia pari says:

    i’m taking the frikkin’ *ACT* in about 2 weeks so thank for the studying tips jindy crawford

  10. Saliloo ! says:

    *how the turns have tabled*

  11. Ellyn N says:

    When u get a burst of energy in the middle of an essay question but have to take breaks to massage ur hand

  12. Zami Chacon says:

    Hey, I just am curious, do you speak Portuguese? Or at least understand it? I think it would be cool if you did a video about it. I love Brazilian Portuguese. I know this comment isn’t “cool” or whatever, but I would like to know. Thanks, Julius Caesar!!

    • Joana Ceddia says:

      Zami Chacon i know enough to get around, but I have a thick accent. At home, my parents talk to me in Portuguese, so I can understand nearly all of it.

  13. miraculer 1416 says:

    I wish I had the great concentration that you have. I get distracted by everything.

    I should study.

  14. hjlol says:

    When are you gonna do an ankle reveal

  15. Flute Scott says:

    Don’t worry Joana we can get through exams together

  16. ntor100 says:

    I wanna be a squid – John Cena, 2019

  17. Eseosa Oje says:

    I have mocks this week. It is this thing we do in Ireland but man I’m stressed.

  18. Sally Alzubaidi says:

    that last bit was like a lucid dream

  19. -Luvicii- says:

    Me wants to tell you who is the most beautiful person in the world

    Look at the first word


  20. Life With Huskies says:

    People who made avocado on toast are *QuAkInG* at your avocado burrito

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