It Just Keeps Getting Worse….

It Just Keeps Getting Worse….

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29 Responses

  1. iFerg says:

    This guy has got me more invested in the NBA than all mainstream networks combined, absolute goat.

  2. Luca e Matteo says:

    In my opinion Luka isn’t being talked about enough for the MVP race, he is averaging 28 9 9 with 1 steal, the Mavs are 7-9 without him, he has nearly by himself carried this Mavericks team to a 4 seed in the West, being that the West is stackeddddd. Without Luka I think this Mavericks team would be bottom 2 in the West

    • John Lee says:

      @dbrz z not mention they were still a playin team without him thanks to Kp but now of that matters sense luka case just isn’t that strong as the other 3

    • Sayed Ali says:

      @Jet Lee he already did it the last two years…🙄

    • Anthonybeckham7 says:

      Luka is amazing. But he’s not in the conversation, yet

    • prety Sia 🔽🔽 says:

      —-~~~(☆°♧°☆)~~~—- 1 💖💖 Hermosa Alika-Griles.Monster
      mejores 😚
      2(elecciones ) 9.5/10
      3( culturales ) 9.3/0
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos
      , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo Sorprendente.

  3. Phatr Pr0p says:

    My take: This is about as stacked a league as we’ve ever had. Something like 26/30 teams have at least 1 star player worthy of building a franchise around in the long run, many teams have multiple. Very exciting

    • Haelioe says:

      Have to agree with u man. Literally every team has at least one player who can go nuclear and drop 40 or more points in a night.

    • EST 1981 says:

      Nah. If you list out the star players in the 2000s and compare it to now, it’s not even close. 2000s was the most talented era, and I say that as someone who preferred 80s and 90s hoops.

    • AI Player says:

      I half disagree n agree because i think that players on bad teams can seem that there better than they actually are since noone to help them they have to carry but yea ur kinda right

  4. Harry Jackson says:

    Having a well-run franchise (coach, GM, front office etc) is better than having an all NBA player on the roster

  5. HadriAn says:

    Your videos always make me feel so invested in the sport and want to know more and watch more games! You’re really one of the greatest NBA content creators out there I love your stuff <3

  6. Tadija Markovic says:

    Any comments on Jokic’s 2000 – 1000 – 500 season?
    Would love to see your take on this and how impactful is it actually in the MVP discussion.

    • Washmi Wijeratne says:

      @Andrew Nowak lol no

    • Duca Moris says:

      @quinn osborn It’s silly to talk about hypotheticals. Maybe he has worse numbers, maybe he has better numbers. Keep in mind that even with Murray, Jokic would still be the main facilitator and playmaker. Sure, maybe his points drop a bit, but at the same time his assists probably go up as well – Giving him a triple double average. Hell, with 2 other offensive threats, maybe his efficiency goes up as well – But again, we don’t know.

      What we do know is that without the two he had an all time great season, and he secured a playoff spot – Something which not many players could’ve done. Just look at Steph Curry’s ’20-21 season as a recent example – He took the 9th seed.

      Also why do you keep saying 6th seed with such disdain? Like he should be ashamed of getting a team that’s missing their 2nd and 3rd best player, that has no +15ppgs role player, and that has one of the worst ratings without him on the court to the playoffs?

      As far as Embiid goes – What do you think his expectations were before Harden? He had a shitty team, as well as a lot of drama regarding Simmons. His expectations were to keep his team afloat until they traded Simmons, and to keep them in the playoffs – He delivered. Then he got Harden, and his expectations became a bit higher – What’s wrong with that? You think that if Murray and MPJ were both to come back for the playoffs that Jokic wouldn’t have expectations to at least take Golden State to 6 games?

      Like I said to the other guy, I’m not here to try and convert to you team Jokic, nor am I trying undermine the two other contenders (Giannis and Embiid). I’m simply pointing out that in a tight race little things matter. Just how Embiid gets points for being the first center with a scoring title since Shaq. He also loses points for the things I listed in my previous comment.

    • Chigz says:

      Westbrook had a 2500 – 800 – 800 season in 2016. It’s just meaningless counting stats to make up a ‘record’

  7. Secret Agent Randy Beans says:

    I remember watching your videos in like 5th grade man, I cant believe you’re still doing this. Thank you, please never stop man.

  8. ChrisThePolymath says:

    Jimmy I would love to see you make a video about injuries. I can’t help but feel that players are missing a lot more games in recent seasons when compared to the 90s/2000s. I feel like the outcome of the playoffs each year now just depends on which teams stay healthy.

  9. Sotiris Papanikolaou says:

    I honestly feel like the suns may lose 2nd round idk why i just have a feeling for some reason that something will go terribly wrong but i really do want to see a best of 7 series between suns and warriors so i hope im wrong

  10. TONEakaSHOW says:

    If social media was always around, Jordan would be the most hated player ever.

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