It Sinks FAST! Patrol With the US Coast Guard in Destin, FL – Smarter Every Day 277

It Sinks FAST! Patrol With the US Coast Guard in Destin, FL – Smarter Every Day 277

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(The Coast Guard didn’t ask me to put their recruiting page here, but I thought it was appropriate)

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46 Responses

  1. SmarterEveryDay says:

    If you’d like to be notified when I upload, the email list is WAY better than YouTube subscriptions. Here’s the link if you’re interested! I won’t spam you.

    • Ry Millar says:

      @Alan Mac apply your thought process to my automobile…. Does the argument carry water? No… The right to travel is a specific us right and the mode is irrelevant. And my rights are not limited… The bill of rights limits government…. Not the citizenry

    • Gzeus says:

      Is there anyway with your background, you could look into showing Energy based weapon systems that our military is working on/currently using? Im sure they cant disclose exactly how they work, but the general idea of how they operate. Some examples would be like the US Navy’s Electromagnetic Railgun Cannon, High Energy Laser Weapon System, or the ARMY Stryker Vehicles with the 50kilowatt Laser Air Defense System?

    • Ed Ivory says:

      This is anecdotal but even with the bell rung I didn’t get a notification. The email list is, right now, the way to stay up to date on Smarter Every Day.

    • Cannon1221 says:

      I really hope you come visit the rough water boat driving school at Cape Disappointment in Washington State.

      Maybe combine it with visit with the Columbia River bar pilots.

    • Alan Mac says:

      @Ry Millar Never lived near water apparently, have you? Your pleasure craft is NOT your castle, nor is it protected by privacy laws. Go look it up, then remove your ill informed comment.

  2. RedKB says:

    Always excited for another smarter everyday video!


    More videos in Destin please Destin.

  4. Natec says:

    man this series is great. makes you respect a military branch that not a lot of people will even acknowledge.

    • Mrjlee93 says:

      And how many people had no idea that it’s under dhs and not dod

    • nero says:

      Yup, I haven’t seen their numbers but theyre certainly the leading leader among military branches in, not turning overseas civilian families into skeletons.

    • BHX says:

      What about the peace Corps?

    • kilhattrick says:

      As a veteran of 3 branches, and having to go through basic for each, I can say the Coast Guard was by far the hardest basic, and a close tie for a distant second were the Navy and Army. Search and Rescue was the most rewarding service for me.

    • kilhattrick says:

      @fustigate314159 The Coast Guard was under the Department of Transportation before 9/11. After that they we absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security, where I became a plank owner. The only time the Coast Guard was Department of Defense was in a time of war, and only for that time, to be reverted back to Department of Transportation.

  5. Rev_dude says:

    That last clip is why you ALWAYS wear a life jacket on a small craft. Things happen way faster than you think, and you do not want to be making decisions in an emergency.

    • WalrusRobot says:

      But that man was was 82nd Airborne!!! They and all adjacent family members are invincible. You didn’t know that!?

    • Johann Beda says:

      When I did water safety classes for adults I tried to emphasize that of course kids should always wear life jackets, but if the kid goes over you are going to turn around to find them, if you go over the kid might never get the boat back to you so if you don’t have a life jacket that kid might be an orphan. Wear the jackets all the time.

    • Razter says:


    • Benjamin Brown🇺🇦 says:

      Especially when pregnant

    • Chris Daunhauer says:

      Right. I know from experience. Bad stuff happens fast. And when I was in the water I wanted my life jacket worse than I wanted to be back in my boat. Having them “in the boat somewhere in case we get stopped” is not enough.

  6. Bendigo says:

    I love how you so delicately described why you didn’t want to show a lot of what you filmed. Most people would be filming and posting that every where. Much respect to you for your respect for others.

  7. Fahrenheight says:

    I love this series. So glad it’s not over.

  8. T.H.E. Helpertoo says:

    As a retired Coastie, I raise my glass Destin! To you and to the dedicated volunteers of the United States Coast Guard.

    • John Jenkins says:

      @Max Hunter To be fair, they’re not exactly getting rich off this, either.

    • Underwaystudios says:

      @MrJuanDover Coasties are military just like any other service, the pay grades are the same. They volunteered at the recruiting office and then became subject to the UCMJ like all other service members. The Coast Guard is “that small nucleus around which the Navy forms in times of war” and was established in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton. Tons of history behind the CG.

    • DV8 *** says:

      I have much respect for the Coast Guard. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and finding yourself ten miles offshore on a boat that won’t start is a humbling experience. The Coast Guard are life savers.😇

    • MrJuanDover says:

      @Max Hunter They are paid a salary but each one of them still had to volunteer for the job. I am not military myself but I think that’s how the saying goes.

    • 🍓 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎 - SĘÉ NÓW ! says:

      But the only way I could do that was if 👌👐🏿🚗💪😀

  9. David Roddini says:

    How nice of them to name a coast guard station after him!

  10. Jonas Skoglund says:

    Yes, more coast guard. love the series!

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