‘It was Zion or nothing!’ – Stephen A. storms off set, pouts over Knicks losing top pick | Get Up!

‘It was Zion or nothing!’ – Stephen A. storms off set, pouts over Knicks losing top pick | Get Up!

Stephen A. Smith explains his rollercoaster ride of emotions the moment he witnessed the New York Knicks receiving the No. 3 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, and presumably losing their chance to select Zion Williamson.
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82 Responses

  1. Sean Cunningham says:

    I love that spike Lee and Stephen A.
    are on suicide watch


    Draft Selection History for this Year’s Finals
    Steph Curry (7th)
    Damian Lillard (6th)
    Giannis (15th)
    Kawhi (15th)

    Calm down Knicks fans. That’s why it is called a lottery.

    • oo70mar says:

      Lmaoooo at the guy who said Magic was the 21st pick!! Lmfaooooo u gotta be 12 yrs old….. he was better than everybody while he was still in high school, let alone once he got to college, why in the hell would he get picked 21st??? Lmfaooo go back to recess boy

    • ATBPjako says:

      Also MJ was pick 3rd, KD was 2nd, D Wade was 5th.

    • Vincent Zhang says:

      +Fred Scribner Havin the 1st pick is always good, if Zion doesn’t fit your team then you can trade the pick for the 2nd or 3rd and a decent role player, you might be able to shift a contract you don’t wanna keep too! Fixing up contracts, gettin a player, and also getting either Morant or RJ seems like a huge plus

    • Kickstart says:

      you’re an ifot

  3. Stunna P says:

    *SAS has been Hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, ran amok, and flat out deceived by the Knicks once again*

  4. ZweGamer Can says:

    OMG Stephen A is such a passionate in his job ??…. he puts so much emotion

  5. Terry O says:

    Kind of Bold how they Treating R.J.??

  6. derrick sanford says:

    My boy straight trashing Frank ??‍♂️ come on Stephen A ?

  7. Just Cruz says:

    Stephen A singlehandedly keeping ESPN relevant.

  8. Judahseed says:

    See that bridge behind them, that leads to the boro where Kyrie and KD will make NYC and Stephen A forget about the Knicks. Broooooklyn……

  9. Vaddy ! says:

    Please rename ESPN to SASN because he runs that network

  10. rita the cat says:

    If that’s “storming off set” then my 2 pump combo is a 40min HD porn video.

  11. Harold Harper Jr. says:

    “Frank Ntilikina
    who they couldn’t giveaway for a box of cookies” ?????

  12. TheDarkMedic says:

    Just saying, Michael Jordan…number 3 pick ?‍♂️ quit complaining

    • Paper Boi504 says:

      For real

    • Damian Amirault says:

      TheDarkMedic that’s bc MJ sucked

    • Aaron-Jarrod's Wizardry says:

      The best dude will in fact go first this draft though. MJ didn’t get drafted with people expecting 28/6/5 on his rookie year, Keem and Bowie actually had more pre draft upside until people actually played in the NBA. Zion has expectations greater than Jordan’s pre draft…the best player is drafted first, shit even the second player drafted is the second best player in the draft every team could use Morant. Barrett will be a great scorer at the very least on some Melo shit, but Zion and Morant has higher expectations and might just be better NBA players.

    • Adam Zullo says:

      TheDarkMedic he also complained when the Knicks picked Porzingis over Winslow. LMAO. in my opinion he has nothing to complain about. RJ Barrett will be a stud!

    • oo70mar says:

      He was promoting RJ as the better player all damn year, well good now he bout to have him instead….. karma is a bitch ain’t it

  13. Liftedbari says:

    why the media making it seem like the knicks had a 99.9% to win the first like bro it was the 14% chance yaall got 3 be happy

  14. Robsay01 says:

    He has some George Jefferson in him. Soft whisper talk followed by an eruption.

  15. Roey Haviv says:

    If Stephan A opens a church, he will have his own jet in a week.

  16. Jayson William says:

    SAS kept praising Barrett over Zion all season

    Now the Knicks can have him…

    You should be happy SAS

  17. MachoManLogic345 says:

    Stephen A Smith is just a natural entertainer. ?

  18. geek says:

    SAS getting balder after the knicks failed to land at top 1

  19. TraumaER says:

    *Stephen A Smith deserves an Oscar.*


  20. Knight inshiningArmani says:

    SAS promoted the NBA mobile app silky smooth. ?

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