Italian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Italian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Italy is in the throes of a turbulent race to elect a new prime minister. John Oliver discusses the colorful contenders and introduces an equally ridiculous candidate.

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80 Responses

  1. Flora H. says:

    I didn’t know how much I needed to see John Oliver holding a little lamb until I saw John Oliver holding a little lamb.

  2. Francisco Echaniz says:

    Lord Buckethead for Italian prime minister, let’s make it happen

  3. Lorenzo says:


  4. Riccardo Salerno says:

    It would be great if this was subtitled in Italian, so my parents and family could watch it and laugh (and cry tbh)

  5. x2yll l says:

    Someone had to fill that condom with marinara. “Honey how was work?”

  6. SketchAndEtch says:

    >Accuses Russia of meddling in it’s own elections
    >Tries to meddle in other countries elections

    *Claps slowly in american*

  7. Silvia Contini says:

    I am italian, this is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.. cause it’s actually all true. But at least now I have someone to vote, thank you John!

  8. Luca Santabarbara says:

    I’m Italian. I am really ashamed. And also really scared.

  9. garde extej says:

    thanks John, I’m italian and now I’m falling into depression

  10. Gongasoso says:

    Italy stands in a crossroads. On one side, a joke. On the other, a fascist.

    America solved this by combining the two.

    • Ignacio Rangel says:

      karanick016 greece Sorry to pry, but to answer your question, no. I don’t think that in any country of the world, borders and national sovereignity should be disrespected nor taken lightly.
      However, we know this is happening. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing, for the U.S? Those are the questions that we should be asking.
      As far as I’m concerned, and I do appeal to my own ignorance on this matter, ilegal immigration in the U.S., actually benefits the U.S., economy; on the whole.
      The jobs these migrants are taking are helping small and medium-size companies have enough workers supply. The reality is that Americans are not lining up to these jobs, while migrants are willing to go to those jobs.
      These jobs are backbreaking labour, something understandably quite barbaric for our comfortable urban lifestyle, so it’s understandable that Americans would be more willing to go to jobs in the service sector.
      Since this has happened, *border businesses* have started to give employment to border crosser immigrants.
      I think that one law the U.S., should update, is the amendment of the constitution which defines who’s an American citizen. Many people from around the world (I’ve seen this behavior within my fellow countrywoman) will go to the U.S., to give birth to a baby on American soil, therefore said baby would be considered an American citizen for the rest, and throughout, his/her life. One can see the plain wrongness in that. Public policies should be considered in order to tackle these sorts of issues, but I find it rather unlikely that President Trump is the right character to handle such issues.
      I would just like to add that I agree that Candidate Clinton (Hillary) was a terrible, condescending, pick for the democratic ticket. To be honest, you Americans had a shitty pick for your presidential elections. I guess better luck next time!

    • Thentacle says:

      This comment is a joke, because Trump, OBJECTIVELY isn’t a fascist, and he’s held the country together so far (meaning he’s not a fucking joke.)

      People and their ignorance…

    • Hector Vega says:

      Gongasoso nice one bro

    • Will Ritter says:

      Trump is a guy with dubious personal characteristics who has mostly reasonable policies… I’d be honored if some fellow concerned Americans would check out my acoustic covers (piano & vocal) of INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN by Tom Petty and MONEY DON’T MATTER 2 NIGHT by Prince in tribute to 2 of the USA’s greatest musicians. Thanks and peace.

    • Cleora Jensyn says:

      Let’s go ahead and not debate as if posting our opinions on this board matters in any sense at all xD. I see a bunch of people just yelling at each other as if anyone is open to changing their minds after they are insulted. Please give the madness a rest. We’re all just people dealing with what the government is implaimenting. Let us fix it in the polls, not a youtube comment section.

  11. Estefania Acosta Juarez says:

    I wish the did an episode about Venezuela. Things are really fucked up over there

    • christiam says:

      Socialism is a left-wing ideology. It is based on the ideas of collectivist distribution of goods, therefore it is leftist. Right-wing beliefs do not specifically include race or ethnicity within in its policy, but rather the conservation of social ways. The Nazis were neither right or left, but rather authoritarian.

    • DeclaringPond 22 says:

      christiam you’re fucking retarded. Capitalism, socialism, and communism arent political parties, theyre economical lifestyles. If you mean that more left wing people support socialism them go ahead, but left wing people support capitalism and communism. Some right wing people support socialism and very few support communism

    • DeclaringPond 22 says:

      christiam theres a 4th thats the opposite version of communism, but its a bit complicated. Its when capitalism gets corrupt and forms into an oligarchy. Thats what most right wing people believe in next to capitalism

    • LeoByers says:

      The Nazi Party was not socialist, it was a brand of fascist. Socialism aims for a classless society while fascism stresses the importance of each class within the society. However, you are not wrong in saying socialism isn’t entirely “left wing”. Values are much too extreme and in general, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • christiam says:

      There is no absolute definition of the right and left wing political spectrum. The most common definition is that right-wing is conservative, so radical changes are left-wing. The conservation of the status-quo(capitalism) is right wing, the radical changing of capitalism is liberal to new ideas, or left-wing. Regardless, nazis we right wing for their conservation of capitalism, but at the same time were more nationalist. They had a strong hierarchy, with the government having more power.

      Venezuela is authoritarian, with a big government, but not right-wing. Every perceived correct definition of the political spectrums will generally always put economic systems onto certain political sides. Also, right-wing=/= bad. Most societies are right-wing because the current way things work will still work. Radical changes are met with possible consequences. Left-wing societies are generally more unstable as a result, and we see that with Venezuela, the Soviet Union, the famine days of China, and Europe now.

      Also have a civilized debate instead of being a little autistic fucking faggot who starts using ad hominems every time his soyboy opinions are endangered.

  12. HailMichigan says:

    We’ll look back on this in a couple years and be like “this is how it all started huh”

  13. The Gurge says:

    Dear, Italy: Please elect John Oliver as your prime minister. 😅


    The Rest of the World

    • Rubber Duggy says:

      TheUltimateSucc you all should just die by fire


      The cashier from Fontana CA who jacked off 3 months ago

    • Gennaro Sambuco says:

      What? A Britt? A comedian who can’t find work in his own country? You know, that Island where they still bow to a little ole’ white lady? That island that seems to be running dry now that they don’t have the EUROPEAN CASH COW they used to milk daily and STILL COMPLAIN? LOL…. And America who elected a PUSSYGRABER and Putin’s USEFUL IDIOT is making fun of Italy? hmmmmm….now, that’s interesting.

    • WAR OF GHOSTS says:

      John Oliver doesn’t use facts, he is a left wing propagandist. You are dumb if you believe him. Sincerely- go fuck yourselves.

    • PsychoBoyJack says:

      Portugal here, fuck off!

    • W Fla says:

      Especially after his close study of Berlesconi in The Bugle podcast.

  14. Fede Devi says:

    Playing devil’s advocate here… but Merkel IS an unfuckable lardass.

  15. Andrea Guarriero says:

    John Oliver as Prime Minister?

  16. domnom 2288 says:

    “he is the Forrest Gump of human misery”
    -John Oliver

  17. Diogo Assis says:

    You guys should definitely talk about Brazil’s political situation and the upcoming elections. If you think Italy is in bad shape, check out the desperate situation with the presidential candidates in Brazil.

    • Jessica Pereira says:

      Diogo Assis no, let’s not go there. The show would have to be an hour long. This decade is like the rise of the fascists (Bolsonario).

    • Gabriel Larena says:

      Its going to be hell, and we all are going to pay for every time we laughed at Donald Trump’s actions, cuz karma is a bitch that knows no justice

  18. Alessandro Fantauzzi says:

    Greetings and salutations fellows! I am an Italian and i’d like to point out a few things. I see there is plenty of italians here who are claiming that Lega is neither a fascist or a far right party. Well, maybe it is not fascist, but it is definitely a far right party. If watching this video wasn’t enough to persuade you over this fact, i will show you some evidences of the real nature of this party and its leader, but first i have to tell you two things: first one, my english is poor, i am still learning it so i apologize for any difficulty you’re going to face due to my ignorance; second one, the citations, besides one, are all in italian, i know it is annoying, but this is not really an international topic.

    These are the reasons i can say beyond any reasonable doubt that Salvini and his party belong to the far right:

    1) Salvini gots an extremely harsh position against Islam and Islamic. He claimed many times that Islam itself was against our values and was incompatible with our constitution, without any distinction between extremists and moderates –>( ).
    According to this view, he stated that “illegit” mosques should be shut down, others should be set under investigation and that he would not let any other mosques to be opened or built –> ( ).
    He also said many times that Islam was dangerous, Islamic were invading us and even that there were millions of Islamic ready to cut our throats off; due to these arguments, according to his words, Islam is not supposed to be treated as other religions –> ( ).

    2) Even regardless to their religion, Salvini just doesn’t seem to get along with minorities. In the last years he ran a very aggressive, discriminatory and violent campaign against the Gypsies and the Roma people. He said that all their settlements should be demolished –> ( ) and to make his point even clearer, he showed up near a Gypsies settlement with a bulldozer (!) –> ( ). I’d like to recall you that we are talking about places where human beings use to live .

    3) Racism is a common trait of the whole party, not just of its leader, in fact years ago the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance has declared in two reports that Lega has used intensively racist and xenophobic propaganda –> ( ). I guess they were perfectly right, but it was just the beginning. Attilio Fontana, Lega’s candidate for the presidency of the richest and most populated region of my country, said in a radio show that due to massive immigration the white race was in danger and it was time to defend it –> ( ). After that, he said it had been an “unhappy” statement, but yet he remarked how his speech had been just “logical” and not racist. I think he might have seemed pretty much logical, if he had spoken at the light of a burning cross…
    There are other candidates who did “interesting” statements. One of the most popular City Majors belonging to the Lega party (Gentilini) was so openly racist to let anyone just upset. I’ll just let you know that he has been charged with hate speech and convicted after three degrees of trial ( ). What he said to deserve such a harsh treatment? Well, he just exhorted the people of Venice to clean the streets up from “all of these minorities that are destroying our country”. By the way, he is in good company, since many others members of the Lega party have been charged and convicted for the same felony: –> ( ) Borghezio, a big shot of the party, called the Roma people: “society’s scum”; ( ) a member of the party claimed that the dead body of a pregnant woman from India who had been murdered “had polluted” an Italian river.

    6) There is a serious issue of homophobia inside this party. Salvini is openly against gay marriage. He voted against the bill that, becoming law, provided finally this right in our country and he remarked how the marriage, according to his view, is just between a man and a woman ( ). This is quite soft. You can find far worst: the now well known Gentilini claimed that it was time to start a “ethnic cleansing against queers” ( ). I wont go further, but i could.

    7) We are witnessing a disturbing political exploitation of the religious issue: Salvini recently swore on the gospel and a rosary in front of a crowd of people in a plaza and he claimed “we can’t not to call our selves Christians” ( ).

    8) He keeps looking at the eastern Europe. Salvini does not hide that he is inspired by the several countries in the eastern Europe that are now ruled by nationalists, especially Hungary and Russia ( ). To be honest, he looks to the west too, since he can find nationalists, like the Front National for instance, that he openly supports ( ).

    Well I really could go further but I prefer to stop here. I want to make this point very clear: it is quite obvious that i find all these ideas worst than chilling, but what I’d like to prove here is that these are clearly far right ideas and so are Salvini and his party. What to think about these issues is clearly your choice: you can perfectly agree with every single statement of this man and his party members, i would not even be surprised. Just try to keep this in mind: to say that Salvini is not a far right politician it is just a silly lie.

    Good bye fellows.

    • Theme Park Exclusives says:

      Alessandro Fantauzzi Your English is better than many a native speaker. Thank you for taking the time to explain the severity of the situation to those of us outside of Italy.

    • Isaac Sorrels says:

      Sadly, we are seeing a rise in far left *and* far right ideology in the exact same countries. It’s scary to think that we are trending towards a scenario similar to the 1920s, when violent left and right wing extremists groups fought violently in the streets over political power. We are still far from that reality, but we are getting closer.

      It’s scary how many people don’t know why fascists were able to come to power. They think it could never happen because the modern age is so far away from the chaos of the early 20th century, but the danger is becoming real. If it was only the far right or the far left gaining power there wouldn’t be much of a risk, as most people find those ideas detestable. You put them both in the same country and have them fight over politics and you risk having a situation like Germany in the 20s, where the violence reached such a high level the general public ended up accepting what they thought were the lesser of two evils (fascism).

      When street wars start springing up between left and right extremists we all need to start worrying, because that is the first major step towards communism or fascism seizing power. Neither option sounds good until it feels like you have to choose between one violent group or the other just for protection.

    • Fukc Yuo says:

      isaac your right on the money you should read Homage to Catalonia i think you would like it

    • jimmie hicks says:

      Your english is really good for someone still learning it. So good job and keep up the hard work!

    • Cleora Jensyn says:

      Hey man… I was just trying to see a few more words, but when I hit “read more” it opens a goddamn essay’s worth of info on a country I don’t even remotely care about the politics of xD

  19. Adrian Menezo says:

    John what’s your IQ I feel like it could be pretty high.

  20. k a y l e e says:


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